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  1. Still rocking and rolling with choppy seas tonight, nothing like those stormy Bermuda crossing in the Atlantic. 😉 Have a great and safe one disembarking, transit to SEA and homebound flight in the morning ... with the checked bags making it own way for transfer onto Delta, depending on your departure time - I suppose you aren't necessary going to be in a hurry and to make sure of the priority disembark or express walk-off (probably not really necessary when sailing with reduced passenger counts) Being in Club Suite and with Latitude status, I suppose it's nice to get escorted at least up to the front of the line at the gangway & bypass at least some folks ... Why not enjoy first the leisure morning onboard with a full sit-down full service breakfast instead of rushing, right. Look forward to your thoughts, summary & comments afterward with even more pictures - and whether you did manage to find the wall board with the ship's senior officers, etc. Sleep well and thank you for sharing with us all here on CC. Great job as always.
  2. Amazing pictures, been enjoying & sharing them ... keeping them coming, although time flies for a 7 nights cruise. You return air reservations can be changed on a dime without penalty or fees, that would be sweet on Delta ... had you squeeze & decided to do a B2B. Is this warehouse style gift shop operations setup by Diamonds International on behalf/in partnership with NCL 🤣 ... I remember stumbling onto their local stores roaming thru our stops, they're everywhere, LOL. Off-topics: as for foliage (still short sleeve weather here in NYC) - approaching peak colors further northeast in NH, Maine & sections of Vermont - planned stays in NY going up the Hudson River scenic route; and, by early next week, based on latest field spotter reports - beautiful colors & shades in the Adirondacks. Our lodging in Lake George & Saratoga Springs, a bit south and now approaching 35% ... probably going to bump our hotel bookings by a few days - should nail it at 75% to peak colors. Those Fall cruises to New England & Canada this Fall, had they sailed and with borders open, would be too early to see much, if any. BTW, by now - I am sure you've heard, seen & read - that NCL has announced that the entire fleet will be returning to cruising by next April. CruiseNext desks must be buzzing onboard ...
  3. Good morning to you. Just showed Mrs. Henry those whale photos and she's jealous. She said, her Samsung Galaxy S21 should do fine as a backup and for zoomed in pictures. Well, can't proof or confirm it, either way, till we get back to Alaska next time 😆 - and too late for 2021. Our planned foliage trip already planned for next week is likely getting pushed back for another week due to the warm weather, up north of us. Amazing pictures, taken thru the windows.
  4. You know my questions are coming and/or going to follow per your comment - I am guessing that you upgraded to the unlimited package at a nominal cost - streaming or basic, non-streaming, and various options (always useful/informative for others for their upcoming cruise(s)) I am forwarding some of the post links with food pictures (nice camera lens) to share - looks very appetizing and that's a win-win. Weather looks great, aside from the colder temperature as one should expect - spotting any marine life, migratory whales, etc. nearby. Again, thanks for taking the time to post and share, including your GF for her patience. P.S. That's a very nice & beautiful plate full of treats in the cabin, waiting ... is that a daily one for these suites, Latitude Desk still doing the welcome back strawberries ?
  5. GG's missing bag was possibly tagged ... 😁 (for a good laugh only, now that it's been found ... not lost in transit between the pier terminal and the ship, floating on the waterfront) Shared by another former Delta ground station supervisor among their circles, she left JFK passenger ops earlier this year ... spouse of another nephew of ours. Another reason that we seldom check any bags, not even long haul oversea flights: unless it is a non-stop, gate checked & they walk it down the jet bridge ramp at the boarding area on a full flight and with overhead bins full.
  6. All abroad & hello from NY ... following along. Our gang has been dreaming about cruising ... sometime in early 2022, hopefully as we don't plan to fly to a distant port for embarkation, etc. etc. BTW, welcome to the VHR Club (that stands for: Very Happily Retired) ... we planned our early retirement and smack right into this whole pandemic ... It isn't just a thing unique to Delta - happen to our infrequently checked bag a few years ago on United: LGA-ORD-YVR, first inline at the First Class check-in counter at 4:30 am for 6 am departure. Somehow they routed 1 of 2 bags south to IAD (Dulles) instead while the other one made it as tagged - stood at the luggage office & they traced, tracked it down and kept the promise to courier delivered - at their expense - to our hotel that evening ... we're out to dinner & front desk accepted it/signed for & held it until we got back. It was tagged correctly and it didn't even made the 1st flight segment ... "things" happened, one of the nephews that works ground ops said then. Have a great one & glad to know that you got re-united with the missing luggage !
  7. "Travel routers" as in those portable WiFi or MiFi hotspots, standalone or otherwise, can work - but, you might need to deal possible firewall blocks and using alternate http "ports" in the event that ship's servers limit or throttle data traffic on port 8080, etc. as default configured. However, since NCL's satellite are, as best as I know, high orbiting & technologies deployed are different than those on RCL or Carnival (low orbits, faster and more available bandwidth, etc.) - duplexing to share among devices, once you get it connected to relay the data signal, it will be even slower - which should still be fine for basic web browsing, checking news & email, text messaging, etc. But, it likely won't be useful for zoom or video intensive surfing or streaming, especially during periods of peak usage on sea days and when most folks are onboard. My travel Sony Viao notebook has built-in hotspot functions that rebroadcast WiFi signals - and, it is fine with FiOS and/or fast cable broadband connections while traveling on land, not so much while at seas as it reduced the usable data traffic to 3G and/or 2G/Edge speed. Same is true on certain mobile devices, smartphone or tablet that has such functionalities - 4G/LTE data signal as relayed to broadcast and share are good & usable, not reliable nor usable - in my opinion and prior experience onboard, when connected & logged into ship's WiFi signal. I've read/seen others on NCL's premium, unlimited streaming package options that they're able to enable their WiFi/MiFi and/or hotspot sharing functions - but, the success stories did not seem to be a consistent & reliable indicator. Satellite signals and access are still relatively expensive and the I.T. administrator(s) know exactly how much data was carried and used, and the capabilities to analyze and breakdown how it was used ... going thru the onboard server(s) & hardware they manage, dynamically shared & meter cached among all users - I would not be surprised that since the beginning of 2020, that additional changes were made & in place to further tighten up those "leaks" & restrict the maximum bandwidth per logged in account. Last time we're docked at the pier in Mexico, I just fired up my Google Pixel's hotspot function while on a solid 4G/LTE signal, and it was good for 2 smartphones plus DW's iPad for gaming purposes - net cost for the few hours of usage was under $5 USD for those sessions. But, the same isn't valid if I were to connect to ship's WiFi ...
  8. Good to hear that you are disciplined on logging in & out - then you should be just fine with limited data/minutes ... we managed a 14 nights cruise with numerous sea days and about 330 airtime minutes combined between DW & me. Once we are "roaming" on land towers (we don't get charged extra $$$$ roaming fees, just $10 per GB data used) - we go off NCL's WiFi - spent only an extra $20 that month as billed by our home carrier. On a different sailing a few years ago, we added 100 extra minutes while far out at sea, used our available non-refundable OBC since we had to deal with urgent matters with extended family. To speed data transfer, disable or turn off most background apps/uploads & refresh while cruising as those can burn up data, trigger sluggish responses and drain the device battery quicker - my backup device has an integrated battery pack/case, which tripled overall standby & usage time for extended ops. Look under Battery Health in Settings, whether you are on iOS 14.x or upgraded already to 15.0 - to see what & which apps are "under the radar". As others mentioned, and I suspected that NCL's onboard server and firewalls had already tightened up and block most, if not all, the leaking "ports" for data traffic ... that was nearly 2 years ago onboard the Gem & Dawn. SMS or plain text messaging used to get pushed and come thru, even on my backup voice/text line with limited data - no, not anymore unless I'm logged in "correctly" and/or connected to a land signal, whether cellular or unsecured public WiFi. This seemed to be true nowadays with both Android smartphones and iOS devices - one of the limited workaround has been to use Google Voice ("Hangouts" being dropped & no longer supported / phrased out) for plain text messaging. Excellent point about testing and verifying how to make setting changes, test out different messaging & backup calling plans while on dry land, before leaving the pier or cruise terminal. Different cellular carriers and/or hardware/devices have different configurations & settings, which can make the methods work, or not. Absolutely 100% correct, with any bonafide emergencies or urgent matters, cost for communications and calls, etc. are priceless - just deal with it and "eat" the costs. Have fun, enjoy & safe cruising !
  9. Without getting into a too technical chat, suffice to say that there is a 2-tiered plus WiFi network onboard your typical NCL ships, governed behind firewalls and the servers for voice/data/broadband traffic. The Norwegian App and most of its functions require being connected to the ship's WiFi inTRAnet only, it is free but most restrictive - no inTERnet based WiFi calling whatsoever, period. To call and/or text (SMS) others "registered" (as in "paid" users subscribing to the same or higher tier/s of WiFi services) onboard - additional "ports" for data traffic are firewall unblocked - based on your specific devices' "MAC" address(es) or unique "identifiers" - for a one-time fee, about $10 valid for the duration of that cruise (not good for the other segments of a B2B or B2B2B, unless ... ) without using any inTERnet minutes or airtime, or, running against the timed bank of 250+ whatever free/extra minutes, available to you. You are still within the inTRAnet network traffic, with less restrictions - thus, no WiFi calling possible (as I understood and able to confirm on earlier/prior sailings) I do not know for sure what, if any, changes NCL's partner for satellite communications has made in the past year - but, I don't expect it to be more end users-friendly unless $$$ is taken, IMHO of course. To get inbound SMS/MMS and WiFi calling possible, you need to be connected to the WiFi beyond the above tiers/layers, logged into your established account to use WiFi inTERnet data or minutes, and the "meter" begin to run & countdown, until you log-off and disconnect, stopping the metered minutes or measured MB used. If you sign in and forgot to sign out - those 250 minutes given "free" will disappear, vaporize and be gone in just a little over 4 hours on a continuous basis, by the time you are done with dinner on Embarkation Day/Evening - zero minutes/MB remaining, used up ... speak to the onboard iCafe manager the next day, and s/he is nice, speak & ask nicely and you might be lucky to get some of it restored & credited back as a one-time courtesy. WiFi calling on most devices "should" work fine as I've done this on previous cruises - no issues with Skype, Google Voice or Facetime ... there was no differentiation between the basic vs. streaming option (which is only for the unlimited & duration of cruise package, as upgraded or purchased) - things could've and sounded like it might've changed since we last sailed in Dec. 2019 - so for what it's worth - should but I can't and won't vouch for this 99%, just be prepared for it - to not work, maybe and it should on other land-based WiFi system ... this is satellite based and data traffic is expensive and bandwidth isn't the same, with high latency & shared dynamically. There are possible workarounds to bypass and skip the restrictions, using a secured VPN perhaps and changing the http ports used for VoIP, but I am not take folks there as it is over many folk's head anyway. Instead of counting on a phone call and/or voice mail message at designated daily "check-in" safety & wellness time - I recommend using simple SMS or text messaging, and, with some systems - "read" and/or "delivered" receipts can be checked by the other parties. Then, you can stay "connected" and logged in and make that "free" WiFi call onboard - whether it's urgent, emergency, routine or "the cat is AWOL" and "the babysitter went on strike" etc. Have fun, enjoy the cruise - happy and healthy sailing, or whatever.
  10. Per their Roll Call - one of the CC regulars posted the headcount, per ship's captain ... about 1,300 souls on the Sept 26th sailing. That's about 30% of its typical occupancy (4,300 to 4,600 but could be higher/closer to 4,900+ for peak/holiday cruises that's fully booked & sold out) Assuming that crew counts are near normal, it's better than 1:1 ratio ... nice & mucho personal attention everywhere ... and, they are still posting live & blogging, nice to have the unlimited satellite WiFi package P.S. interesting that results from the Upgrade Advantage bidding success were not seen/read or reported here. as there should be plenty of vacant & unsold cabins and easy to maintain social distancing 😆
  11. Cape Liberty's parking has gone up (we've parked there twice ... was less than the previous rate of $20 daily) - the flat rate has gone up now to $25 daily vs. $40 daily at MCT (hasn't read or seen any increase, yet) - not as good as a deal as before, but still very reasonable if sailing out of NJ. As for BA - she's approaching Bermuda doing 12 knots (per CruiseMapper) with calm seas (wavelets ~ 1 meter) and very light wind ... some of the crew members out on the bow of the ship, taking a break under bright & sunny skies. Checking the latest NHC's data on "Sam" - hurricane's effects can be felt by Thursday or Friday while hundreds of miles away - should be passing well east of Bermuda based on current forecasted track - mainly looking at high surf conditions - that might still prompt NCL to sail & depart from the island earlier than planned. CC'er Bill has ongoing discussion here under Hurricane Zone for all to follow.
  12. Saw the posted headline and thought for a brief moment that the general alarm was sounded onboard while at sea and it wasn't the muster drill or crew-only training exercise. Well, stay away from the outside balcony or open deck cause we don't really like to read/learn of anything bad or horrible to anyone, life is precious ... In the unlikely case of an emergency, dial 911 for a prompt security response. Upon safely disembarking in 2 days and returning home, for your own safety and peace-of-mind, consult and see your PCP and I highly recommend getting STD testing to screen, just in case ... sorry about it all. And, just move on.
  13. First, Bon Vovage to those of you cruising the BA this Sunday as NCL's first passenger sailing out of NYC this year - a safe, happy and healthy one and that you are as prepared as one can be. Pack patience and take along some Bonine (Medlizine as generic OTC) just in case the ship run into choppy sea conditions crossing the Atlantic to/from Bermuda. For additional "in-house" CC storm analysis, I recommend bookmarking and follow the posts by one of our expert, fellow CC'er - Pelican Bill's contributions over the years here in tracking, explaining and words of caution of approaching hurricane that possibly impact on ships' path. Here is the thread that he started and he updates it on a frequent, regular and as needed basis - it's good & concise reading ... use it along with your favorite weather forecast and apps, etc. etc. Depending on the size of the storm and its path, the gale force/strong cross wind and rough sea conditions can be felt hundreds of miles from the eye of the storm, just keep that in mind but in over 25+ years of cruising, we've always put our trust on NCL's ship captains & officers on the bridge ... they know and have their best resources & tools to work with, in consultation with Miami's HQ. You will be safe and fine, maybe rough seas at times - just hold on to those railings if you are out and about, outdoor spaces might be closed for safety reasons - plan ahead. An useful app, called "Windy" available on iOS and Android, is another handy tool - on land and at sea, to lookup wind, waves and storm forecasts in graphics mode - if you will have satellite internet access onboard ... not that there's much for you to do. But, if conditions are worsening - just make sure loose items, objects, especially those wines & glasses, etc. or anything fragile, are properly secured or put away. Bermudians aren't worried yet, monitoring and is going to watch it closely next week if and when it approach within 1,000 miles of the island - https://www.royalgazette.com/weather/news/article/20210924/distant-ts-sam-could-become-one-to-watch/ Happy, healthy & safe cruising to all.
  14. Extra provisioning and supplies, fuel, safety inspections & maintenance, and, stocking up extra Covid-19 screening & test kits, PPE and extra medical & wellness supplies. Not to mention, extra time docked at the pier to test or re-screen and get the crew medical clearances ... don't believe shore leaves are permitted for onboard crew members, in the event of exposure & asymptomatic infections. Just checked her live shipcam, looks quiet but lonely docked at Pier 88 - not a single vehicle on that upper roadway/ramp above the cruise terminal - traffic seemed light along good old West Side Hwy a/k/a 12th Avenue out front at the street level ... probably sealed off tightly in their own protective bubble.
  15. Car service solution might not be too bad ... one-way fare for a full-size and deluxe 4 door sedan is just $82 to $87 plus toll (no airport surcharges for JFK, plus you will then need to ride the AirTrain back out to Jamaica LIRR) to LIRR Station in Jamaica - add tolls & tips. If you take car service all the way out to Wantagh (I used a local hotel address there) to do a mock booking - it's about $110 ... also, for a weekend morning pickup at Cape Liberty. This is using Carmel Car Services - you should be able to find another digital / online booking discount - save possible another $5 off the base fare ... just sign up for a new online account with Carmel's App & you should qualify for the instant discount. Feel free to price compare using Dial 7 Car Service & others.
  16. Well, Galaxy S7 came out in 2016 and discontinued about 2 years ago, now being 5 years later ... while the hardware on the smartphone are still acceptable but updates/software installed are beginning to fall behind, Oreo is the last/final OS update - you are already on the latest API 27.1 - there isn't much you can do to bring it more "current" with that platform. Unless you had replaced the stock battery, its health is likely fallen a bit & no longer last a full day of light to moderate usage - it still get quarterly updates from Samsung, instead of monthly ones. I suspect that the NCL App are now geared toward Android 9, 10 and 11's - with 12 coming out around the corner next month, and it's difficult to run some of the apps on Oreo ... these are some of the possible reasons why you have issues with the NCL App. I have a spare backup Google Nexus 6P that runs a custom Oreo rom with updated 2021 security patches, and the NCL App is running fine - not a lot of installed Apps on it. Might I suggest, if you still plan to keep the Galaxy S7 and use it, backup your data & settings to Google cloud first, then do a clean factory reset to flush it clean, and, restart and restore the installed Apps, data & settings from the backup (with your ID & password used on Google) over WiFi - and see whether it will help or not. It's a weekend project & will take several hours to complete, depending on your broadband speed - sit back & relax, wait & hopefully, you can see improved responses overall. Otherwise, it's time to shop for a newer Samsung smartphone or whatever brand of choice that's compatible with your cellular provider/plan - some of the entry/mid-level 5G devices aren't too expenses - it should last, with care & love, you another 3 to 4, maybe 5 years with the upgrade.
  17. Last time I checked - one-way car rental is either very expensive and/or not available at all ... unlikely as a practical solution. Have you check with your cruise to see if they offer airport shuttle to JFK - that would be an "easy" & simple option, not necessary the frugal way but probably easier with a fair amount of luggage (assuming it's more than a personal bag & 22" rollerboard for each person).
  18. Hello, Bill - just wanted to say, on a related note ... great work on your weather analysis here for those of us that do follow. It looks like from the NHC's basics on Odette & latest position, BA managed to get out of the way overnight & west of the path. Marinetraffic hasn't been useful to me lately as I don't have a subscription and it is still showing her as out of range, but can unlock it to get newer satellite position & voyage info ... that's blah for my purposes & needs. @JIMESOPUS got it, spot on - not a paid subscription - CruiseMapper, not a secret but I didn't want to run into any copyrighted issues w CC here. Her ride hasn't been too choppy doing most of that crossing as I've been looking at the BA's live shipcam - now, it's a bit bumpy, but she can handle it just fine with seas at 3.3m and a strong breeze now - cruising slower at 12 kn. from the related AIS data shown on CM. She's southeast of Nantucket, MA ( ~ 200 +/- miles) heading toward Montauk, NY and typically shouldn't be that far off the coast of Long Island by this evening - reasonable to assume for being on schedule for tomorrow's arrival. That's exciting for all the cruise addicts. Everyone & anyone should be able to track her on CM (no paid subscription needed - yay) ... Norwegian Bliss is following behind the Carnival Legend, doing 17 kn with seas at 1.2m and the Norwegian Pearl is eastbound on her crossing. CC folks tracking their favorite ship(s) can post details on that "Ship Movement" thread - especially if bags are packed and all the travel docs & results ready to go soon, etc. etc.
  19. Here's a tracking update using CM - statistics as reported via AIS less than 2 hours ago - doing 14 knots (that's running on 3 out of engines, not that unusual for fuel savings) - should be arriving over the next 24+ hours, into NY harbor ... as expected. Norwegian Bliss also in-bound on her crossing, on a different course heading, etc. Out-of-towners staying in NYC and planning to dine indoors, etc. - please be prepared to show proof of vaccinations. Use & wearing of a mask is required while riding mass transit - should see posted signs as reminders at places that continue to require them ... all these, until further notice in NYC. This is the official link for the City of NY on "Key to NYC" as updated by NYC Dept of Health - https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-vaccines-keytonyc.page Best wishes, happy & healthy sailing for all booked and ready to cruise her soon.
  20. #cough #cough - just a friendly reminder, safeguard your personal info when posting/uploading these images on an open forum ... Chris ... A. Regards P.S. I'm going to dig thru my screenshots & iCafe/internet related info from 2019 sailings to see if I saved those about 2nd. unlimited add-on options as mentioned above in my post. If I find or have it, I will post that for reference - even if they aren't offering it, got nothing to lose by asking onboard - worst is that s/he say no. The upgrade price, it seemed, now is the same whether you do it online before sailing or do that onboad (and, non-refundable OBC can be used there & then ... but not pre-cruise).
  21. Are you traveling solo and is there two of you) ? NCL's airport transfer between JFK and MCT, as I recall, will be okay for a solo but for 2 travelers - you are better off taking a yellow taxi directly, and that's without dragging, pulling or pushing your luggage - most likely to another/different airline terminal via the free inTRA-terminal AirTrains, to find the parking garage/level to meet the NCL reps, then to walk back out to the bus/coach - and, maybe waiting additional terminal stops - before leaving for the 90+ minutes drive into midtown Manhattan West, for Pier 88. Between JFK and all points in Manhattan, licensed yellow NYC taxi charges a flat rate of about $55 per vehicle + congestion/surcharges, applicable toll; tips not included - looking at a ballpark figure of around $75 to $80 - it is comfortable for 3 adults + reasonable luggage, extra capacity if you managed to get a minivan or one of the Nissan crossover/hybrid, accessible friendly. It will be a lot easier & simple, and you will leave your fine TWA Hotel (I'm not sure if there is a taxi stand, like all other terminals, since there are no flight ops there) in the comfort of a taxi for a direct ride to the cruise terminal. It's a lot easier to do the taxi route instead of the NCL logistics at JFK - I am pretty sure that you can cancel your reservations for the NCL airport transfer.
  22. My info (from our Dec 2019 sailing) here isn't necessary the latest, just piggy back on what's been posted above - log into your NCL account and there should be an offer to upgrade & you get credited for the 250 "free" minutes to the unlimited package, for the duration of the cruise (B2B - it's good for that segment or leg only) You can also upgrade that on Day 2, and be charged for 1 less days (6 days of a 7 day cruise, instead of the full 7 days ... ditto, 9 out of 10 days, etc. - on extended sailings, say 12 to 14 days, you can upgrade as late as day 3 or even day 4, I don't recall the exact details at the moment) The non-streaming price or cost was $30 per day ($29.99) with the premium (streaming) optin priced $5 higher per day ($35 per day) X number of days purchased ... less the upgrade / trade-up credit value of that "free" 250 minutes (valued at $125, I seemed to remember) There "was" an option to purchase the unlimited package for sharing by 2 users at the same price, which itself was discounted ... that was on the Dawn/Gem in 2019. You might have to wait to check & see once onboard, possibly to ask (nicely) the onboard iCafe manager on whether that is still an option & pricing - s/he might be able to help or come up with it (maybe it's now an "unpublished" offer) - since sailings are now at reduced capacity & they aren't overwhelmed with long lines for tech advice, help & purchase on embarkation and/or first full day onboard. Odds are that it is an easy DIY option, a simple matter of finding it. If you have one (1) unlimited plan that you upgraded to - it allows for multiple devices to the registered and use the satellite access, as noted - a matter of sharing it between 2 of you, maybe even 3 or 4 of you. But, just 1 person can access it at any given time, the last person to log on will get a prompt & warning to disconnect and bump the person that's (was) currently logged to go offline.
  23. The fine print I read on MTP Manhattan Cruise Terminal parking has the following - "Oversized vehicles can be accommodated for an extra $15 per day" and that would bring the daily total of $37 instead. I assume that city's sales tax/parking surcharges are included - as otherwise, it's another 19% (rounded up) on top - ouch ! Many, if not most, commercial parking garages in NYC consider minivans, 4WD, pickup truck as well as AWD vehicles as being oversized and/or non-standard, and will impose or charge that extra daily rate - call/ask & confirm that your vehicle is exempt or not considered oversized. It used to be $5 extra daily, then $10 and now $15 extra - best not be surprised. MTP parking garage is on W. 57th Street, which is a good 9 city blocks from the pedestrian or street entrance for MCT at Pier 88 - 12th Avenue at W. 48th Street w. the traffic lights - vehicle entrance to ALL the piers - #88, #90 and #92/94 (seldom used) are at W. 55th Street. Last but not least, indoor garages in NY sometimes meant underground & below grade parking - which can be prone or subject to urban flash flooding vs. MCT outdoor parking on the rooftop ... pro's & con's ... I haven't heard, read or come across any specific reports of flooded vehicles in parking garages from "Ida" last week, just a word of precaution.
  24. From experience, another vote for the Wheel of Fortune "progressive" machines - depending on the size (number of) of the slot pull crowd & money collected for the pool to play, go with the $5 or $3 spin ... each person getting 3 chances on the first round ... there is a pretty good chance that small "wins" will add money back into the pot of money to continue to a 2nd round for some, if not all; and, maybe a 3rd round. Or, to just stop and divide the winning pot among all the players - the pro's that been doing this got it down to a science, sometimes getting an assistant as helper - lots of fun with the cheering. Don't forget to speak to one of the casino host on embarkation day and inform her/him of the plan - 1 or 2 bottles of "bubbles" for the top player(s) ... also to avoid conflicting with their tournament scheduled (usually not a problem on the *away/+ ships) Other thoughts: Timing-wise, the hosted CC Meet & Mingle/Greet is usually held in the morning (commonly 10 am - lasting 15, informally 30 to 45 minutes) and you can usually go straight to the casino by 11 am with the group, and be done & free for folks to not miss their lunch. If the CC group is also doing a cabin crawl too, there won't be enough time to allow for both - organizer(s) will need to make some choices ... although, there are fewer interest these days to walk and crawl unless it's one of the newest ships that some haven't been on. On longer sailing with multiple sea days, we've actually had round #2 and round #3 of the slot pull on subsequent days, piggybacking on the cabin crawl options for some (off-topic: mini private open-house for registered onboard CC members only to see select suites & Haven, hosted by members of the cabin at designated time.)
  25. OP, in your case, have you checked your credit/charge account used to submit the bid to see whether it has been posted, posted but reverted/cancelled, or nothing at all ... usually, this is done within 12 to 24 hours of the "winning" bid being accepted & upgraded (in the past, of course.) And when a new cabin # has been assigned, the revised charges were usually taken and reflected in the new eDoc. It's not rocket science and better than for some of us to play the guessing game, aside for being fun. Furthermore, you might want to pick up that old telephone, iPhone or Android smartphone and give NCL a call directly, and ask the next available agent to pull up your booking record and see - should be able to inform & advise you on "what's up" Feel free to come back and share the outcome of this mystery story ... fellow cruisers on "your" sailing's Roll Call with pending bids are probably eager to know - since the "sorry" notifications are usually pushed via email 48 hours from sailing. Good luck !
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