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  1. If you cancel before they do you will not get the extra 25% fcc. wait until they cancel the cruise and it will all show up in your account as a future credit. 100% plus 25%
  2. I decided to file a dispute with my cc company. They will have the money back in my account pithing 10 days. NCL said at least 120 days and cant even file paper work until June 8th. The incentives were nice but in this time of uncertainty I would rather have my money. Good luck to all who have to cancel.
  3. you have to remember that the airlines are governed by the US and cruise ships are not. So they are under different rules
  4. Thanks for the quick reply do I get that one so I am on board or can I purchase it before we sail
  5. I have the 250 min free wifi on the Joy in July. My question is will I be able to text my kids while on board or will I need an account for each of them. Do they have free texting with their app. Seems like there should be something if you have a family that you want to keep in touch with while on board. Thanks for any info and sorry if this has been asked before. I couldn't find anything by searching.
  6. I am going on the Joy with my 13 yo granddaughter. I would like her to be able to text me where she is and where she is going at various times of the day. Is there an app for this? Do we need to use our 250 minutes for this? Can we both be logged in at the same time or do I need to purchase another plain for her?
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