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  1. After reading all the comments I say yours (above) wins the prize. We agree, whatever guidelines are in place we will gladly comply with in order to get us back on the water 2/28/2020. We came off the Regal on 3/9/2020 and that's when it all hit the fan. Hoping Europe continues with successful cruises and the US starts up with success in a few months.
  2. I did the same as I don't have a fax at home.. Nothing after 5 weeks. I found a fax and sent it in this past Monday, posted on my account Tuesday! I'm guessing they aren't manning their snail mail. All good now...
  3. Besides the International Cafe, where else on the Regal can you get your specialty coffee?
  4. Thanks Pol, me thinks we'll spend more time sitting on the edge of the pool! I like that price better...😎
  5. I see the adult pool by the Sanctuary has cabanas. I assume there’s a charge for those. Anyone know the details?
  6. We're staying at the Holiday Inn - 17th Street. Has anyone taken the water taxi down to the Margaritaville/Hollywood stop. Looks like a short walk (maybe) from the hotel to stop #4? Comments appreciated...😎
  7. Not sure which Grand class ship but we did a porthole. Not the picture above. Lots smaller and high above the head of the bed in our layout. Not really for looking out but rather natural light. Real convenient to the aft pool! Fun to do once and it was a good price. 🙂
  8. Does the Regal have a steamroom & sauna in the fitness center locker rooms? Thanks...
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