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  1. Yes, certainly a disappointment for me. Interestingly, there is a Pilates instructor scheduled for our upcoming themed Mind and Body cruise, whereas there wasn't on our similarly themed cruise last year.
  2. Absolutely ! My DW does not eat sushi or sashimi but still really enjoys Umi Uma. Lobster tempura and the wagyu beef are two of her faves, together with the mushroom salad, miso soup, etc. Also, the signature black cod is worth trying...I love it, although it's not to DW's taste. Go on, be brave !
  3. Adrian Even though I cruised with you last time and will be doing likewise this time, I too very much look forward to seeing your thoughts again !! Colin
  4. Interestingly, all of our 4 gatherings on the Symphony have taken place in a corner seated area of the Palm Court
  5. Whoops...a senior moment !! You are, of course, entirely correct and I can only apologise to such a fine northern lass !! All this talk of Crystal's wonderful food must have dumbed down the grey matter😕. Colin...a soft remorseful southerner.
  6. Just to add, 4 included visits can be split however you wish, eg all at Umi Uma, all at Prego or 3 at one and 1 at the other.
  7. You have highlighted one of the Marketplace features that we find so appealing. Small serving dishes are a feature at all meals, not just the themed lunches. Also applies to those wonderful desserts. Gives us an easy opportunity to try different dishes, with possible seconds, of course !!
  8. Actually, they are also now known as such in the UK, although generally called ''Pigs in Blankets'' rather than ''Pigs in a Blanket''. Sensible, as it would be difficult to eat just one😀. They are generally mainly eaten during the Christmas season, often as an accompaniment to the roast turkey. No problem for us eating them as a canape pre-dinner though. !!
  9. They also have the light version of Fever Tree Tonic water, which has a much lower sugar content than the regular version. I generally ask for this to be substituted in my G and T cocktails. As usual with Crystal, no problem at all.
  10. Have found your site drib and bookmarked. Very much appreciate this excellent tool and the hard work put in by you. Thanks
  11. Hi I understand that your really helpful posting comes from a tool you have developed. Assuming my post does not contravene any posting guidelines, are you able to share details please. Thanks !
  12. No worries. What Jayayeff said makes perfect sense.
  13. I do hope you are correct, as, unless my memory fails me ( quite possible!) previously the only Sky TV channel available was Sky News. Would be great to see some UK sporting action for us Brits.
  14. I agree with Roland. We have only eaten as a two or a four. On each occasion, when ordering, we have always been quite clear as to what we would like in each course and have enjoyed multi-course (duck salad, then dim sum etc, then soup and then entrees, rice, vegetables, etc ) with no problems whatever. Never had any temperature issues either. Were we the lucky ones ?
  15. Perhaps we have been extremely fortunate but, on all three of our Symphony cruises, the Galaxy lounge was used for most lectures, supplemented by rather lesser use of the Starlite, when the Galaxy was being used for something else. I suppose it may vary from cruise to cruise ?
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