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  1. In Waterside, the grand marnier souffle is our absolute fave. Unless things have changed, no longer on the menu but no problem with a special order the day before. If we plan to dine in Waterside, we look at the menu the day before, when it goes online and decide on any special orders, especially if we have missed them due to being in a speciality restaurant.
  2. Have a terrific BTB adventure...happy sailings to you both and all other CCers ! Colin
  3. Thanks for your replies. It seems that for US folk the foreign travel rules are rather lighter than ours in the UK. I had a look at the listed entertainment etc for the first few cruises and agree that they are really good in all of the current circumstances. As there is the usual duo listed, it may be that the Avenue Saloon will still be used. Great also to see the return of Piano Man, featuring Elio Pace, who I am sure will fill Neil Lockwood's shoes admirably. As for Tobago, this is what the UK government currently says:- https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/trinidad-and
  4. Here in the UK, overseas countries have been categorised using a ''traffic lights'' system, ie red, amber and green. Red countries entail an expensive hotel quarantine stay on return to the UK and travel insurance will almost certainly be difficult to obtain and very expensive. For us, as well as, I suspect, many UK cruise folk, this would be a deal-breaker. Unfortunately, our government have just announced that Tobago is going on to the red list. I appreciate that this could change but that's where we are now. I have only very limited knowledge of US protocols in this regard but a b
  5. Having conducted a little research, my previous post substantially underestimated the Dorset county's population, which I now gather is close to 800K. Anyways, due, I am sure, to our vaccination programme, we now have zero hospitalisations due to covid and no deaths in the last three weeks or so. Also, today saw more good news. Our scientists have stated that it appears that two doses of either the Astra Zeneca or Pfizer vaccines afford very significant protection against symptomatic illness arising from the new Indian variant. Indeed, it seems that these vaccines have proved their effica
  6. I thought it would be good to re-read the Crystal Clean+ protocols. I thought I should share with you the following:- ''Guests on the new Luxury Caribbean Escape voyages for Crystal Symphony will only be allowed to go ashore if participating in Crystal’s shoreside activities or excursions to ensure consistent health protocols per the destinations’ requirements; guests who do not comply will not be permitted to re-board the ship.'' As things improve, will this be relaxed ? Although not a ''deal-breaker'', this certainly takes an edge off our plans.
  7. I am by no means a wine buff but can assure you that the Waterside list of included wines is much more extensive. I recall the previously mentioned New Zealand sauvignon blanc, a French chablis and an Argentinian malbec, as three examples. As usual, Crystal's service is first class, no issue in simply sampling an included wine and declining if it's not to your liking.
  8. Although I did not see the programme to which you refer, I can certainly relate to and definitely agree with all that you say. Yes, it was a brave and momentous decision for our PM to bring in Kate Bingham from the private sector and back her fully, ignoring any potential pushbacks from the civil service mandarins. I broadly know the beautiful area where you live. I believe that in our county of Dorset the population is approx 400K and although our cases are a tad higher, the last published statistics, a few weeks ago, showed weekly hospital admissions of 4. No recent stats, so the figure now
  9. Further good news from here in the UK. We have now given first vaccine doses to over two thirds of our adult population and over one third are now fully vaccinated. Whilst our daily new cases appear to have currently plateaued, hospitalisations and deaths continue to consistently decline. Indeed, I today found out that our local major hospital currently has no covid patients, whereas at the peak of our second wave it had to transport patients to other hospitals, as it was so overburdened. We are also, on schedule, moving next Monday to our next stage in releasing lockdown, so, all in all, we a
  10. My apologies to one and all .I had an upside-down moment. Of course, what I really meant to say was that 99% of hospital admissions were from those who had not been vaccinated. In other words, vaccinations ( even one of the two required) are incredibly effective in stopping severe illness. As for numbers, about 65% of UK adults have now received their first vaccination and 29% both. Our 40+ citizens are currently being invited for their first jabs. Once again, sorry for the confusion.
  11. Our public statistics office have just published data stating that of our recent 72K hospital admissions only 1% had NOT been vaccinated. IMHO positive test results are not the key indicator , rather hospital admissions. This data says it all, especially as the majority of UK adults had only received their first vaccine in relation to this data set.
  12. I think that this thread exemplifies why we are all so different. One man's meat... The itinerary really appeals as Tobago is new for us as well. We also have not visited Tortola for about 30 years. By choosing a November sailing, this will set us nicely up for our winter months. We are very lucky as there are direct flights from London with BA and Virgin. We have booked BA flights from Gatwick as the prices were very good and the cancellation terms very generous. Maybe our European neighbours might wish to research an indirect routing via London ? As like most of us, our holiday budget
  13. Hi Keith Could you please add:- November 3, R/T Antigua-kool kruiser (Colin and Steph, Chris and Maria, Amy) Thanks Colin
  14. Does anyone out there know if they will be pricing these cruises in a similar way to the forthcoming Serenity Bahamas voyages, ie same price for all outside grades, same price for all balcony grades, etc ?
  15. And as further perspective, heard from a respected medic on BBC radio that the risk of clotting from contracting covid is one in six. Makes the stance taken by certain countries (again!!) seem foolish in the extreme. As so many experts here in the UK have said, one always has to weigh up risk and reward, when evaluating medical treatments etc. No real decision currently needed so far as the AZ vaccine is concerned...
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