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  1. Pumbaamd

    D+ & Pinnacle "call center"

    The original D+/PC dedicated line was very good. Someone special in Miami or the US Northwest would pick up and help you. These seemed to be a group that was extremely experienced on the RCCL brand and of great help. Now days, anyone from 4 continents can pick up when the #9 lights up and there is nothing special about them. Just not what it used to be. R&D
  2. Pumbaamd

    Majesty Dry Dock??

    Not only a good fit, but also, as you know, an outstanding chance for him to be near home again.
  3. Pumbaamd

    Majesty Dry Dock??

    Oh shucks. We have Ovation 5/13 for 11 nights in Alaska. Love Mariner, especially our Cape Horn cruise from Valparaiso to Sao Paulo. Will try to book Mariner later. Is JD expected to be on Mariner? R&D
  4. Pumbaamd

    Majesty Dry Dock??

    JD and we have the same dream.
  5. Pumbaamd

    Majesty Dry Dock??

    Again, No Chops?
  6. Roy, Thanks for all of your postings from Grandeur. We have a few cruises scheduled before we sail on her next August. Would love to sail again with Capt. Thor and HD John Denton. Happy Thanksgiving! Rick and Deirdra
  7. {"As a parting shot welcome aboard to new Hotel Director John Denton and best wishes to Adriana as she moves to the Independence. You’ll be missed on the Grandeur. Roy"} We will be sailing on Indy in January. Will be nice to sea Adriana again. Have sailed with John Denton many times. He loves to take care of his guests and enjoys helping them have a great cruise. He is much more than an HD. Roy, Thanksgiving here in MD is looking at a high in the low 30's. Welcome back to winter. Rick and Deirdra
  8. Roy, As usual we are following along. We have enjoyed several Grandeur cruises. Our repo cruise on her from Baltimore to NOLA in 2006 was outstanding. Have a great time! Rick and Deirdra
  9. Excellent, no problems to speak of. AD is looking great, as was service, staff and crew. R&D
  10. Just home from AD's 10/21 6-day cruise. The 2nd formal night was on Thursday. Not quite as big a night as the 1st formal night. No Captain, less participation from guests. Just another chance for some formal photos. R&D
  11. Could have something to do with her having to back in as the turning basin will not be used. There is a previous thread here on CC concerning that item. R&D
  12. Pumbaamd

    Current Captains Con't

    Paul, Congrats! R&D
  13. We had a soot problem on a GR aft balcony some years ago. Don't know if EN has that or not. R&D
  14. If you have Specialty Dining reserved, the MTD staff will sea that on their computer. R&D
  15. Pumbaamd

    Majesty luggage valet?

    Luggage Valet is usually only for cruises of 7 days or more. R&D