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  1. We were on Adventure for her first B2B in June. Made two stops in Grand Bahamas and Grandeur was in the shipyard there maybe 200 yards away from Adventure both times.
  2. Anyone have any news about Carlington? EN or GR maybe? Thanks. Rick
  3. What am I missing here? I sea where she is sailing tonight and it's NOT to Coco Cay. Looks like her first revenue cruise. And no chatter here?
  4. We received an invite last night. Would be $1000 airfare at this late time plus transfers to the port and back. Sorry. Rick
  5. We are on OD 8/22 and have received nothing yet. However we also did AD's first two from Nassau. Appears that after going thru all the Nassau hoops, they certainly know we are OK to go.
  6. Would love to sea them. Anyone have any idea? Thanks.
  7. Can someone please post the link to the Bahamas Visa application. Thank you.
  8. Would not shed a tear if Cos was dropped for another port. Or another day at sea. Rick
  9. And is the Governor of Maryland willing to open the port for RCL?
  10. Call the cruise line. An RCL agent did it very quickly.
  11. We've been in 9628 on Mariner and Voyager. It seems to be larger than most other JS's. Very short walk to elevators with little noise. Rick
  12. Thanks and good for those who don't have to run out and buy new phones!
  13. Will this new check in deal be mandatory where you can't check in on line? Lots of folks still carry just a simple flip phone and haven' t a clue about an APP. R&D
  14. How many points does a single person, in a JS, with the new doubling plan receive??
  15. We all know how narrow and crowded the streets are at the port. I can imagine scores of TAXI's from the airport lined up next to the carriage horses. There is a gate or 2 reserved for cargo and military at the pier. CruiseLine busses could use those to unload those guests at the pier without being sitting in the TAXI line. Like at all other ports you have a choice. Cruise line or taxi/other? Sailing AD 12 June. Rick
  16. Our DCA has one NS RT to NAS on AA. The times of the NS's are good for cruise guests. Have plenty of AA Miles and it looks good for us. Going to go game and give it a shot for the first sailing. Rick
  17. We did a Freedom - Monarch B2B from Pt. Canaveral Christmas 2012. There was one day between cruises. RCL gave us a free night at a Orlando hotel with transfers. No, they no longer do that. R&D
  18. We have 3 EN cruises booked, first one 8/26, 8 days. Two more to King's Wharf in September. Too many cooks in the galley here, including the Gov. of Maryland. Will he be OK with opening the cruise terminal even IF the cruise industry is given the green light? R&D
  19. Yes. But don't get caught using it. Sign says "Crew Only".
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