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  1. My travel agent just phoned with the cancellation news for the December 2020 New Year's cruise - it's disappointing but better safe than sorry. We'll look forward to future vacation plans when things can be more confidently booked. @Happygolucky62 - what a great outcome for you - way to turn lemons into lemonade! Enjoy all of your upcoming holidays - they sound fabulous!! Cheers!
  2. Hello there! On the theory that it's never too soon to look forward to a fun time, we're booked (DH and I, along with my Mom!) on the New Year's Ahoy cruise so that we can ring in 2021 in beautiful weather on a lovely ship. We've been on quite a few cruises, and are really looking forward to something new, exciting and different. Anyone else out there joining the trip? Looking forward to meeting new cruiser friends! Best, Michele
  3. I agree with all those who have said "to each their own". My husband and I (61 and 55) are booked for the New Year's Eve voyage and my mother (79) will be coming along too -- and she's more excited about it than we are! [So - those of you who are afraid of being the oldest on the ship - no worries we've got you covered 🙂 ] We've been on most of the major cruise lines (modestly priced to the luxury lines). Mom's a seasoned Crystal cruiser who is looking for something different and fun to do as a family for the holidays. VV appears to absolutely fit the bill. We're more than happy to take
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