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  1. I’ve spent some time off CC, so excuse me if I missed this, but how did you get on the earlier cruises?
  2. As someone who also had their 4-2-22 cruise on Brilliance canceled in this latest batch. There are options for different ships leaving a day or two later/before from different ports. I rebooked on a 7 night with Harmony leaving a day later.
  3. Well, my luck finally ran out and I got hit with a cancellation. So much for my 5 nights on Brilliance out of Tampa. Rebooked a 7 night out of PC on Harmony instead.
  4. July 30 - August 4. Sailing to Alaska from Seattle.
  5. I heard they’re taking on roughly 1,400 crew in the next few days.
  6. Per Michael Bayley, Oasis will sail August 22-28, 2021 for her test voyage. Where she’ll be sailing from was not mentioned.
  7. Rumors were correct it seems. Now we’ll see what happens to Oasis, even though the writing is on the wall.
  8. Beautiful pic of her, and she’s already set her destination as Coco Cay for the 13th!
  9. Keep it up, Bird! Feels like I’m there with you. Get some rest tonight. The big day is tomorrow.
  10. False. 94.5% chance. and with that 5.5% chance, it’s just not worth it to Royal.
  11. I don’t think that’s what they’re saying at all. I think it’s more about them having no negative PR during this cruise especially.
  12. T-2 days until Adventure sails. Here’s a current view from the web cam as well as a few pictures from Instagram.
  13. OP was implying kids can’t die from COVID. Which is false even with your input.
  14. Man oh man. I wish Royal Caribbean did this. Good job, Carnival.
  15. Sweet! Can’t wait to get my Royal Up email around the end of the year. How much do you plan on betting?
  16. I wonder when the other RCCL ships will start having blue hulls. It still catches me off guard seeing Freedom half blue.
  17. We finally get a view of Adventure docked. Goodnight Adventure!
  18. I almost can’t blame them. They probably haven’t moved that camera in at least a year with the lack of cruises.
  19. She looks great. Looks like she’s going Nose-In while docking.
  20. 4 days before her first voyage in over a year, Adventure is currently pulling into her new homeport.
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