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  1. Thank you, Cardex, I am sure I will. Cruise is what you make out of it, right?
  2. I have never cruised NCL, but have been on quite a few other lines, and never paid as much in taxes. Usually it is around a hundred dollars, give or take. This being said, I just happily paid $260 in taxes and fees for a cruise on Sovereign next June because the price itself was too good to be missed. I cruised on Monarch before and quite enjoyed it. Free drinks add a lot of value and convenience.
  3. They have pretty high taxes compared to other cruise lines; I guess that compensates some for lower prices.
  4. Thank you to everyone who answered. I understand that there shouldn't be a problem with withdrawing money once we get to Tokyo. My concern is that we might not have cash to get from the airport to the hotel if ATMs at the airport do not accept our cards. Is there a way to exchange some cash at the airport should it happen, or should I get a few yens here in the U.S. before leaving for the trip just in case?
  5. I searched for the answer here, and it seems like most people recommend waiting until you are in Japan to find an ATM and withdraw money. I also found posts saying that ATMs in Japan might not accept some debit cards. Do they accept cash? Thank you!
  6. Thank you so much! A very interesting report and the most beautiful pictures! Can't wait to our trip to Japan in June!
  7. We are going to be on cruises that start/end in Tokyo and stop at Kobe, Kochi, Shingu and Nagoya in Japan as well as Pusan and Cheju City in Korea. My understanding is that the weather is going to be humid and warm, but not too hot, with lots of rainy days. Is it correct? Also, being used to wearing shorts and T-shirts when sightseeing in Carrebean and Mediterranean, I am wondering if we should dress more conservatively in Japan and Korea. Any first-hand experience with that? Thank you!
  8. We are going to take two B2B cruises from Tokyo in June. We have never been to Japan before. We are arriving at Haneda early afternoon the day before the first cruise and staying at Intercontinental Tokyo Bay. What sightseeing can be done on that day? Also, we will have a few hours between the cruises - arriving at 8am and departing at 3pm. Same questions - is there anything not too far away from the port that would be interesting to see? We do have a whole day of sightseeing scheduled with a volunteer guide in Tokyo on the day of arrival from our second cruise, so the major sights that might be far away from the port will be covered later. Any advice is appreciated, thank you!
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