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  1. SuitCaseBears

    All-Inclusive Beverage Package: Live from the Ruby Princess

    I'm loving this thread. Like the OP's DW I'm a non-drinker, by choice not medical need. My husband... not so much. I've always tried to get the best drinks package for him because he also likes his adult beverages. It always amazes me that the most it ever does for him is make him a bit sleepy. For us, the big "savings" is not money, but my not worrying about money; and him being able to enjoy his cocktails without constantly checking to see if I'm getting upset about the cost. While I trust we've always come out ahead on the drinks packages, I've never logged all of his drinks because NOT paying attention to what he drinks is the selling point for us. All of which is why I'm really enjoying this thread because I can sort of read along and say "yeah he would have had that, and that, but not that, but then add the cognac at night."
  2. So I'm back up on deck 15 and speed is faster again but... Latency... Failed! Connecting to VPN... not happening Connecting to gotomypc... not happening which I don't really understand but I R not a real geek I just like playing with my toys. But... IM works just fine.
  3. On the sea day trying to get into my VPN timed out almost immediately. Today, in port, but on my balcony with only about 2.6 Mbps (the 8Mbps was up on the solarium) - - it tried and I think had more hope since it took longer to NOT connect. I gave it two tries. Will try again both later and from St. Martin. If I weren't being a totally lazy slug, not to mention sitting here waiting for the running of the drunks, I'd go back up to the solarium and try from there. If I get ambitious or finish my book I may try and will report.
  4. In port today and with clear skies and the ship docked, the speed on that premium plus thing (the $350 plan) is 8Mbps downstream, fast and consistent, which means my email runs instead of taking a frustrating 30 minutes (try to log on, error message; try to log on, error message; log on; down load messages; log off to save minutes; respond to messages; try to log on etc.) I log on, get my messages, respond, log off - and I'm back in the pool in 5 min. For us - it's been a wonderful feature.
  5. I didn't look at any of the prices after I saw the package I bought. And it really is consistent and fast. Really. I'll see if I can find a full list and paste it in here.
  6. I quite understand it's not at all for everyone. But I'm hoping enough people who can use it - will; and wont abuse it so it doesn't get hinky and bogged down that they continue to have this plan and it continues to work this well.
  7. I don't know -but if that's something new - my guess is that's what it is. I remember someone posting a week or so back (maybe a little more) that they were on the Allure and there was a day when everyone was given free wifi "to stress test the new system" So that sounds right.
  8. I'm on the Alure right now - not fretting over my minutes. I hadn't seen this plan mentioned but I'm not the most consistent CC RCCL Board reader. But there's a Premium Plus Voyage Plan with unlimited time. Here's the description: With download speeds never before seen at sea, this package lets you do it all - from streaming movies, to live video calls, downloading large files and more. With Premium Plus the sky is the limit! Only two (2) devices may be logged in at a time. In order to connect to another device, be sure to disconnect using logoff.com. Because DH and I are self employed we always buy a lot of minutes and use them because it's actually more relaxing for us to check in with work 2X a day. Anyway - this IS faster and more consistent than anything we've had on the cruises we've been on. I'm on my balcony now and the speed is quite good. I just did a test (which I would never even try in the past) and got a consistent 2+Mbps downstream and 1.5 Mbps up. And did I mention consistent? Well we did lose connectivity earlier during a really really heavy rainstorm. But that only lasted about 15 minutes. The plan is for 2 devices and costs $350, with the 10% discount we had it was $315, which I know is more than most people want to spend for internet on vacation. But for those of you who do need or want connectivity - it's about what we would normally pay when we had time limited connections. So I'm happier and even more relaxed.
  9. SuitCaseBears

    Allure- Main Dining Room Dress Code

    Also remember that while your brothers might not be turned away, other people have looked forward to a special night with a different ambiance. They've spent time and perhaps money to have that special night and sadly your brothers are part of the ambiance. So if they can't even wear a tie - please sit at your own table because getting all dressed up for that special night and sharing a table with your brothers would quite frankly harsh my mellow. I would ask to be moved. Better yet - why not try the buffet or some specialty restaurant or room service that night?
  10. SuitCaseBears

    Apps to use on board? (and... connected or detached?

    [quote name='DaveTheNerd']I'm curious how many folks here like to stay connected (i.e. with Internet/email/etc) while away on a cruise vs. how many will detach. I've always detached 100% in the past and likely will again on our upcoming cruise next month, but am curious about others. [/QUOTE] DH and I are both self employed, and both happily love our work. So we tend to be very connected. I have a private professional practice so staying in touch is pretty important for me. I do email runs morning and night - and on sea days I do one or more mid-day. I can actually relax better knowing that everything is under control. I also sometimes save projects that keep getting sent to the back burner for cruises. For example, I might write articles for my newsletter - and that often requires I go online to do a little fact checking. And as I said, I really love what I do so I don't see vacation as a time to "escape" from work so much as escape from cooking, cleaning, routine etc. and a time to be pampered, eat "out" every day without feeling guilty, see new places, do new things etc. I know people tend to think it's terrible that we work while we're on a cruise, but I personally I think it's pretty cool that we're both lucky enough to love our work and not want to escape it.
  11. SuitCaseBears

    Packing Cubes question for those who DON'T Pack light

    OK, I went a little crazy. I don't think I needed the small bags. We use folding luggage because DH is a clothes hound and men's suits just do best in them and they have little compartments at the top on each side, for undies and small things. But I did buy a set of tubes to put in the spaces between the handle of the BIG boxy rolling bag. And I bought us each a set of medium and large bags (pink for me, blue for DH) and I'll see how it goes.
  12. SuitCaseBears

    Packing Cubes question for those who DON'T Pack light

    I really appreciate the responses. I do think that if we were still doing multi-destination trips (I don't consider 1 cruise to a few ports in the same area multi-destination) I would definitely invest in some cubes to organize the different clothes. A few years back we did NJ in the winter and the Caribbean and it would have been great to have our sweaters and warm stuff in separate cubes which we didn't even open during the cruise. And I can see if we didn't unpack everything - again it would make sense. But I'm happy unpacking everything (well we leave the rain gear in our suitcase unless needed. So as of last night I was thinking that for this upcoming cruise... I can't quite justify the cost and I'll stick with my zip lock bags. BUT I am also intrigued by the possibilities that maybe I haven't thought of. So I'm going to add up the cost of buying a big enough assortment to allow me some flexibility without going too crazy. Because generally I know myself, and if I keep looking at something I know I'll eventually get it - and I might as well order it in time to have it for this cruise... if I'm not too late already. ACK... I need to check potential delivery dates.
  13. SuitCaseBears

    Packing Cubes question for those who DON'T Pack light

    I did think this would be great for multiple destinations. But for various reasons our multiple destination trips seems to be diminishing. But I will remember if that changes, And I like the idea of sorting the laundry going home.
  14. SuitCaseBears

    Packing Cubes question for those who DON'T Pack light

    Cross-packing, this is something I always think about in advance and rarely do. An other good justification.
  15. SuitCaseBears

    Packing Cubes question for those who DON'T Pack light

    See this is a justification I can ... well justify. I love to color code, and my husband has that genetic issue that some men have where they can look right at a cabinet or refrigerator or shelf and not find anything. But I bet if I said "look for the dark blue cube, he could find that. I think a feel an addiction brewing.