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  1. Thanks Keith, As usual you provide such great information. I'd encourage everyone to make their reservations early. We're on the July 3 cruise and some things were unavailable even a few weeks ago. And you can always change a reservation on board. But you could miss out on something you wanted to do. Plus, as someone who only gets to cruise once or twice a year, exploring the options and planning my days always makes the cruise feeling start earlier, which I love.
  2. Thank you all for this perfect discussion. I was just thinking of switching from a PS to a PH on the July 3rd cruise, and this discussion helped a lot, because really I know regardless we'd love either one. And so much depends on the circumstances of the cruise and who's next door etc. But I decided on the PH for two reasons (in case anyone else is also in a quandary). For us, it was the two desks and the door placement. Both my husband and I work a little while we're on a cruise so having two desks matter. And we also collect a lot of stuff, between his tablet, keyb
  3. I'm on the July 3 cruise, which is the first Bahamas cruise, and will try to remember to post the menus.
  4. We used to get sick every time we returned from a vacation that involved a plane flight. We started to take AirBorne a week before we traveled, all through our trip and for a few days after we got back. We've not gotten plane-ride sick since then and it's been years. Everyone's different, that works for us. But I will follow Crystals rules, I will pack a mask whether they say to or not, because the rules could change and while they will have masks on the ship, I'd rather use mine. But other than that, I only wear a mask out of manners and concern for others' comfort le
  5. And I answered my own question about allowing solo passengers to dine with others if they want, and the answer, as per Crystal's updated protocols and as of now, is YES. Dedicated tables for solo travelers wishing to dine with other guests will be available, set with physical distancing considerations Click on "ocean protocols" --> Food and Beverages, should open the "Contactless Dining" section on this webpage: https://www.crystalcruises.com/crystal-clean
  6. Actually I'm all for shows of support <s>. Your "stunt" comment made me think of something more sinister - something with a hidden agenda. Thanks for continuing to respond, I think we're more on the same page than I thought.
  7. Talk to your elected officials. This new thing that so far as only passed in the senate, was brought to the senate by Alaska's senators. And I don't think they could have gotten unanimous approval as they did, before the CDC started to take some steps to allow cruising in the US happen at all this summer. So I'm not sure they could have done it sooner.
  8. Why do you think it's a stunt - political or not. Under current US law larger (I forget the exact size), cruise ships have to stop in Canada if sailing from the US mainland to Alaska. Hence all of the stops in Vancouver. Since Canada announced that it wont allow cruising in their ports until 2022 - that left the Alaskan cruise industry - which is a significant source of revenue, literally stranded. This temporary exemption, if the house passes it and the President signs it, could allow cruises to Alaska this summer. Since the cruising season in Alaska is somewhat limi
  9. Thanks, I knew that, but I wasn't at all clear. I didn't mean assigned tables but just shared ones. I don't know if Crystal in normal times has the option to share a table with others for a single meal. My husband and I usually alternate dining alone and asking if there's a shared table available when we arrive for dinner. I should have asked if it's available during normal times, and if anyone knows what the rules will be now.
  10. My condolences for the loss of your partner. I've not dined solo on Crystal but my experience with the staff is that wherever you are - you'll be happy and comfortable. But let me ask a question. Do you want to dine alone for lunch every day? I think assigned dining with others may not happen by early July (or it may - who knows). And some people may still be uncomfortable dining with strangers, but I assume that if people are friends, even if they aren't signed up to travel as a group, they can eat together. We love meeting people when we cruise and over a meal is a g
  11. And for what it's worth, I never felt that the vaccines were 100% guaranteed to prevent Covid. I think anyone who did was not paying attention. They do reduce the chances of getting it, and reduce the severity of the illness in most people if they do catch it. I believe that if we look at the stats on Covid for the last few weeks (and we have to look at statistics on a rolling basis, combining them with pre-vaccination stats is misleading, but what many news outlets are doing), and then think about how we, the CDC and the government at large would respond to a new strain of flu wi
  12. Per the State Department's April 19 travel advisory update found here (https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/NEWTravelAssets/pdfs/Travel%20Advisory%20Update%20-%20%20Frequently%20Asked%20Questions_.pdf) "After this update, approximately 80% of countries will have a Travel Advisory Level of 4: Do Not Travel. This does not necessarily indicate a change to the current health situation in a given country. It reflects an adjustment in our system to give more weight to CDC's existing assessments. Soooo, is anyone else less than convinced this means ANYTHING coming shortly afte
  13. Interesting. I didn't know that. I still am not going to worry about it. I think there's time to work out a good arrangement that doesn't bother anyone but the people who are cranky about everything.
  14. Journalists make their living finding people who will say something negative. There's no news in saying "Oh, we're having cruises here? Who knew?" I would assume that the people who are quite wealthy and have large private estates on the outer Islands because of their relative privacy are probably not thrilled about having cruises come to their Island. I'm not thrilled someone is building a tract of McMansions a mile from my rural property. I also think the rich Bahamians will either go to one of their other vacation homes, or stay home and whine into their Champagne. I will do n
  15. Yummm. It all looks terrific. And my husband really wants to try that "Whiskey Cappuccino" - Buttermilk Ice Cream Topped with Whiskey Cream" I'm not much of a drinker, but I think even I'd love that.
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