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  1. Oh, I forgot to mention we also went to the Crystal White Extravaganza with Red White and Blue 4th of July added to it. Much fun.
  2. @johng75370 John, that was a great meal, wasn't it? Thank you for finding us that first day, and for good times. But I've lost your email addy - if you have mine, can you shoot me an email? But I'll keep looking.
  3. We saw or heard: Icons In Concert (production Show) Steve Stevens (comedian) John Joseph (comedian Irina (violin) Stephen (Piano) during tea Carlos Rayan (new jazz guitarist - very good) Joel Spire - Avenue Saloon Crystal on Broadway (production show) Rock & Pop-A-Mania (production show) My Life, the music of Billy Joel Gen. Nick Halley Played Trivia every day (Ed missed one day having a massage) and our team came in second 5 times and on the last day We Finally Won! For those of you with your first Crystal cruise coming up in the future - you should know we normally do not go to shows or enrichment programs much. But Crystal is a cut above the other lines we've been on for entertainment and education. I do think they pulled out the stops for this cruise and had their most popular speakers and entertainers. And I'm not sure if they normally do as many production shows in a one week cruise. But everything was great. I'll post some pictures but to be honest when it comes to the singing and dancing stuff - we can't remember which picture is from which event.
  4. I'm back with a picture of The Best Souvenir of the Trip. And no, we didn't have to wear it for the whole cruise - just to board the first time.
  5. Yes!! Thank you for reminding everyone. We had 10 and I think the second night have had only 8 (or perhaps that was as of when we met) but having done the work to set it up maybe they can go with fewer if there are multiple dinners. I imagine it takes a lot of time on the part of a few already busy crew members to put this together, not to mention the cost of the food and wine. But again, because my husband and I were talking about this last night - while this is somewhat similar to Chef's tables on other lines, this is a dinner where the focus is on the wine with food that is on a par with it but which doesn't over shadow it. That's what was most impressive to me about the food. How good and thoughtful it was without trying to outdo the wine. That's a difficult balance to hit so well.
  6. That's it for now. I have to work to pay for our next cruise. But this evening I'll post about programs and entertainment.
  7. For those of us who were heading back to the US or other countries that require testing, we had our tests on the final full day. The testing went smoothly. There was a little kerfuffle leading up to it. But since I'm sure it's been cleared up - I wont go into it. Suffice to say the testing went smoothly and the appropriate notifications went where they had to go so we arrived home safely.
  8. Rather than the normal spread where guests serve themselves, we walked through a series of small areas and were served our treats
  9. But not to be deterred, the Mozart tea went forward... with some changes.
  10. At most of the bars - the actual bar seating was closed, but the tables and sofas were open. Again, remember we were at about just a little over 1/2 capacity so it was still quite spacious.
  11. The stores were not open for the first few days of the cruise because of some issue with Bahamian tax clearances. I assume this has long since been resolved. But when open there were limits to how many people could be in the store at once. It was rarely an issue that we saw because the ship wasn't that full.
  12. While we're at the Bistro, we had marvelous lunches. The Country Pate was one of our favorites.
  13. Between a large breakfast in the main dining room and wonderful dinners at night we chose to eat lunch at the Bistro. The buffet was lovely but was not self serve, you walked along with a member of the crew who served you. You can also see the tables spaced well apart.
  14. I think people are interested in what was different because of Covid. So in the spirit of reporting actual policies (according to Cruise Critic policies) I'll post some pictures. But remember this was the FIRST cruise July 3-10. Things may well change in either direction. Our general impression was that Crystal created a very good balance between giving the guests an enjoyable, relaxing vacation and being cautious and safety aware. One thing I couldn't find a picture of was the "pop quiz" or random temperature checks that might happen at any of the restaurants. they may have done temps other places but that's where we noticed it. We did not go on shore, as we often don't. So we're not sure if they did it coming back on board - but we did have our temperatures taken on embarkation. And they use the touchless forehead thermometers. So on with the pictures.
  15. It's great when you get to know some people on a Roll Call and arrange to have dinner and find out you get along with them in person too. Here's the steak tartar.
  16. I had beef tartare and the pasta (pictures to follow). But before that - one couple treated the table to a HUGE serving of caviar. I'm sorry we didn't move that glass of champagne so you could see the traditional accompaniments which are hiding.
  17. We only ate in the main dining room one night. We met with two couples we met on the cruise's Roll Call (yay for roll calls) and enjoyed a leisurely 3 hour dinner. Here's the menu from that night
  18. Thank you, but I've gotten over myself. I over reacted because I felt badly I hadn't posted during the cruise and because I had been struggling with adjusting my memories to focus on the good things and not my issues with the difficult internet situation. And I just lost it. But I'm posting.
  19. @Sweetpea711423 I couldn't find a picture of the Uma Umi table set up - but this is Prego from later in the cruise and you can see how well spaced things are
  20. @Sweetpea711423 My husband just came over and I told him about your post. He agreed that Uma Umi was a less crowded the first night than when we went a 2nd time later in the week. We went to I think all of the shows and you could find seats not too close to anyone. But apparently our cruise at about 490 guests (and 500+ crew) and maybe the cruises later will be more filled. But honestly I do think you'll find that you need only ask and the crew will find you a suitable table. Have a wonderful time.
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