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  1. I’m thinking a new thread for each cruise might make sense. If not, the current LIVE thread is pretty all-inclusive.
  2. Since the title no longer represents the topic - COVID issues on Iceland/all Viking cruises, I thought a new thread would make it easier for everyone to find the important info you’re seeking. No one is “denying’” anyone anything! 🙄
  3. Perhaps it’s time to lock this thread, as it dealt with the 7/14 Sky trip and it’s by definition off topic now.
  4. Understand from another thread they will be pulling the “planetarium” (it’s not really, it’s just a curved movie screen) off the Jupiter and restoring the lounge space - thank God!!
  5. Or...my convenience is more important than your health and safety.
  6. What did they tell you about WHY you’re having a sea day instead of going ashore???
  7. Any idea what the protocol is for cleaning the ship after a positive case?? Can they disinfect over the remaining cruise time or will they need an extended period on disembarkation day, which could cause a problem with accommodating the next batch of passengers?
  8. Scroll down to page 2 for an extensive thread on this question.
  9. We just got flights for November using Air Plus through our travel agent. Perfect non-stop flights in both directions! 👍👍
  10. Amazing what people will do/risk/give up for a few “points”...
  11. Here’s some info. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/the-bahamas/freeport-lucaya/activities/beach-getaway-entrance-only/a/pa-act/v-6618P55/1317103
  12. So I guess the OP is not one of the people who say “I don’t need a travel agent, I enjoy dealing with Viking directly.” 😉😎
  13. And take a look at the pattern for the 64 cancellations on the Rhine Getaway page, all for a selected number of ships. “I feel a bad moon rising...”
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