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  1. Does anyone know which two cruise lines diverted from Barcelona today??
  2. Is Deck 9 on Orion still clothing optional?? 😉😎
  3. But better than on the woven placemats in the World Cafe...incoming!! 😎
  4. Everything is gluten-free, and “plant-based”. and air fried. Garnished with foam. And lots of pho. With just a hint of CBD oil. Served on 100% recycled cardboard. Washed down with almond milk (which contains NO milk, by the way.) Bring your own reusable straw. 😉😎
  5. Both in Terminal 1. https://www.lh-travelguide.com/ae/en/frankfurt/fra/#terminalplan-und-transit-infos-frankfurt
  6. Orion and Jupiter currently have one.
  7. Venus is scheduled to have a planetarium on the upper level of the Explorer Lounge, which apparently takes up a lot of space and has received mixed reviews.
  8. 1 hour and 45 minutes should be plenty, if all goes well. Connecting flights If you are passing through Frankfurt to and from non-Schengen countries, your transfer will take place entirely within the transit zone, which in most cases means you will not need to pass through a passport checkpoint (although not always.) You may or may not also have to pass through a security screening depending on your origin and/or destination, and there are occasionally random security checkpoints in the terminals. If your connecting flight leaves from a different terminal than the one you arrive in, the Sky Line train will allow you to make the transfer while remaining in the transit zone. Transfers between non-Schengen and Schengen countries (including Germany) will require you to go through passport control. Unlike many international airports with a single immigration area, you will find passport checkpoints in each of the concourses. However, you shouldn't need to seek one out-- just follow the signs to the gate for your connecting flight and you will pass through a checkpoint somewhere along the way. If you are connecting to another flight with a short connection time (typically less than 45 minutes), you should be able to use the "Fast Lane" service at the passport control stations; eligible flights are shown on a display above the "Fast Lane" counter. After clearing passport control, you can then proceed to the gate for your connecting flight. Be sure to check the flight information displays for the latest gate number as flights are sometimes moved to other gates due to late or early arrivals. If your connecting flight is in the other terminal, use the Sky Line train. A tunnel allows you to transfer within the Schengen zones of concourses 1/A and 1/B so that you do not need to leave the secure area; use the elevators near gates A15 and B19. There is also a passageway inside the secure zone from concourse 1/B to concourse 1/C on level 3. If you need a boarding pass or additional assistance, check-in at your airline's transfer counter first thing after arriving. Lufthansa advertises a guaranteed connection time of 45 minutes at FRA. However, based on experience, an hour is probably more realistic if you're staying within the transit or Schengen zones and 75 minutes if you have to cross between them. Flights from North America to FRA often arrive early, but don't count on it as any time savings gained from that strong tailwind are frequently lost due to congestion in Frankfurt's approach and landing slots. If you have a long layover (more than a couple of hours), you might consider visiting the spectator's terrace on top of Terminal 2 where for €3 you can watch the airfield activity, or the free art galleries in each terminal. Note that these may require leaving the airside of the airport. Long layovers are also conducive to taking a quick sightseeing trip into Frankfurt-- the S-Bahn train will get you downtown in less than 15 minutes. (See information under "Arriving" above.) There is also a small transit hotel near gate Z25 where you can get some rest between flights. For more information about Frankfurt Airport, see their official website: http://www.frankfurt-airport.com/
  9. Usually you do NOT have to claim and re-check bags in Frankfurt. It is a very large and complex airport, however, so delays in landing, etc can mess you up, but if all goes well 90 minutes should work. The airlines don’t want to have to re- book you any more than you don’t want to be re-booked, so under normal conditions the connection time should work. Here’s some info that may be helpful. https://www.frankfurt-airport.com/en/travel/transfer.detail.suffix.html/article/travel/services-a-z/easy-travel/transfer-at-fra.html
  10. Worst case scenario, place a hand towel on the shower floor. I’m sure your room steward would understand.
  11. Another ParrotHead - yes!! CILCIANRQTS - Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude...etc. Margarita’s are on me!!
  12. Not for a long, long time...


    It’s back open. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-grand-bahama-port-reopens-20190913-cxmrojnyffanvaegfbugbetmki-story.html
  14. Note that the terminal has NO amenities (stores, snacks, etc,) and NO waiting area. If you arrive before they begin processing, you stand downstairs on concrete in a congested area.
  15. Early tips (actually extra tips) certainly improve bar service at your favorite bar on Viking. They remember early tippers. 🥃
  16. Other threads report a lot of seaweed washed in during the hurricane, so that will impact snorkeling for a while.
  17. And there are LOTS of them running all day. No waiting.
  18. I used to come here for useful cruising advice. Now I come here for the drama. Just another form of entertainment - much like the national news every day.
  19. Let’s reposition a lot of heavy equipment that could be used for rescue and recovery on Abaco and Grand Bahama so I can have a pristine, synthetic Disney-like experience on a totally manufactured island. Hey, I paid good American money for this phoney experience! P.S. Does anyone know if there are any more $999 cabanas available??
  20. I understand they’ve had a drop off in balcony reservations since creating this new category...😉
  21. They’re installing $999 cabanas there...😎😉
  22. Freeport was pummeled for a day and a half by winds up to 185 mph. Rebuilding will take quite a while, I suspect. Not sure there’s much left to start from.
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