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  1. Does anyone know if there is a listing of where the designated smoking areas are on each ship? If so, what page is it? I keep seeing requests for individual ships, and it a[[ears it would be easier for one list.
  2. When the pandemic started to get hot & heavy, we chose to cancel a trip which was two weeks out. Both my husband and myself were (are) considered high risk. Was not because we might catch it, we did not want to take the chance of being quarantined. Anyhow, at the time we were told we would lose our deposit, however the remaining fare could be used for another sailing if we rebooked within 30 days. Fair enough. We thought we would lose the whole caboodle. We booked an 8 day sailing on the Radiance for Jan 2021, figuring everything would be back to normal. 3 days later, all cruises stopped.
  3. The Carnival Miracle can go under the bridge in/out of Tampa.
  4. Most of the major cruise lines are starting to offer casino players complimentary rooms. We primarily cruise on carnival, and we never get free rooms with them. RC Casino Royal gives the best perks for casino players, and you don't have to spend that much time playing.
  5. I apologized in a different post, and I am sorry. I really did not mean to offend anyone about the free room. My post was not meant to piss anyone off. I was just excited. I understand the waiting game for refunds. I had a 14 day on Holland cancelled because they sold my ship. As to how I got the offer, I really do not know. I know when you cruise Carnival, Holland or Royal Caribbean, your offers are based on the number of points you accumulate.(amount of dollars you play through the machine....really does not matter how much you win or lose). We cruise Carnival the most, and I h
  6. It actually was a casino offer, and I do want to apologize for posting about the free room. They might be reaching deep to get people booked. I was surprised to get the offer. I do understand your frustrations. I am awaiting a refund from Holland America, where they sold the ship I was to travel on in November. I guess I should have read some of the forum posts before including the comment. I do aplogize.
  7. I understand the answers to my questions may change if/when we ever got to cruise again. I have my fingers crossed. I got an offer from Princess for a free stateroom in June 2021, so I booked one. It has been a long time since I have cruised with Princess ( not since 2009). I know there is no smoking in rooms or balconies, but what else has changed? What are people wearing in the dining rooms for non-formal night dinners? Not what the dress code says, but what people really wear. Now the same question about formal nights. Do they still offer warm cookies/milk in
  8. I got the same offer. I waited 45 minutes on hold with the number provided on the e-mail. Hung up and tried my vacation planner and was told I had to go through the number on the e-mail to get the casino offer. Back to waiting now.
  9. Like many others, we too are impacted by cancellations due to the sale of the 4 ships, and also now the CDC extension of the no-sail order. I know right now when you call, you get a message saying "they cannot accommodate your call". Wondering how long I should wait before I try again. Part of our payment (paid in full) was FCC that we had to use by December22, 2020. (NA failed apizoids last year). I want to make sure the FCC gets extended, as we tried in good faith the use them within the specified time frame.
  10. I have a 14 day cruise booked for November. I called HAL after reading this post, and was told that at this time, select trips have been cancelled because crew is still on those ships According to HAL, my cruise is still a go.
  11. If you are using your annual "complimentary" cruise, that will be extended. If it was one of the random offers, then no, you cannot reschedule because the offer codes have expired. I have already had 2 random offers cancelled, and will have 2 more when they hit this round. Clun Royal has stopped the offers fir now, and the representative I talked to said they would not be making anymore offers until cruising actually resumes.
  12. I did have a free cruise cancelled for July. No, they do not allow you to rebook as the offer code they applied to the original booking is no longer valid. They do refund port fees/ taxes /upgrades/extras. They will check to see if you have any other offers available, however they have really slowed down on the offers. ( That tells me they are really not confident they will be sailing soon. When I booked, I had a page full of offers, and now I only have my annual cruise listed.) If you used a certificate to book, you need to tell them, and they will reissue with a new expiration d
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