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  1. On the Allure on 8/22. Departure has been changed to 7pm. I have early dining. Do you think the main dining will be open for the early seating ?(I think it's something like 5:30pm). What about specialty dining?
  2. If they do not have the rooms ready, and you drop off your stuff, are you able to get your keys?( Cards... whatever)
  3. The wrist bands on Royal Caribbean was only for one ship as a trial. Vaxed got them. RC has also made areas that will not allow social distancing, as vaccinated only. Your card is marked as Vaccinated or non vaccinated. You scan your card to get into certain areas. Most of the shows, the casino and most of the lounges are vaxed only. Masks are required inside for everyone in promenade areas and crowded corridor areas. Unvaccinated individuals are not able to take advantage of anytime dining, and there is a separate area in the dining room for them. Outdoor areas are maskless and unrestricted.
  4. Distilled water and sharps container requests gets sent to "special Needs" desk. There are a few more conditions. Before they started with the medi-coolers, I had to request a mini fridge for my insulin, along with a sharps container. I now pack am empty pepsi bottle for sharps and just gat a cooler first thing after boarding. I use a pump also, and the infusion pieces fit perfectly in the bottle. I just take the bottle home for disposal at my local hospital.
  5. I asked yesterday regarding cruises out of New Orleans, then lo and behold, got Carnival's email. Thanks to those who responded. Now I have more questions. Any idea when I should receive the one question vaccine questionnaire? When I went into my cruise planner, I noticed that the " traveling together" section has eliminated the other guests I had just last week. Has that been eliminated now? I kninda liked it because I know I would be placed dining wise with the couple we are traveling with.
  6. Anyone got a guess or information on When cruising will resume in New Orleans?
  7. When in a port that is in a different time zone, does RCI have you change your watches, or do you stay on ship time the entire cruise?
  8. I am on the 8/22 Allure sailing, and I have not gotten anything about a vaccine.
  9. I have scanned these boards and there is different answers all over, so I apologize if they have already been answered, but I am going to ask again. We are supposed to depart Pt. Canaveral, FL on the Allure OTS in August 2021. Both of us are vaccinated, and have been so since March. Apparently we will set up boarding times and health questionnaires on my phone. ( I hate having that on my phone). Will I do the "Check-in" (where you put your passport info) on my computer? How far in advance can I do it? Need to print baggage tags. Since we are vaccinated, wi
  10. Carnival's offers are crap compared to other cruise lines right now.
  11. If Carnival is smart, they will reduce the number of items for meal selections to expedite service. Then offer 3 dining times, rather than 2 to allow for distancing. 5pm/ 630pm/8pm. Should not be a problem as all the tables would not be used each seating. Now I know people are going to balk at not have a huge selection, it makes sense to expedite food and service. As for menus, they should deliver each room a paper menu to each room, no later than 1pm. One side the menu, one side next day spa specials, art auctions and other advertisements. This for those of us that do not with to
  12. They will cancel 3 days after final payment, then make you wait 90 days for a refund. That is what has happened for the 6 cruises that have been cancelled. Because of these games, we are no longer rebooking for OBC.
  13. The "eating" the second cruise is my concern. I have a feeling I will just eat the deposit and cancel the 2nd week.
  14. Earlier this year I was being Ms. Optimistic and booked 2 cruises on Carnival out of Galveston in March 2021. Spend 7 days on one ship, on arrival after first cruise, get right onto another ship. I know Galveston cruises are up in the air at this point.(as are all other cruises). My concern is that they start up following CDC guidelines where I will be unable to get a covid test between the 2 cruises. Any thoughts of how Carnival might handle this? I'm a bit afraid that if cruises start up, Carnival will tell me "sorry Charlie". At this point (and I am sorry for saying this- yes I am being se
  15. Does anyone know if there is a listing of where the designated smoking areas are on each ship? If so, what page is it? I keep seeing requests for individual ships, and it a[[ears it would be easier for one list.
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