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  1. I have a 14 day cruise booked for November. I called HAL after reading this post, and was told that at this time, select trips have been cancelled because crew is still on those ships According to HAL, my cruise is still a go.
  2. If you are using your annual "complimentary" cruise, that will be extended. If it was one of the random offers, then no, you cannot reschedule because the offer codes have expired. I have already had 2 random offers cancelled, and will have 2 more when they hit this round. Clun Royal has stopped the offers fir now, and the representative I talked to said they would not be making anymore offers until cruising actually resumes.
  3. Shouldn't the next round be coming soon?
  4. I did have a free cruise cancelled for July. No, they do not allow you to rebook as the offer code they applied to the original booking is no longer valid. They do refund port fees/ taxes /upgrades/extras. They will check to see if you have any other offers available, however they have really slowed down on the offers. ( That tells me they are really not confident they will be sailing soon. When I booked, I had a page full of offers, and now I only have my annual cruise listed.) If you used a certificate to book, you need to tell them, and they will reissue with a new expiration date.
  5. Carnival has the worst muster drills. (and I do travel with other cruise lines). Some people do not close their traps to allow others to hear. Drinks are not collected. Heck, on our last cruise the Casino bar was still serving drinks as people were reporting to their stations. I have seen crewmembers installing the Hub on passenger's phones. We had a group of 30 people leave the outside muster because it was "too Hot" and not a single crew member said a word to them. Having only one person per cabin scan their card is also ridiculous. There are ways to do muster without crowds. Disable tv remotes where you cannot change tv channels and have use remote to interactivity state they watched the video, and they understand. (can be done in multi[le languages). Then make people take their life vests to a location to prove they know how to put it on, then go to muster station and swipe their cards. Disable cards one hour prior to sailing. That gives people anywhere from 3-4 hours prior to sailing to accomplish their muster. Before the heavy drinking starts. By doing something like the above, Carnival would not have to shut down services. Smart individuals would do thier 3 step muster when they got on the ship, and not be interrupted with their fun. I know a limited amount of cruisers never buy anything. So first day, require folks to swipe their cards before dining in all venues. No drill, no eat until they complete the tasks.
  6. So, if they do not complete the renovations, and keep the old name, will I be eligible for a full refund? I did not book the Valor. My cruise is in Jan 2021.
  7. I pack a small collapsible beverage bag and some ziplock baggies . Just request ice daily. and fill the ziplock bag everyday.
  8. Last year the Ultra was way different. Instead of spinning a wheel for you big prize, you were assigned a time, and you went to a lounge for drinks, and chose an envelope out of a barrel. Instead of hanging around the casino for 2 hours waiting for your namw to be called. Very low key. Took about 20 minutes tops. Prizes really lower quality. Yes, there were the iPhone and iPad, but gone was the TV's, and the specialty watches. ( They did have the Apple watches though). Most of the prizes were free play. I will say, it is difficult to earn your "tier points" when you get large amounts of free play. Drawings for Ultra players were really reduced, and gone are the Snowball raffles. Prizes for the games have been reduced.
  9. You will get your Diamond gift, a certificate for a free steakhouse dinner for that cruise, and one for a future cruise, plus a letter with your other bennies.
  10. I got an e-mail from Princess this morning that had new guidelines for when they re-open. (Of course subject to change). Did not make reference to ages, however no passengers with chronic diseases will be allowed to board. (diabetes/ COPD). Refund to be given if disclosed before boarding. If you lie and don't disclose and are caught, you will be put off at next port to fend for yourself to get home.
  11. I tend to agree with you about my July cruise but I wanted something good to look forward to. With all the Gloom & Doom going on, we all need some sort of hope in our lives. It's different for every individual. Since this whole has erupted, I have had 3 cruises cancelled. (different cruise line). We drive for all sailings, hotels do not need to paid in advance, and we only pay port fees & taxes. Minimal cost for a little bit of hope. When/if cruises resume, I highly doubt cruises will resemble anything we are used to. I do not believe they will cram passengers in every nook & cranny like before. They may not even operate the Oasis class ships due to operation costs and staff required. I know there is a lot of dissention from crew members that are still stuck on ships, and they may consider other options when they finally get off. The whole thing is that everyone needs hope nowadays. I hope it sails, but am I gonna cry if it doesn't? Nope.
  12. It did come from Club Royal. They have been sending them out all year. You pay port fees & taxes when you book. The restrictions are no holiday or peak sailings, which right now I don't think will be a problem. You also have the option to upgrade for a real reasonable price. Mike offer was for an ocean view on the Harmony. Booked it for July. The very next week my husband got the offer for an interior. I called and we were able to book the next week in the same room we already had for $200 extra. Now it's just a wait game as to if the ships sails, and what the CDC does with the "Fit to Sail" regulations. We are also booked for another one out on New Orleans in September. It is a legit offer. You do need to call the number on the card for booking, but they are really helpful.
  13. I am a Type 1 diabetic, and my husband, who is over 70, has COPD. These conditions will never go away, so FCC is usless to us. We have no children, so I could not "gift" my FCC to family members. I understand the reasoning of the policy (for now) but I cannot understand keeping my money. I know with CCL (Holland, Princess and Carnival), their cruise contract states that during embarkation, if a passenger fails to bring required documentation, not only will they be denied boarding, but no refund/FCC is due to customer. This includes changes made after final payment is made. Right now I have 3 RCI cruises booked for July and September, one on Holland in November, and Carnival in January. Every one was "special prices" so the cruise fare was paid in full. So if the "Fit to travel" rule stays in effect, basically I will lose everything except port fees and taxes. My only hope is that all these cruises get canceled. I am gonna develop ulcers worrying that I am going to lose all this money. I will give up cruising if I have to. (don't want to, but will). Just give me my money back. FYI.. once you ask for a sharps container, it is noted on your record. When we cruised last January, with RCI, I did not request a sharps container, figuring I could just ask my cabin steward. Surprise, there was one in the room, and my steward said their records showed I needed one.
  14. I agree with everyone about not so great casino offers from Carnival. I spend tons of money in the casino every time we cruise, and casino offers are not great to get me back. Many times my in laws travel with us. They do not gamble. Their room rate generally is comparable to our casino rate. They just don't get the free play. I will say I like Carnival. We are Diamond, so obvious we like the product. But with that being said, we also shop around and have gotten fabulous comeback rates and offers. Holland America offered us a 14 day Caribbean in November for $500pp (interior) plus $125 freeplay pp. This was offered pre-Covid 19. Royal Caribbean offers complimentary cruises for casino players. (we paid for our first 9 day cruise with them. We now have 76 cruise days, and have not paid for a stateroom since the first cruise). With hopes they will be sailing this summer, we have 3 complimentary cruises booked with them, all offered by casino royal. Carnival's offers come no where close. Yes, we still cruise with Carnival, but less and less. And FYI, we have never gambled more than $1,000 out of pocket for a 7 day cruise. Shop around and see what other cruiselines are offering.
  15. I do not like them either, but they prevent people throwing paper towels in the toilets. Nothing worse than backed up toilets on a cruise ship.
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