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  1. They load funds onto your S/S card . When you go into your balance at a machine, you have a choice of cash/ or promotional cash. You cannot "cash out" casino cash. It must be played. You can cash out winnings off it. What we do is hit the dollar machines, calculate the number of spins it will take to use up the casino cash. ( Pretend they give you $100- if you play $2 a spin, you will play 50 spins). After the 50 spins, cash out whatever funds you have left. That remaining amout is what you can actually get $$$$$s for. Be advised, you do not collect points while using casino cash.
  2. wannagonow123

    Priority rooms ready at 130 today....

    We are traveling on the Breeze Nov 3rd, and I got an e-mail Friday, from Carnival, stating our rooms would not be available until 1:30 due to the large amount of D/P passengers. (14 day Journey). We are currently Platinum level. Part of the problem I see, is where is everyone supposed to wait? Since they encourage everyone to go enjoy lunch at the Lido, chances are no one is going to vacate a table once they have one. That means the dining tables will not be available for those boarding later. I know it sounds stupid, but before we turned platinum, we boarded the Triumph at 12:30pm, lugging our stuff. There was not a table to be had, nor was there anywhere to sit out by the pools. At that point, we made a decision to travel exclusively with Carnival to get Platinum status. (we did not have that far to go, day wise). When we board, we drop off our stuff, have lunch, then leave so others can eat. The Lido area is not designed to have 3,000+ people sitting and waiting. For someone who is traveling Carnival for the 1st time, their first meal will be a nightmare. Carnival is the only cruise line that I know of, that does not have rooms ready when you get on the ship.
  3. wannagonow123

    Too many Platinum / Diamond

    I got an e-mail from Carnival yesterday stating that because there are so many D/P on my Nov 3rd cruise, that we will be unable to access our stateroom until 1:30pm with everyone else. I guess they need to change their loyalty program.
  4. wannagonow123

    What time is dinner?

    Thanks all.
  5. wannagonow123

    What time is dinner?

    Next Monday we will be boarding the Fantasy for 10 day Panama Cruise sailing. We do not depart Mobile until 6pm. (Paperwork says 5pm final boarding). I know muster will be sometime after 5. with that being said, any idea how dinner is handled? Those with early seating will miss their time due to muster, and if crew is doing muster with us, who's cooking?
  6. wannagonow123

    Casino Rate

    Have your TA contact the Players Club rather than the regular Carnival 800#. 866-766-7730). They will sometimes waive the cancellation fee, and jus apply to your deposit.
  7. wannagonow123

    The time in St. Thomas

    Having a real brain fart right now. In December we will traveling to St. Thomas and I am trying to book a fishing trip for my spouse. I know daylight savings time is over, and I know we stay on "ship's time". If we are to arrive at 11:00 am ships time, is it 11:00am S. Thomas time? For some reason my rain just can't figure it out !
  8. wannagonow123

    Partial Panama Canal questions

    The were just a special treat. Kind of like a light sweet yeast roll with orange marmalade in the middle, and an orange. Servers walked around the decks with napkins and warm buns. They even placed trash receptacles for the napkins. Guess it's a HAL thing.
  9. I have done this trip a few times, but always with Holland America. Will be doing again, except this time on the Fantasy in September. On Holland, on the morning you go through the canal & locks, they serve orange flavored "Panama Buns" so you can eat something while going through the locks. They also have coffee on viewing decks. There is also a narrator over the PA system explaining the process. They do let everyone know that if they plan on sleeping in, they may hear the narrator, as they announce so people in balconies can hear. I do know the Fantasy has very limited, if any balconies. My questions are, does Carnival have the narrators, and do they serve the WONDERFUL "Panama Canal buns"?
  10. wannagonow123

    2018 CD/ED list

    One of the reasons I love Dr.E as a cruise director is he gets involved with passengers anytime he is about, mingling with passengers. I just got off a B2B on the Dream, and never saw CD Brandon except when he had a scheduled event. Event over, he's gone. This has been a trend lately. I remember when you saw cruise directors about the ship all the time. I will miss him on the Magic, but Baltimore is not that far for me!
  11. wannagonow123

    VIFP "offers" issues

    In the beginning of December, I had quite a few casino offers. (Premier & Getaways). They were from March 2018 through June 2018. The offers said we had until Jan 2018 to book. I went in today, and everything is gone with the exception of Past Guest offer. I cannot believe all offers were full, as there were a whole lot of them. I know a while back I had the same issue, and I cannot remember for the life of me how I got the listing back. I have signed in & out, both me & my husband, and I removed from address bar and reloaded to no avail. Anyone got any suggestions?
  12. wannagonow123

    Rotterdam.....a mistake?

    I just returned from the 14 day sailing. We could not get the room temp under 74, so we had to purchase fans in Puerto Rico.(stateroom 1856). Water in the shower would start almost scalding then down to col, then back gain. No constant temps. Guest services were no help Staff was excellent. Very boring cruise. Only time we ever saw CD/Asst CD was during trivia, and to announce shows. Not very interactive with guests. No sail way parties, no real music. Everything piped in. The casino had church music one evening. No more Rottedam for me. Sorry.
  13. wannagonow123

    Have you ever not liked your table mates??

    We generally tell them at check in desk that there are 2 of us, but we will gladly sit with a solo cruiser. We have met some great people that way. We don't have to wait for a large table to fill up, and gives a person traveling alone to have some conversations. Many people that travel alone has lost loved ones, and are just trying to get back into normalcy, and we have never had a bad experience.
  14. wannagonow123

    Latest time for embarkation?

    We are sailing on the Rotterdam next Sunday out of Tampa. We want to check in, drop off our stuff, then leave until departure. Sailing is scheduled to be 4:00pm, and I know we have muster beforehand. Would 3pm be a good time to come back on?
  15. wannagonow123

    What a bummer, oh well happy anyway

    I paid for an MM. I got a cat J. Disappointed because I saw the 2nd email and thought I might have gotten another upgrade.