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  1. St. Thomas masks required at all times, except in the water. St Mateen, masks inside.
  2. I will just choose one of the last time slots available for boarding, and give a boost to the local economy. Not fond of buffet food, so we will just eat & be merry before we have to get on the ship. Not important to have the DOD.
  3. Since they are not allowing you to smoke in the Casino, when it is closed, where can you smoke on embarkation day, since outside areas are " Closed to Bunkering" until safety drill is over? Or are they now open with new safety briefings?
  4. Have you never been on a zoom/video call that you lost connection? Yes, you open the box in front of the proctor. If you have started the test, and the call drops, you have to reconnect. If you do not get connected quickly, you have to start over as the proctor has not seen what has happened during the time the video chat is out. Not everyone has high speed internet available. I have to use satellite, so my connection is not as good as people with broadband.
  5. I talked to a rep from emed, and he said they send each person 2 tests in the off chance that the proctor call drops or tele-call gets interrupted. Testing must be complete within 30 minutes or it is deemed invalid. They want you to have a spare just in case.
  6. Anyone leaving from Port Canaveral or Tampa, Alliance Health offers 8 hour results in Orlando. They are open from 7am-9pm Mon-Sat. The price is $240. You can call and make an appointment, then show up. Done very quickly. I did not want the stress of not being able to get on the ship. This time we are trying the Binax test. We ordered through Optum store online. It includes the proctored testing. It took 2 days to be delivered, free shipping. You need to choose the option that you need it for a cruise.
  7. Questionnaire had already been done when my results came. Once you submit, you cannot change it. Free PCR tests are available all over the US. No, they are not good for travel. Carnival has already said you will be paying the vendor should you choose to take to rapid test. They are not saying you have to use their testing.
  8. I for one think it is wonderful they will offer the test for a fee. Wish all cruise lines would offer this. The cost is nowhere near the stress of hoping the results come back in time. We cruised RCI 2 weeks ago. Did our tests at CVS with 24-72 hour turnaround. Test results came back in 46 hours. My husband, negative. Mine came back positive. Then they explained on website that positive results could show if swab was not placed far enough in your nose. Spent 2.5 hours to find a 8 hour turnaround site in Orlando. Found one for $250 and we drove down. (RCI said they only had testing available for children under age 12). Got the test, spent restless night in Orlando, negative results. If I knew there was a test available at port, I could have spent a lot of time not worrying, knowing the test was done properly. Carnival will not be making money with these tests, Just the testing company. Carnival is just giving you an option. I for one will pay and use this option. And this whole thing is the fault of CDC. Blame them. Carnival just wants to keep operating, therefore, following the CDC guidelines.
  9. Thanks. If my cruise operates (out of NOLA begriming of October), I think I will feel comfortable on your responses. Not paranoid, but not quite ready for elbow to elbow people.
  10. Does anyone have any idea what the passenger capacity percentage is on Carnival sailings? I just got off a Royal Caribbean cruise, and the ship we were on sailed at 30% passenger occupancy. Just wondering how full the ships are. There was actually more crew on board than passengers. Unique experience.
  11. Went into my account today to print my luggage tags, and I keep getting error messages stating that the link is not secure. Please tell me we can get them at the port!!!!!!
  12. The on board credit is deducted from your final bill. So, if you have $300 OBC, Charge $300 to your room, I think you have to play 10%, then you can cash out at the cage. One note on this, is when you make the charge you MUST play at least one spin at the the slot you requested the charge on. If you request the room charge and cash out, it will freeze the funds. Just remember the charge will show up as a debit on your account until the final day. Fun Cash is a different story....
  13. Good morning everyone. I am quite aware that things will be different when we get to cruise again. My question is, prior to covid, was there a smoking area on deck 3, like the Sunshine? Was one of my favorite favorite places to smoke when I did not want gamble in the casino,
  14. Good morning everyone. I am quite aware that things will be different when we get to cruise again. My question is, prior to covid, was there a smoking area on deck 3, like the Sunshine? Was one of my favorite favorite places to smoke when I did not want gamble in the casino,
  15. I went to CVS with a copy of what I need. The rapid results test is used for " I don't feel well, wonder if I have Covid". The molecular PCR/NAAT is what is used to proof for travel. Takes 24=72 hours for results. You make an appointment, go to the drive thru, stick a stick up your nose and give it back. They send it to a lab (quest/ labcorp). You are then given info for an app you place on your phone, or computer. You create an account, and that is where your results are sent. You can show Carnival, RCI, whomever your negative results on your phone. The antigen BIMAX is another test that will work, but you generally have to pay for it ($150-$200)pp. Usually done at a different location. (Not CVS/Walgreens).
  16. I am scheduled to depart on Aug 22 on the Allure. Will have my PRC done on Aug 19th. I figure that worst come to worst, if my results are not available at check in time, I am willing to pay the $178 that they are offering to unvaccinated folks. The only things is my cruise in scheduled to stop in St.Thomas, where that is a whole other ball of wax. But I assume that the tests will still be available for children, if there are any. Maybe I am just being the worry wart I always am.
  17. On the Allure on 8/22. Departure has been changed to 7pm. I have early dining. Do you think the main dining will be open for the early seating ?(I think it's something like 5:30pm). What about specialty dining?
  18. If they do not have the rooms ready, and you drop off your stuff, are you able to get your keys?( Cards... whatever)
  19. The wrist bands on Royal Caribbean was only for one ship as a trial. Vaxed got them. RC has also made areas that will not allow social distancing, as vaccinated only. Your card is marked as Vaccinated or non vaccinated. You scan your card to get into certain areas. Most of the shows, the casino and most of the lounges are vaxed only. Masks are required inside for everyone in promenade areas and crowded corridor areas. Unvaccinated individuals are not able to take advantage of anytime dining, and there is a separate area in the dining room for them. Outdoor areas are maskless and unrestricted. They will have some shows for both, so you make the decision if you want to mingle with unvaccinated individuals. You are required to wear a mask at those shows. These are the printed guidelines we were given for our upcoming cruise. An interesting note is that someone from the casino contacted us as wear traveling with a casino rate to confirm that we were vaccinated to play in casino. If you are under a casino rate, and unvaxed, you were offered FCC if you wanted to cancel
  20. Distilled water and sharps container requests gets sent to "special Needs" desk. There are a few more conditions. Before they started with the medi-coolers, I had to request a mini fridge for my insulin, along with a sharps container. I now pack am empty pepsi bottle for sharps and just gat a cooler first thing after boarding. I use a pump also, and the infusion pieces fit perfectly in the bottle. I just take the bottle home for disposal at my local hospital.
  21. I asked yesterday regarding cruises out of New Orleans, then lo and behold, got Carnival's email. Thanks to those who responded. Now I have more questions. Any idea when I should receive the one question vaccine questionnaire? When I went into my cruise planner, I noticed that the " traveling together" section has eliminated the other guests I had just last week. Has that been eliminated now? I kninda liked it because I know I would be placed dining wise with the couple we are traveling with.
  22. Anyone got a guess or information on When cruising will resume in New Orleans?
  23. When in a port that is in a different time zone, does RCI have you change your watches, or do you stay on ship time the entire cruise?
  24. I am on the 8/22 Allure sailing, and I have not gotten anything about a vaccine.
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