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  1. She may as well sail tomorrow as all European cruises, including the TA on the 31st October from Barcelona to Miami, have now all been cancelled today..........
  2. Interestingly looking at Cruise Ship Tracker tonight Allure is nowhere to be seen in either the English Channel or the Southern Irish Sea! She was there last night - any ideas anybody? Anthem is in the Bay of Biscay heading north and both Majesty and Empress are still off the south coast...............
  3. She is currently in the English Channel, heading for Southampton slowly! Probably due to arrive early tomorrow for a few days.......
  4. Good point I guess, BUT, she could leave Cadiz and return to the US across the Atlantic never to be seen again over here in 2020!!
  5. Has anybody any update on Cadiz and how long Allure will remain in drydock? She's been there now for nearly five weeks - 30 days was originally quoted.
  6. Should, after drydock in Cadiz, Royal Caribbean take the decision to take the ship straight back to the USA and as a result cancel all European cruises and the Transatlantic repositioning cruise, will they, like Holland America consider on an individual basis "reasonable out-of-pocket expenses" ie single flights home from Miami and two nights accommodation booked in Miami at the end of the trip? We were unable to book flights with Royal Caribbean hence made alternative arrangements with TAP Air Portugal back to England via Lisbon and at a fraction of the cost of US/British airlines. That would be very helpful to know please......
  7. Yes so I read, and due there tomorrow...
  8. Allure is off to Cadiz for 30 days for Azipod checking/repairing and other mechanical work. Please see previous links......
  9. Mmmm, your comments are interesting - I too am confused!! We all have to just wait and see as previously mentioned. Key to all of this of course is what Royal Caribbean are planning now as there is a very interesting article today on the refurb in Cadiz as 'Allure' approaches Gibraltar prior to her going to Cadiz tomorrow I read. We in the UK can't "L&S" easily as there are flights and hotel accommodation already booked in Barcelona and Miami. Decisions prior to final payment really must be made by the Company and sooner rather than later. Airlines may well be flying again so if you cancel it equates to total loss as it's not their fault!!
  10. I have seen this too. It remains to be seen what happens then though, and even if she is AMPED in Cadiz, or it be scaled down, what happens then? Although able to sail, how many ports in Europe might accept her, let alone accept nationalities from many different countries and then in November when she is due to do a TA - with us from the UK on board hopefully - will we be able to enter a US Port? Mmm, much to wait and see in the weeks and months to come.......
  11. Thanks....... Just have to wait and see then eh?
  12. Does anybody know how long Allure of the Seas is to be in Southampton for again? I see that she arrived early this morning. Could she possibly be heading south to Cadiz soon, hopefully?
  13. Where will she be until then? Surely she can't be patrolling the Irish Sea continually as recently?
  14. What was the problem - we are due to sail in a fortnight, also to the Canaries.........
  15. Sorry, but I beg to differ........yes it has and I saw it sometime ago, hence me asking
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