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  1. I'm sorry for the loss of your mom but glad you are celebrating your mom's life with your sister. I know she will be looking and watching with a smile at her girls. I hope you have a great cruise
  2. Yes I also like trip advisor . You can get a lot of good advice and review from other people what was good and the not so good places to stay and transportation from airport to hotel or from hotel to cruise port and places great to eat but that's the fun part of planning.
  3. If you like to stay in Orlando then I would pick Homewood suites gateway in Orlando. Call them directly don't book on web site. I got a 2 bedroom 2 bath suites for 5 of us for 216
  4. Did you buy the mattress pad there and take it aboard or did you buy it at home and put it in your suitcase. It would be nice to have but was wondering how to get it there
  5. Ace shuttle had good reviews . They have vans and also a trailer if needed for lots of luggage. I'm also thinking of getting them for our family of 7 with atleast 19 to 21 pieces of luggage lol. Good luck and let us know who you decided to go with so we may check them out too
  6. Its just my opinion but I for one believe if you want to wear your bathing suit or shorts then go to buffet . I enjoy seeing people dressed nice when I dine.
  7. Sorry if this has been discussed already. We will be flying out of MCO on southwest do we need to book flights between noon and 6 or between 2 and 6 ?
  8. Now that brings up another question if you don't like what is being served at MDR can you request something else that maybe they can get from Windjammer and still be able to dine at MDR
  9. I would take my own beach towel with me on the cruise and don't have to worry about returning it
  10. We have a family of 5 and will be staying at Homewood Suites in a 2 bedroom 2 bathrooms for $ 216 with AAA discount in Oct. near Orlando airport. They have free shuttle from airport to hotel then in morning getting shuttle service with Cortrans for 40 round trip . The hotel also has free shuttle service in 2 mile radius to restaurants or shopping.
  11. Thoughts and prayers to Trainman and his family
  12. I believe luggage valet is available but it has to be if your flight is between certain times . Not sure if times are between noon and 6 or 2 to 6 and on certain airlines you might want to check with RC. I used it before and loved it but that was in 2009 and I'm sure the price has changed since then but I'm going on cruise in Oct. 2019 and plan on using it if available then.
  13. We are going in a day early and staying at Homewood Suites in Orlando which provides shuttle service from airport then next day getting shuttle service with Cortrans for $ 40.00 roundtrip
  14. My husband and I stayed in 8727 boardwalk balcony on Oasis and loved it. Yes we were able to see the ocean and shows from our balcony. I'm booked again on boardwalk balcony on Harmony of Seas in Oct. 2019 but this time without my husband due to his passing. It will be a sad time this time for its the first time cruising without him so of course my daughter said she would go with me.
  15. We are sailing on Oct. 6, 2019. So far I have been able to book Homewood suites 2 bedroom 2 bath room in Orlando . Hoping air will open up around March or April. Oh I did book cabana at Columbus Cove in Labadee. I can't wait. Hope everyone has good time on their trip
  16. You might want to check out Ace shuttle they are private shuttle service with good reviews
  17. I have done some research on web sites and if you want a shared shuttle then Cortrans had excellent reviews and if you prefer private Ace shuttle service had good reviews too. I'm still not sure which one I will do yet . I'm thinking about Cortrans shared shuttle its $ 20.00 per person one way or 40 round trip.
  18. I'm thinking about using Cortrans shared shuttle when I go in 2019 or Ace private shuttle
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