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  1. JPH - for your next spreadsheet update (and thank you so much for starting this thread to connect us all in this ever-so-long refund waiting game). Sailing date April 8, 2020. We canceled March 9 and Seabourn subsequently canceled March 13. Petitioned Seabourn for exception to receive full refund vs FCC; approved by Seabourn March 25. Finally...after approx 85 days...full refund posted to our credit card today, June 17 🥳!
  2. Hi Paulchili: I called and spent a LONG time on the phone with Seabourn. First I spoke to a regular reservations rep. She told me, "Sorry, you canceled the cruise before we canceled the cruise altogether, so you are only eligible for a future cruise credit." IMO, this was beyond unreasonable because we canceled on March 9 because of the pandemic - only a mere few days before Seabourn canceled on March 13. I asked to speak to a Lead. The Lead came on and listened politely, but eventually told me the same thing: "you are only entitled to a FCC because you canceled before Seabourn canceled the cruise". I asked the Lead if there was anyone more senior that I should speak to before I escalated this matter. She put me on hold for a long time and eventually came back saying a Reservations Supervisor approved an exception for us: we would receive our entire cruise fare refund by credit card. [Incidentally, our traveling companions on the cruise also got this exception granted (full cruise refund vs FCC even though they also canceled on March 9).] It's now June 6: our traveling companions received their refund for port taxes/fees weeks ago (we have not received that refund yet) and we are all still waiting for the cruise fare to be refunded by cc. Repeated calls to Seabourn regarding refund status assure us they are working through the queue...
  3. Our cruise was to depart April 8, 2020 (Odyssey). We canceled our cruise on March 9 at the 30 day mark so we would not lose our entire payment. Seabourn subsequently canceled our cruise a few days later on March 13. We challenged the FCC offered due to us canceling on March 9 - got a Seabourn supervisor involved and she granted us an exception on March 25, allowing Seabourn to approve for us to receive a full refund for entire cruise fare to credit card. Still awaiting full refund on June 6.
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