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  1. JPH - for your next spreadsheet update (and thank you so much for starting this thread to connect us all in this ever-so-long refund waiting game). Sailing date April 8, 2020. We canceled March 9 and Seabourn subsequently canceled March 13. Petitioned Seabourn for exception to receive full refund vs FCC; approved by Seabourn March 25. Finally...after approx 85 days...full refund posted to our credit card today, June 17 🥳!
  2. Hi Paulchili: I called and spent a LONG time on the phone with Seabourn. First I spoke to a regular reservations rep. She told me, "Sorry, you canceled the cruise before we canceled the cruise altogether, so you are only eligible for a future cruise credit." IMO, this was beyond unreasonable because we canceled on March 9 because of the pandemic - only a mere few days before Seabourn canceled on March 13. I asked to speak to a Lead. The Lead came on and listened politely, but eventually told me the same thing: "you are only entitled to a FCC because you canceled before Seabourn cance
  3. Our cruise was to depart April 8, 2020 (Odyssey). We canceled our cruise on March 9 at the 30 day mark so we would not lose our entire payment. Seabourn subsequently canceled our cruise a few days later on March 13. We challenged the FCC offered due to us canceling on March 9 - got a Seabourn supervisor involved and she granted us an exception on March 25, allowing Seabourn to approve for us to receive a full refund for entire cruise fare to credit card. Still awaiting full refund on June 6.
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