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  1. After 9/11 we cruised several times and they actually had a counter you could go to at the pier and ask about getting an upgrade, whether free or paid, we did both. That's been gone for a long, long time now, so it would take a conscious effort for a cruise line to get that going again. In light of the present circumstances, I don't think there's any doubt there are going to ships sailing less than full, so going back to offering upgrades at the pier makes sense to me, but it would have to implemented first. If I were the cruise line, and I had ships sailing less than
  2. One other thing, there's a possibility that Carnival will issue a cruise credit for your no-show friend. My son had to cancel a cruise at the last minute for medical reasons. I didn't say anything in advance to Carnival and just told the agents at the port that he was unable to come because of illness. They didn't ask for documentation from the hospital and Carnival did give me a cruise credit for his portion of the cruise fare. However, it does expire after a year. And as others have pointed out, they refunded taxes and port fees as well. I don't know if
  3. The Allstate Rewards website is touchy, I had to close my browser as it requested, to get it to work today. For the record, I'm not an Allstate policy holder but enjoy these codes. I was locked out of my Allstate Rewards Account for several weeks and finally broke down and called Allstate Rewards. I got bounced back and forth between Allstate itself and Allstate Rewards a couple of times, then finally they put me with the Drivewise Phone App people who gave me an incident number and told me I'd be contacted within a week. I wasn't contacted and call back 8 days later.
  4. A passport obtained at age 16 or more is good for ten years, while for a younger child, a passport is only valid for five years. Personally, I always wait until my kids are 16 before going to the bother and cost of getting them a passport. The risk of course, is that an emergency arises and a land or air return is required, instead of returning by way of the ship. In a case like that, the lenient cruise rules about not having to have a passport on a closed loop cruise go out the window, and you'll need a passport for the land or air return to the US. That's a chance I've always tak
  5. Thanks Klfrodo, I appreciate that, but I think the medical coverage is clear after the insurance company pointed pointed it out, that the coverage doesn't start when the policy starts, it only begins with your first travel arrangement, which they define as a common carrier, so I don't think it's worth going to the state about it. By using the right language, obtuse to the uninformed like me, but clear once it becomes a claim issue, the insurance company is able to exclude all but obvious coverage. It's home field advantage, their lawyers wrote the policy. This incident has had the
  6. Thanks NautigirlGA my son is 15, so he was only down for a few days, and after that, like it never happened. Oh to be young again and to heal like a Greek God! Thanks GeezerCouple, that was my thought too at first, I hadn't ever thought about it before and figured they had me because he was by chance listed as a discounted third passenger ($400). But think about it. Many times I've run into fares where the third and fourth were "free". Is it really fair that the insurance pays nothing just because someone happened to be listed as third instead of first or second?
  7. Well Bahacca, you inspired me to dive into all 35 pages (probably a bad sign) of the policy. The policy never addresses if only one person doesn't go. There were six of us, and by each name is listed $1,000 as the individual limit. Then on the schedule of benefits it says it pays 100% of trip cancellation and 150% of trip interruption. So since he never actually left to go because of illness, I'm assuming it's trip cancellation. The asterisk after the 100% notation says "up to the lesser of the trip cost paid or the limit of coverage on your confirmation of benefits".
  8. Thanks Cruisinmeme, my ex-wife wasn't booked, so it's just for my son. Carnival did refund the taxes and port fees like you said. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. There can be a huge difference between the first and second passengers, and the third and fourth passengers, that could be thousands of dollars depending on the circumstances. Say it was a very expensive cruise, $2,500 for 1st and 2nd each, then third and fourth free. If you happen to list the person not going in the 3rd or 4th you get nothing, whereas if you had listed them as 1st
  9. I'm not looking for a profit, but making me whole would be 1/6 of the group cost, but I can see a reasonable argument on both sides of this. In the end I'm pretty sure it will break against me though, let's face it, their lawyers write the agreement, and they have been doing it for decades, so if there's any leeway, the lawyers have figured it out and tilted it towards their client, the travel insurance company. Everyone looks at the cut and dry issues, the real opportunity for the companies is in the exact wording of little things like this that can dramatically improve their bottom line by l
  10. I haven't called yet because I just wanted to see if anyone else had run into this before I talked to them. I've never made a claim before, so I'd never really thought about this aspect of it. Technically he just happened to be listed as a third passenger at the discounted rate of $399, he could just as easily been listed as a first or second in the cabin at the much higher rate though. However if I take the total of everyone, then divide by the number of people, it comes out to $800 per person. I can see where this could turn into an argument with them, so I just want
  11. My son came down with appendicitis the day before our cruise. My ex-wife stayed with him and handled that. My question is, does the travel insurance pay the $399 fare (third person in cabin fare) or do they pay 1/6 of the total fare for all of us (equal to about $800 per person)? I'm wondering if the travel insurance company will try to pay $399 instead of $800. Before I call and make the claim, I was wondering if any of you had ever dealt with this particular issue before and what the outcome was? The company is Travel Insured International.
  12. I tried a few of the common variations of the spookydeals19 and came up empty on more points. I'm afraid we're going to Organized Chaos or one of the other puzzle solvers to tease out the other variations that award more points!
  13. That's a good one Serene, your stomach must have been in knots for that whole ordeal. It's funny how fast time passes and things change. Things that seem like yesterday to us, our children never even knew. The hijackings of the 1970's installed the practice of being screened, and like all laws and bureaucratic rules, it was done lightly at first, with 911 finishing the process of completely changing the focus of the travel industry from the common goal of travel companies to move passengers if at all possible, and as quickly as possible, to what we have now, complete n
  14. Haha, I saw a t-shirt recently on someone, who had oddly enough, either consciously or unconsciously, perfectly described themselves. It said "Sorry I'm late, I really didn't want to come". She's famous for being late and no-showing, and it surprised me she was willing put that honest a label on her behavior. You're obviously a very seasoned cruiser with Diamond status and all, so it's definitely better for you to figure out how close someone can cut boarding to sailing, to being turned away, rather than a Newbie, who's still excited about boarding the ship.
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