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  1. Just did a search on cruises for summer of 2013 out of Galveston, and I'm only finding 4 and 5 day cruises on Triumph. Will Magic pull out of Galveston before then? Or maybe it's just too early to book?
  2. The Magic didn't feel any different to me than the Conquest, in terms of size. It was easy to find my way around. Our sailing was full, and it never felt crowded.
  3. We had a cove balcony last month on the Magic, and we loved it. Had a deck 8 balcony on Conquest and loved it. Had an inside cabin on the Fantasy and loved it. I'm pretty sure, I just love cruising. :)
  4. 3 cruises--- (2) 1.75 liter bottles on in checked luggage each time. We did not conceal them...just put them in our luggage, and they got on.
  5. We brought on a case of water on Magic in Galveston, and they checked each and every bottle, repackaged the case, and gave it back to us to carry on. All the while, our rum and vodka was making it on in our checked luggage...:D And the security lady was very, very nice and friendly.
  6. And yup, the challenge is fun too. It's fun holding our breath while unzipping our luggage and then taking the "victory" picture. :)
  7. The piano bar on Magic also made an excellent dirty martini. Mmmm.
  8. We had 2276 on Magic two weeks ago and loved it!:)
  9. The martini tasting was $17 on Magic a couple of weeks ago, but none of the "flavors" listed appealed to me. So, instead, I spent $30+ on three different kinds of chocolate martinis that I enjoyed very, very much. The first one, the waitress in the piano bar substituted for a chocolate martini...she said it was like tiramisu. It was delicious. The second one, she said was like milk and cookies. Also delicious. The third one was a clear chocolate martini, and it was STRONG. And then I had to stop. :D
  10. That's the cabin we had on the 1/8 sailing. We loved it! :) I thought it was a great location...close to the elevators, and it was quiet.
  11. We have had 100% success in bringing liquor on board in our checked baggage. One out of New Orleans. Two cruises out of Galveston. We didn't conceal it...just took the chance, put it in there, and and it got on. Three separate cruises...two 1.75 liter bottles all three times. Dark liquor. I sure hope Carnival's weapons security is better than their liquor security. We still buy plenty of drinks on board, and we never drink all of the liquor we bring. In fact, we brought home a full bottle of sweet tea vodka a couple of weeks ago. Our friends had a bottle of Crown confiscated last year out of Galveston. Another of their bottles safely arrived in their luggage at their cabin. I'm pretty sure it's the luck of the draw.
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