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  1. crusing4fun

    Cabin service

    I like both and a robe please :)
  2. crusing4fun

    Cabin service

    Hi Its been a few years since our last cruise. We are booked on the Dream in September. I have been reading the reviews that say Carnival only has one cleaning per day now. So, is there still a turn down service with towel animal? That is my favorite. We love coming in at night to the cabin ready for bed. Also, are the robes still in the balcony cabins? Thank you
  3. crusing4fun

    Hotel view

    Haven't cruised from New Orleans in a while. What hotel do you stay in to wake up to that view of the ship in port? Just booked the Dream for September. Thank you
  4. crusing4fun

    verizon gift cards

    Thank you that's what I was wondering:)
  5. crusing4fun

    verizon gift cards

    Not nervous, just helps to be educated ;)
  6. crusing4fun

    verizon gift cards

    Thank you so much this is exactly what I was asking:) It is so nice to get help. Much appreciated
  7. crusing4fun

    verizon gift cards

    thanks I understand they are sold out and I have read about the actual cards but what I am asking is about the Verizon selects program and how it works. Like it says you agree to your location and other things like marketing. What I am wondering is how it effects your Verizon account or phone on daily basis. Can anyone fill me in on it so I can decide on registering or not. Thanks again for any information
  8. crusing4fun

    verizon gift cards

    HI, I have Verizon and it says I have 154,450 points. I have not registered to get them yet but I can see at the side of "My Verizon" page. I haven't registered to get them because I'm not sure I understand what information I will be giving up to do so Can you guys fill me in on how it works because I would like to use these rewards hopefully one day for a cruise card. Thanks
  9. crusing4fun

    Price Protection

    Thanks everyone! I have a response and was given 350 OBC! Woo Hoo!
  10. crusing4fun

    Price Protection

    Just submitted the form, how long does it usually take to hear back? I called carnival and the rep said we were eligible for price change but they can no longer do it over the phone for us since October and you now need to submit form online. Anyway, I have but I'm wondering how long it really takes to hear back, the site says two days. Its for the Unwrap your Deal sale so I hope I hear back before sale is over on the 8th. Thanks for your help:)
  11. crusing4fun

    confused about menu

    Thank you:)
  12. crusing4fun

    confused about menu

    Last time we sailed was December on the Breeze, the new menu and table settings were not out at that time. We are sailing on the Elation in July, can you tell me what to expect with the table settings and menu changes? Anyone have the menus or pics of tables? Thanks
  13. crusing4fun

    Breeze 6470

    Would love to know about this cabin, how its layout and also if you have any pictures. Booked in it for December
  14. Do you remember the name of the furniture store in Sorrento? Do they ship to states and how were the prices? BTW, the food looks amazing on the cruise! We leave tomorrow for Barcelona for the next cruise on the Sunshine! So excited and love seeing your pictures everyday, thank you.