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  1. Now l have what they refer to as an Earworm. The name for a song that gets stuck in your head. 😁
  2. Helllo Princess don't offer cruise insurance to Australians they just refer us to a third party and l think it would also apply to cruisers from NZ. I was just wondering if they offered it to cruisers from the UK or is it exclusive to US cruisers.
  3. Yes, the behaviour of mostly mainland Chinese when cruising is an issue. I used to host O/seas students studying in Perth WA for a number of years. One of my 'daughters' from HK wanted at first to work at Disneyland HK but once travelling to HK became so open to mainland she said she couldn't do it as they were so rude to her. I noticed it myself on a river cruise in China, especially around dining experiences. It was like 'we will take 3 plates of food even though we cant eat it as it makes us look prosperous'. Its hard to accept the cultural excuse all the time. On landbased tours the travel agent gives 'western culture when travelling talks' but not on cruises. I would be fibbing if I said it didn't put me off booking. My son is what used to be called Eurasian (ex husband Chinese/ Malay/Brittish from Singapore) and my gorgeous daughter in law is from Nothern China. Having to wait around for generational changes is a bit much to ask. Apart from that, it was a good reviews, some ships are looking a bit chatty aren't they, I found Radiance needed a bit of work, our bathroom sink light was held together with masking tape and the couch filthy, but the lovely crew made up for it.
  4. I just realised, I thought why a price for 2nd entree, why not the main meal? Now I remember its different terminology down here in the southern side of the world. For us, the entree is what you have before the main. Silly me. LOL
  5. Definately Australia trained baristas and yes to a good dim sum/yum cha at least once in the cruise. I like a full promenade deck too, and more over the top cruises in spring/autumn to take advantage of the better weather conditions and so we over here in the west get more options.
  6. If I could get a Grand at a reasonable price I would do it, worth it for the extras and most are midship. Very generous pouring of drinks in Concierge Lounge and can walk through to dining with a glass. Breakfast at Chops, double points, lots of good stuff.
  7. We were there mid March, seas were fine, but its just too hard to tell. Do take a few items of warm clothes, it was cool in NZ and friends I know who are posting FB pictures on a land based trip at the moment wearing warm clothing.
  8. Of late to see what cruise ships are coming to Oz I look at the shipping movements from Port Authority websites. They have to book so far ahead to get a berth that a lot of the lines have booked at far ahead as 2022. I can see Diamond Princess from 2022 (Fremantle) so it looks like she will be coming to Aust waters for a while from then.
  9. Pricey I think because Princess is the only one that does Circle Pacific, and only one a year, no wonder it books out so quickly. Are you listening other cruise lines???
  10. The folders are particularly good if you travel on business and have trousers & shirts to pack. I use my for holidays and they just seem to reduce wrinkling quite a bit.
  11. Sorry, didn't log on for a few days. They are a nylon bag with a drawstring top, they are called stuff sacks on the Katmandu website. They only have one colour on their site at the moment, I have them in 3. No doubt you will be able to find a similar item easily enough online.
  12. Can I also suggest you join their Crown & Anchor Loyalty Program. Its one of the best. For US citizens it happens automatically when they finish their first cruise but not for us. The details are on their website or just google it. There's no charge to join.
  13. It annoys me somewhat that Princess, Royal Caribbean and other ships when they are based in Asia have kettles in the cabins due to demand, eg drinking hot water and Chinese or Japanese tea. However, when they move to Australia, on most ships they remove them then try and cite 'safety concerns'. They are still there, locked away in the hold of the ship. I'd be interested to know what medical condition you could claim to be allowed to have one. American posters say just go upstairs/downstairs & get a coffee/tea. They don't 'get' the first thing in the morning before you are even showered/dressed need to have a hot beverage. Our only option is to ring room service, a waste of their time and ours.
  14. Ive had mine for years too starting at an Eagle Creek 'fold it' flat type packer and a cube that had zips on each side, one side for clean undies, one for dirty. Since then Ive done the same as you, Katmandu sales. I also have one just for 'stuff' all those items like adaptors, charges, mini sewing & medical kit, anything small really you dont want floating around in your bag. I pack them on their side in my case not flat in the bottom of the case. I like Katmandu's shoe bags too.
  15. Nope, you weren't dreaming, here is it on the CMV home page. Freo to London Sunday 10th Mar 2019. I'm eagerly awaiting the Astors replacement the Vasco de Gama, that's out on sale as well on its first London to Sydney cruise at buy on get one free. I wish they would hurry up & release its 2019/2020 Aust summer season. Its quite a bargain https://cmvaustralia.com/cruise/a921/fremantle-to-uk-voyage
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