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  1. We have always booked MTD and never made any reservations, we like the freedom to just turn up when we are ready and join the no reservations queue, very rarely had to wait more then a few minutes to get seated, usually just grab a drink from one of the bars on the way and sip it in line as it can take a while to get a drink once seated. On our last Indy cruise they even had a wine waiter at the entrance to the MDR serving drinks which was quite cool.
  2. We have always had MTD and never make reservations because we are never sure what time we will be ready for dinner, we just turn up when ready and never had a problem getting seated within a few minutes except once when we were given a buzzer device that let us know when to come back, just went to a local bar and had a drink and a chat till it went off.
  3. Barcelona, Cartegena and both Corsican ports, Ajaccio and Calvi, are very easy to get around straight off the ship, Palma city centre is just a short taxi ride or a 3 mile walk from the port, have not been to Potofino.
  4. We have got our refund and have used the FCC to book the Oasis again in July, might be tempting fate but we really wanted to do an Oasis class, we also had our Explorer cruise refunded as we only booked it to get us back from Barcelona to the UK (Thanks RCI) 🙂 The hotel and transfer we booked in Florida has also given us a full refund which was a nice surprise (thanks Goportcanaveral.com will definately book through you again) 🙂 No such luck with the hotel in Barcelona though 😞 Now comes the big issue, although RCI are offering to pay for the change charges we are now travelling to Barcelona instead of Florida and the air company we booked does not go to Barcelona so we cannot change flights, having read bits in previous replies about EU regulations but not understanding it do we have a claim against RCI? We are UK citizen's and booked through the RC.co.uk website. The $400 offered for international flights would actually cover the cost of our original tickets (we got a good deal) Alas we did not yet have travel insurance as we normally get a year's cover shortly before we go so that it covers us for other trips we may take.
  5. We did a full ship charter on the Navigator last year, got our c&a points but could not pre-book the drinks package and had to purchase it once onboard. We had assigned time dining instead of our usual choice of MTD. Other than that it was pretty much the same as a normal cruise.
  6. Does anyone know if the drinks package is valid at the Perfect day resort at Cococay.
  7. We are in a similar position, flights from UK to Florida booked, 2 nights at the Marriott, Transatlantic, 2 nights Barcelona then get on the Explorer to get back to UK. 30th wedding anniversary treat, not looking so much of a treat now.
  8. TA is scheduled for 21st April, we are supposed to be on it.
  9. Excellent, thanks for that, The "Works" looks great
  10. We are booked on the Oasis transatlantic next month and I have read somewhere that Johnny Rockets do a free breakfast, is this right, and if so any idea what is on the menu? This might be a better option than the usual bun fight in the Windjammer.
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