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  1. Are you notified by RCL when you can make reservations for the shows on the Oasis class ships or do you just have to check everyday? Thanks ..... empehi
  2. Has anyone heard rumors concerning DL overcrowding (especially on the Oasis class ships). I am afraid that some sort of adjustment (perhaps increasing the requirements for DL access) may be coming in the future. Anyone heard anything?
  3. Does anyone know what the current main Broadway shows are on the Oasis class ships? Thx
  4. I'm new to NCL and have read a number of post about bidding for upgrades after your initial cabin choice. How does this work? Do you need to sign up with NCL? Thanks ...
  5. Odds at making 9:45AM flight from FLL off the Allure of the Sea?
  6. Would appreciate any thoughts on lower priced ocean view cabin on the Maasdam. Specifically, HH 375, 376. If a category or two higher would provide better views and location, I would greatly appreciate the input. I have never been on this ship. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone have an idea when Holland is considering refurbishing The Maasdam? It has been a long time. Thanks .... empehi
  8. We plan to arrive in Sydney a number of days before our cruise but we plan to fly out the day the cruise returns. How early should we book a flight to the USA the day the cruise returns? Fastest way to get to the airport? Thanks. E
  9. We plan on taking a cab from FLL to the port. What would be the best place to stop to buy wine, soda & water? Thanks ....
  10. We will cab it to the port from FLL and want to buy wine, water & soda somewhere between the airport and the cruise port on the day of the cruise. Any ideas where a quick stop in a cab would be to accomplish this feat? Thanks ....
  11. Sounds interesting ..... How much was the cab fare? tp
  12. I see that you can purchase pre-paid beverage cards in amounts like $100 or $200. What would be the advantage of this. Why not just charge your beverages to your room card to be charge to your credit card on file? Please, you experienced HAL cruiser explain these cards (I assume they can be lost and are just like cash). Thanks.
  13. Has anyone rented a car off the ship in St. Maarten? Are there locations near the port or do you have to taxi to the airport? Thanks for any input.
  14. How far is Cap Cana from the Punta Cana resorts. If they are close, is it possible to get day passes? Thanks ....
  15. Are all the drinks free or is there a price limit? Do you have to pay gratuities for each drink? How about coffees and soda? Thanks for any clarification.
  16. Carnival Corp has no restrictions for getting the Shareholder benefit, RCL has all kinds of restrictions and it is difficult to get the benefit ..... How about NCL - has anyone had experiences with obtaining the NCL shareholder benefit? Thaks
  17. Is it possible to make a 10:30am MIA flight if your cruise is coming into Ft Lauderdale. This would be on a Saturday in January. First off and cab to MIA. Thanks for your opinions. tp
  18. Any thoughts on the ease of Uber or Lyft rides from the Port in Tampa? Thanks ....
  19. Is there a Formal Night on the Majesty of the Sea 4 and 5 night sailings? Thanks .... empehi
  20. Empehi

    Postal Service

    Is there is post office near the pier to purchase stamps and mail post cards? Would anyone know the cost of a post card to the US? Which Cuban currency? Thanks a million. empehi
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