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  1. I bought at $18 last year and it’s $25 today so I’m happy. 🤑
  2. I hope the POA stays right where it is for the foreseeable future. It is such a unique itinerary, I'd hate to lose it, especially before my cruise in September. 😉
  3. We are booked for September cruise on POA. Fingers crossed we’ll be cruising again by then. All the numbers seem headed in the right direction. 😉🚢
  4. I like the port intensive itinerary of this cruise. I've done a lot of cruising with at sea days and that is a different thing entirely. I've never been to Hawaii and this cruise gives me a great island sampler with my hotel following me around and even overnighting on two islands. This is great! I'll continue cruising more traditional itineraries but this is an exceptional opportunity. As for the food, I'm not a foody, and I'm sure I will be able to find things that I like and may even be healthy. 😉
  5. I have cruise on POA booked for September 2021. I received notice from NCL that final payment is now due 60 days prior to sailing. I believe notice said that was for all 2021 cruises. While it’s nice to have that leeway for payment given the uncertainties, I really want cruise to go. I’m an optimist and believe with vaccine rollout we will be good to go by then. 👍🚢
  6. I received a notice from NCL that final payment on my September 2021 cruise on POA is now 60 days prior to sailing. That's great due to uncertainties but I really hope cruise goes! 👏
  7. I'm in Colorado and I'm number 2372 on the list to receive vaccine with my health care provider. Shouldn't take that long. 😂
  8. I'm booked for September cruise on POA. It looks like vaccine rollout is chugging along. Here in Colorado, I'll be eligible next week to receive vaccine. It will take awhile longer to actually get it but I'm optimistic that in a couple of months vaccine will be widely available. I'm betting by September cruising will be back and Hawaii will be welcoming cruisers. 😁
  9. I have no problem with that. The sooner everybody gets vaccinated, the sooner we will get back to normal.
  10. Has anyone stayed in ocean view cabin on deck 4 on POA? I’d be interested to hear your experience.
  11. Has anyone stayed in ocean view cabin on deck 4 on POA? I’d be interested in your experience.
  12. Isn’t the vaccine going to change all this? If NCL or the islands require a vaccine passport, doesn’t that solve the problem?
  13. Hi Silver Sweathearts. I’m not a member of any rental car company so I don’t have points or any incentives with anybody. This outfit works with them all and says they provide better pricing than you can get on your own piecemeal. So rather than shopping each one individually, it looks like I can shop options for each port on one website. Take a look at website and let me know what you think.
  14. Hi All, I am on the Pride of America 7 day inter-island itinerary in September and am doing some rental car research. Is anyone familiar with Car Rental Hawaii by NKT Travel? Website is carrentalhawaii.com. It looks like they specialize in one-day car rentals for cruise ship passengers. It looks very convenient and they say they have good rates with most major companies. Has anyone used them?
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