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  1. New to Carnival. If it's raining day of beach excursion, can you cancel and get refund?
  2. Cool. Good coffee is hard to find.
  3. On Princess you can get a coffee card, extra charge, for specialty coffee and fresh brew. Do they have anything like that on Carnival?
  4. How's the coffee? Is it acceptable?
  5. Hi Folks, Never sailed on a Carnival ship before. Sailing on Carnival Freedom Saturday. What kind of beverages are available at no extra charge in the buffet?
  6. Very cool roundrockhorn! Thank you so much. I posted link on our roll call for April 6 cruise. Can't wait to see what they have done.
  7. I was looking at dry dock schedule and Freedom was originally scheduled for 2/26/19 - 3/8/19. Last dry dock was 2014. They added an extra week and cancelled a scheduled cruise. I am speculating they added the extra week to add the Water Works feature the ship lacked. Maybe the cost they ate cancelling a cruise will be offset by marketability of ship for future cruises. I'm sure they pay attention to such things. Anyway, I'm sailing April 6 so looking forward to nice shiny ship!
  8. Carnival cruise in April 2019. Would like to do Carnival transfer to Hobby airport. Anyone familiar with it? Flight time 1:30 pm.
  9. Can anyone comment on the ship transfer to Hobby Airport? We have 1:30 pm flight and transfer details say that is earliest permissible time. What time does bus leave or are there multiple departures? What time does it get to airport? Never sailed out of Galveston before and your comments would be appreciated.
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