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  1. Enjoying your posts. We will hopefully be in Honolulu in September for cruise. Will arrive a couple of days early to see the sights. Especially looking forward to hike up Diamond Head and of course strolling Waikiki Beach. 🏖
  2. I’m very happy to hear this. The economic benefit of resuming cruising for port communities and the U.S. generally justifies any cost or allocation concerns. Let’s get everybody vaccinated and get back to normal! 💉🚢😀
  3. The economies of the port communities and The U.S. generally will greatly benefit from a resumption of cruising so I’m good with that. 💉🚢😀
  4. We have late September cruise booked on POA. Payment deadline is late July so we will wait until then to make any decisions. NCL wants to start cruising in U.S. by July 4. If that happens great! If not boo hoo. 😢
  5. Knowing the unknowable, absolute certainty are unobtainable aspirations. I agree with oteixeira that we have a path back to normal life that is safe and effective and is the most certain way to get us back to where we want to be. We should take it.💉😀
  6. We were on the Regal in March 2020, last sailing before suspension, and found this coffee to be acceptable. I wonder if the grand class of ships have been refurbished with these coffee makers. Anybody know?
  7. Yea but it’s a step in the right direction. It recognizes that you don’t need these other restrictions if vaccinated. One step closer to ending restrictions. 💉🚢😀
  8. https://www.khon2.com/coronavirus/hawaii-residents-excited-over-new-coronavirus-travel-rules/ Hawaii is opening inter island travel to vaccinated residents. Should be good news to those wishing to cruise on Pride of America.
  9. I think this is a rapidly developing situation. I saw FDR on TV saying that with a 100% vaccination requirement cruising is safer than any other public accommodation but unlike others is being prohibited from operating. I think the political pressure will finally push a decision to resume operations probably by July when most adults will be vaccinated. Ships moving off shore to resume operations will also pressure US ports losing these ships to demand resumption of operations. I guess we will have to see what happens but I’m optimistic things will move quickly in the right direction.
  10. I just chatted with an agent on NCL.com regarding my sailing on POA in September. He said at this time there are no requirements for NCL excursion to debark in Hawaii. I specifically asked about September so don’t know if same for July.
  11. I just chatted with an agent on NCL.com about my September sailing on POA. He said at this time there is no requirement for NCL excursion to debarked in Hawaii. I think we are good to go! 😀
  12. I just read on NCL.com a travel alert dated April 6 that “no changes have been made to July and august cruises for Norwegian Bliss and Pride of America.” Sounds like they are sailing then. I have not drilled down to see about excursions yet. Will do so.
  13. If you are planning on the NCL Pride of America inter-island cruise there is a variety of opinion regarding balcony vs no balcony. On this cruise the ship is like a floating hotel that overnights on two islands. There are no at sea days. They mainly sail at night with only one afternoon cruise along the Nepali coast. Many people are of the opinion that a balcony is not worth it on this cruise. Check out the NCL board and search Pride of America to get the full picture. I don’t know anything about other lines.
  14. I thought the hand washing stations outside of buffets on the Regal Princess were very effective. Most people used them and the ones who didn’t typically used hand sanitizer stations. At peak times it created a bit of a line but no more so than lines typical of buffets. Seems like a highly effective health measure that can be easily implemented.
  15. We were on the last sailing of the Regal Princess in March 2020 out of Ft Lauderdale. Entering the buffet they had hand washing stations, 3 sinks at each entrance plus hand sanitizer stations. Staff served you from the various buffet bars. I don’t remember them taking plate to your table. They may have brought silverware to table, just don’t remember. All seemed very smooth. Don’t know if they have retrofitted Grand class ships with hand washing stations. We will find out in February on our next cruise on the Caribbean Princess.
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