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  1. I don't believe there is complementary mocktails offered. I believe the website says only beer, wine and soft drinks are complementary. I would imagine that since they have to mix each one individually, regardless of whether they have alcohol in them, that they would be a charged item, unless you purchased the Silver Spirits package. If you go to the Viking Ocean website and click on the city for each day, the tours are listed. You can see the description of the included tour for each day as well as the optional ones. I did a similar itinerary to you this year. Yes, on your c
  2. I think the other questions have been answered, so I am going to give a little bit more info on your question about drinks. In a DV cabin, your room mini fridge will be restocked so everyday you start with 2 cokes, 2 diet cokes, and 2 sprites. If you need a coke not during lunch or dinner hours, you will still have those options for free. You will be able to have tea and coffee 24 hours a day in the world cafe. In our experience, lunch is approximately 11:30-2pm. Dinner 5:30-9:30pm. You can drink as much coke, beer and wine during that time as you want. The beer is dr
  3. Agreed. I would book them because I don't care where my cabin is located for most itineraries. Plus, finding out your room assignment right before the trip makes for a fun surprise.
  4. Thank you. I hope that is something that makes the final design. It would be amazing to see the wildlife and glaciers from the perspective of underwater. I never considered a helicopter being a necessity for exploration. Maybe they will have something worked out to see these magnificent places from the sky.
  5. There was an article earlier this year that the boats would have submarines ("pods") on the ships. Was there any info about that in the presentation?
  6. It happened on one of my cruises that they overbooked, which was over New Year's. They sent out emails about 2 weeks before offering passengers an upgraded stateroom and all airline change fees reimbursed if they would switch to a later cruise. We had 3 guaranteed rooms booked, so we were most likely to get denied boarding. Fortunately, within just a couple of hours, they had enough people call in and take the offer to switch dates.
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