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  1. The CDC is dealing with a pandemic that is evolving as we speak, and is something they haven't dealt with before. Yes, it's frustrating but it will take time to get ahead of this.
  2. I caught a bad cold and had to stay in the cabin a couple of days. They were sea days, so I didn’t miss any ports.
  3. We do early seating. It’s close to our usual dinner time, and being diabetic hubby can't wait too late to eat.
  4. We are waiting to see how the cancelations will affect our September 2021 Mediterranean cruise, or if it will still sail.
  5. It was in my head while I was boarding my first cruise.
  6. Wifi stream is more for movies. Under the new pricing you can upgrade to streaming at a cost.
  7. I am guessing Captain's Club members will get the upgrades.
  8. According to the website Always Included will be the new standard rate as of November 17, which includes unlimited drinks, unlimited WiFi and gratuities. They also said the loyalty program has been re-invented. I have to look that one up.
  9. I grew up in Bed-Stuy, and I also lived in Brownsville and Crown Heights.
  10. After I met a guy from our roll call, I found out we're both from Brooklyn.
  11. My first cruise was 1980. It must have been during The Love Boat run because the theme song was going through my head as I was boarding.
  12. We mostly cruise in the Caribbean. Going back and forth between the hot outdoors and the cold ship causes me to catch a cold.
  13. We honeymooned on a cruise, 7 days on the Norwegian Skyward.
  14. I tend to get bad colds on cruises, probably because of the air conditioning.
  15. We are booked on a cruise September 2021, but if there isn't a reliable COVID-19 vaccine available we're not going.
  16. Right now the processing time for passports is about 10 weeks.
  17. 1970s - Rotterdam 1980s - Celebrity Horizon 1990s - Seranade of the Seas 2000s - Carnival Miracle
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