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  1. Amazingly quick, detailed response! Thank you! The location on deck 4 seems to good to be true! I can't see it on the deck plan. Across from cabin 4230?
  2. What deck...forward/aft...across from cabin # X....etc.. Where is the laundromat on the Carnival Miracle? I'm using this method to freshen up our dinner clothes to get the wrinkles out (easier than ironing). I have free laundry; but they just fold them and put them in the bag neatly; and they end up wrinkled just the same as they do coming out of my suitcase. ;);) I absolutely love having laundry done...as it has that new/fresh smell....it's great! I just need not go into the dining room all wrinkly!
  3. Almost every ship has "that hidden place for lunch" for day 1. For example, the Italian restaurant on the Breeze...the place that's kind of "out of the way"...quieter than the LIDO buffet... So...on the MIRACLE....WHERE is THAT place? I'm looking for a nice quiet space to eat....a bit away from the crowds, with my husband and my parents (over 80 years old) to set a wonderful calm tone to our cruise. We will be able to get to our cabins right away, which is good because we won't have to worry with carrying our luggage...but...still in search... Any ideas?
  4. I heard that Platinum guests now don't get the full bags of laundry on a 7-day cruise. Are they taking away some of those perks now?
  5. If I may ask, what time did you board and then make your reservation(s)? How many reservations were you allowed to make at once? Were all of your choices available?
  6. Thank you for this information. Do you know if passengers can reserve ahead of time online before boarding also?
  7. Do you have a link to offer to those threads that answer these specific questions?
  8. For those of you who have been on the Bliss and used the racetrack: What is the process to ride? How much is it? What does that cost cover? Can you just show up at the track to ride? How long is the wait in line usually? Do you make reservations? If so, how is that done? For those of you who may not have been on the Bliss but have researched, please cut and paste links if the answers to these questions are within the link.
  9. Can anyone tell me about the "process" for "checking in" to "Your Time Dining" on the Miracle? For example, do you just show up and get a pager at the entrance to the dining room after standing in line for a while...OR, do you get to the desk a deck up (like on the Sunshine) and "check in" and get a pager that way? It was quite confusing on our Sunshine trip for the first night; but, after that we were pros and got the same window table with the same team every night. Can you show them your wait staff's card and table number and get that table the same way, if you get there on the earlier side? Which dining room is designated for "Your Time Dining"?
  10. Ok. GREAT! I'm excited for some reason! We loved O'Sheehans! It's so convenient and small...easy to manage and the food was good. We ate breakfast there every morning and had our same seat by the window and didn't even have to order!!!
  11. Ok. That makes sense. I'm pretty new to NCL. Who is this and why do they need to get rid of all connections to him?
  12. Has anyone found a link or other information on the restaurant? I know it's complimentary and replaces O'Sheehan's; but I haven't been able to see if they serve the nice made to order breakfast that O'Sheean's does. Has anyone come across a menu for this restaurant or any other information...such as, is it open on embarkation day just like O'Sheehan's? We have a cruised planned for January next year and I'm so excited; but can't yet find information.
  13. What I'm asking is why would it even be a consideration for anyone?
  14. I don't mind waiting; but what I didn't like with the SUNSHINE (until we decided to go at 5p every day) is that the buzzers don't work all over the ship. You literally have to stay right there in the ocean plaza...trapped. On the BREEZE, they gave us buzzers that worked all over the ship. We could actually go back to our balcony and relax until "buzzed". That's perfectly fine to me. :cool:
  15. WOW! I suggest trying to get seats first...then go to the buffet, a couple or one at a time. It was truly awful. ;p
  16. That makes sense; but it was sad to see the way it's handled now. It's about 45 minutes...the ships are not shown individually for applause like before...more like 5 or 6 on one screen shot....and no real dancing afterward. It was literally three cheezy dance songs and it was over. I remember all types of dance songs....and watching even the older couples dancing the traditional dances....having some of us get up on stage and try out a dance....it was great! My mom got Platinum on the cruise and I was sad it wasn't "more". Ok, it was free; but, still. It used to be much longer and a bigger deal. :loudcry:
  17. Gratuities are paid as part of our cruise fare, either before we cruise or billed later. WHY must we feel the need to add MORE gratuities? Is it because Carnival has cut back so much that these guys are cleaning far more cabins than they legitimately can manage and we feel the need to give them extra because they have done all of that and still met our needs? :evilsmile:Or, is it because what used to be a 3-man team in the dining room is now a 2-man team, handling MORE TABLES? If we are ALREADY being charged gratuities, then WHY? :o
  18. RCCL's layout for the buffet is better; but it was THE WORST NIGHTMARE we ever experienced after we filled out plates - absolutely NOWHERE to SIT....wound fruitlessly around the area squeezing between chairs that were jammed too closely together due to putting too many tables in the area...it was awful. We've never experienced this on CARNIVAL.
  19. Oh, don't make me think of that. I remember as a kid it didn't seem so bad; but I've heard horror stories of how bad it's gotten and about people buying "jump ahead of every one else passes", which could only serve to make it worse!!!! YUCK!
  20. On that note, with MyTimeDining, better beware. We missed the first night, due to mom sleeping and us going to the LIDO; but the next night was formal night and a nightmare. The key is to hit the dining room at the right time. The first hour and last hour are best. We were told this and tested it. It worked! The ones in the middle have to wait for all those in front of them to finish dining and for tables to be reset. After our first night, we got right in. Learn to play the game.
  21. ...and then you have to get in the car and drive every where. Yeah! ;p
  22. Depending on what ship your are on, they often have "other" dining venues available; and they are very nice - especially on embarkation day. For example, on the Sunshine, they have two full venues (plus a small "snack" bar, Cuban style) at the very back of the ship, a right turn from the LIDO dining area, that are free...and NOT CROWDED - wonderful views and wonderful hot/fresh made to order food. The Breeze and other ships offer one BIG dining area up through a staircase, if not two...usually Cucins del Capitano....or some have Fish 'n Chips up there. What ship were you on?
  23. I was on the ship with you...along with my husband and parents. It was so nice to return to see your "live" reports. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the ship and the trip overall! :cool:
  24. No more Past Guest Parties? Maybe I've not been paying attention. I know we didn't have one on our most recent 8-day. When did this stop, if it did? Any idea why?
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