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  1. 2008 15 Cruises on Carnival 105 days 1 Cruise on RC 7 days
  2. Does the Carnival Freedom have the Old Fashioned BBQ or Cucina Del Capitano? Thanks!!
  3. I have seen posts that describe refundable and non-refundable OBC. Is the $600 OBC that is being offer refundable? Non-refundable as in use it during your cruise of lose it.
  4. Has anyone scheduled to sail on the Sunrise in latter part of 2021 received an email from Carnival stating that your cruise is being cancelled or that you are being switched to a different ship?
  5. I have two - 7 day cruises booked on the Carnival Sunrise for Oct 30th and Nov. 6th, 2021. These cruises still show in my cruise manager, however on the Carnival website it shows that the Sunrise is now doing 4 and 5 day cruises for that time period. I think the Sunrise was switched to take over the schedule for the Sensation. It appear that my original 7 day cruises are no longer going to happen as booked.. Should have I already received some sort of email from Carnival notifying me that the cruise is being cancelled or that I will be switched to a different ship? Yes, I have checked by junk email folder. I called customer service a few weeks ago about this, they basically said I would need to wait until I received an email with details. I've read several post about people receiving emails quite awhile ago about changes to their cruise schedule or ship change. Just wandering if others are still waiting on email about changes to their cruises?
  6. How long ago did you get your email from Carnival concerning your cruise change? I am booked on the Sunrise Oct. 30 and Nov. 6, 202. I assume these cruises will be changed somehow but I have never received any emails from Carnival. I called customer service a few weeks ago and they said to wait until I got an email. No sure what is going on??😒
  7. My Sunrise cruise Oct 30, 2021 has been removed from my cruise manager but I have not received any emails about this. Do they usually send an email at the beginning or do they wait a new cruise is assigned?
  8. A few weeks ago I booked a cruise out of Miami on the Sunrise for Oct. 30, 2021 and Nov. 6, 2021. The bookings still show up when I log into the cruise manager, but if I try to book a new cruise out of Miami for those dates the Sunrise is not shown. The only ship listed is the Horizon. I assume there are a lot of schedule changes happening do to the virus and the reduction of the fleet size. Has anyone heard of the Sunrise schedule or port location being changed? Thanks!!
  9. B2B on the Sunrise, 10-30-21 and 11-6-21 out of Miami.
  10. Is the Cucina Del Capitano open for lunch? The website says Dinner but I've seen other reviews that mention lunch.
  11. Does the Carnival Conquest have the Ol Fashioned BBQ?
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