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  1. The same way teachers remember the names of their students. When you have 150 or more students they expect you to quickly learn their names. Must admit I am better at remembering faces or where you are from than I am at learning names. Bartenders would have a difficult time remembering my drink order as I order whatever I am in the mood to drink at the time, but never Scotch.
  2. KarNog, Thanks for your response to my question this morning. So happy you didn't experience any lockup in your cabin or pack your bag and get off the ship while you were enjoying Iceland. Very inclusive rewiew of your week. Happy Sails
  3. This was to be my first Viking cruise. I normally sail Celebrity or Royal Caribbean. Due to Covid, I missed cruises 38 thru 42 so I guess I am back to 38. Beats staying at home. I enjoyed all of the information you shared during your cruise and am happy you and your family had such a good time.
  4. We were supposed to be on the August 31-September 7 cruise but decided to cancel due to the rules and conditions. I have seen very few posts from brave cruisers who did not cancel. Wonder how their week went. We took advantage to the Grand European river cruise for 2022 with our future cruise credit. They were not offering the free drink package but were offering free airfare. Since Viking supposedly offers beer and wine for us the free air trumped the free drinks as we are not big drinkers. Now we just have to hope and pray Covid has run its course and goes away forever.
  5. You may be to late to cancel without penalty. I canceled yesterday for our 8/31 cruise and was told tomorrow 1/16 was the last day to cancel. Call now and check.
  6. We 4 canceled our shore excursions last night and plan to cancel the cruise on Monday. We really didn't want to do this but after what happened to the recently reported group who are now on the bus we decided we didn't want to go thru that. This is cruise number 5 for me that I didn't get to go on because of world wide health issues.
  7. I just got off phone with Viking rep. For those of you booked on August 30/31 - September 7 cruise if you are concerned you have until August 16 to cancel and receive a Future Cruise Credit which is good for 2 years from the book by date if you booked under Risk Free Guarantee like we did. He also said if you are considering canceling because of the current situation/rules you should contact your travel insurance company if you have one. I told him we were not considering canceling until I read this thread a few minutes ago. I don't believe if you were on the bus with someone who was not practicing safe distancing/masking on the way to Iceland you should be quarantined and/or sent off the ship to go home because they tested positive, if you were negative. The 4 of us will now have to talk and make a decision before August 16.
  8. Thanks Doc. Even a child could follow these simple instructions. I think the post a few days ago about tapping your tongue to bottom of mouth will be helpful. I have been practicing so I don't have any issues if we are fortunate enough to cruise on 8/31.
  9. I have missed 4 sailings and also plan to go if ship sails. Grace
  10. How many of you posting on this thread are booked on the August 31 Jupiter cruise? I have the names of those who posted on the Roll Call but I see some new names I don't think I recognize. I am accustomed the the Roll Calls for Celebrity and Royal Caribbean where we normally get together to meet the cruisers we have exchanged posts with on CC.
  11. My attitude also. Good to hear I/we are not alone. Looking forward to checking off another country visited. Just sorry I won't get to meet and mingle with the locals other than guide and driver.
  12. Also on Delta and I changed all of my seats as I must have an aisle seat not a middle seat due to back/spine issues. At times I need to stand for a minute or just change positions. It is really easy to do if you follow Delta directions for changing seats (if any are open for your flight). Viking had me in center seats and also in a bulkhead seat on one flight. I think I changed 3 if not all 4 of Vikings seating assignments. Good Luck.
  13. Hurricane season in Bermuda in September. Maybe good decision.
  14. We are on August 31 sailing. There are 4 of us planning to go if ship goes, but 2 cancelled last week. I personally feel no matter where I am in the world I have to be responsible and look out for myself, even at home. It appears even in my county I need to be extra cautious.
  15. To the best of my knowledge the CDC has nothing to do with Iceland. They make their own policies and decisions.
  16. We did independent touring in Japan but the guides certainly accepted tips in China when we were there in 1985. Maybe things have changed.
  17. I have traveled extensively by air, sea, train, auto and no one ever seemed insulted by tips passengers shared with them. Had part time experience in Hospitality Industry and all tips big or small were appreciated. After the year the people around the world have lived thru I feel certain driver and guide will appreciate my tip. I really don't care what anyone else does, I will tip.
  18. Is the weather really worse than sitting in a tree stand hunting deer in below 0 weather? I plan to take jeans, long johns, sock liners, long sleeve mock turtle neck tops, fleece vest that I wore in Alaska, golf rain pants, gloves, rain hat, ear coverings, and lined rain jacket. If that isn't sufficient I better stay on the ship. I really appreciate everyone sharing information on what they packed and wore.
  19. So glad you have been having good excursions. Really appreciate your posting and sharing with us.
  20. You are telling me they considered that a meal!!! Wow things have really changed. Meals were never good but they at least gave you a meal, not a snack....in the good old days. I haven't flown for years and used to fly almost every weekend.
  21. Black Russian, no wonder you didn't make it to the new tour time. I gave those up 40 years ago.
  22. Just wait until you return home to Maryland. Regs are ramping up daily. Haven't had news on today so don't know what new they dropped on us.
  23. You won't believe this but these are among my favorite lunch foods. Having tuna fish salad tomorrow night, put onions in/on everything, love liverwurst on pumpernickel bread and found Stilton on a trip to England years ago and added it to my list. Yummy.
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