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  1. We are booked for Sept 2022. We plan on driving to port so there will be no flights to worry about. Right now we are just going with the flow and needed a booking for mental health!
  2. I used my FCC last night to book for Sept 2022. I need something to look forward to! 🚢
  3. They claim that there are none available. I suspect that they may not allow online bookings for that particular suite because there is only one per ship. Thanks for letting me know they are showing as available.
  4. I guess I'll just keep checking daily for new sailings. We're retired so we can go anytime.
  5. I've been looking at all sailing dates through 2022 and the website says there are none available. Do you have to call to book accessible suites or are they really sold out? I'm like control of my reservation so I'd prefer not to use a TA. This is for the Allure of the Seas out of Galvestion. Thanks.
  6. We also have a Fold-and-Go electric wheelchair. I can lift into the trunk of a car. You take the battery out when you check the chair at the gate. We can't use it anymore because my husband can no longer transfer from a chair to the car. It has held up for years.
  7. Thanks. His electric chair goes 6 mph so I'll be running along side of him! He really wants to see the cats!
  8. You should be able to get a wheelchair at the airport to the gate and rent a scooter for the ship. We did this for our last cruise when we flew to seattle and not only had the scooter on the ship but also a wheelchair waiting at the hotel. We didn't have to worry about his wheelchair being damaged or lost. Our next cruise we are driving to port so he will have his own chair.
  9. We ended up flying out the next day. There is an inexpensive hotel near the airport with a shuttle. That made for a stress free end to our cruise.
  10. I've been away from the RC board for years because we have been traveling less and were sailing on Celebrity. The RC boards back then were filled with RC cheerleaders and bickering. It has a much nicer tone now, which is very good thing!
  11. I've been doing some searching and I found that our ship docks at dock B which is accessiable. Has anyone just wheeled to the Hemingway House off the ship? Is this doable? Thanks!
  12. I use my bank's pay bill feature. You can set this up with most banks and they will send the payment for you when you schedule it. I do this for all my bills now because I have more control than using autopay.
  13. Do you use the same login as you do for the website?
  14. Wow. RCI, same company, has you submit the form online.
  15. It depends on the type of battery. It is best to ask the airline.
  16. We were on the Solstice in July of 2017 and they didn't do it then. It was an Alaskan cruise and I would think that the flights most likely had names and cabin numbers but I don't think they train did. We sail on RCI in September so I'm sure we'll see lots of changes.
  17. Yep, that's new. Our last cruise was 3 years ago on Celebrity and we just had what looked like a theather ticket...no name or cabin.
  18. This happens all the time. It just like the handicap parking spaces. I stopped counting the number of vehicles that use the van accissible spots without a placard or a plate. Yesterday someone parked a pickup truck next to an accesibale van on the striped lines and ramp. People who do this should be required to spend just one day with a disability.
  19. I don't think you'll have an issues with most of the excursions because you get a ticket in your cabin without a name on it. I haven't been on RC in a while, but I have been on Celebrity, so I don't know if this has changed. Also, I'm not sure, but I think you have to give a little more time than 24 hours for the cruise ticket. We changed a name once and was told that you can't change the name of the primary person only the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.
  20. Cruising is the best way to vacation with mobility issues. When we went to Alaska, even though my husband didn't get off the ship, he really loved riding on the decks and just being on the water. It also took a lot of stress away with dining out. It is the only way he'll travel. We just got the accesible van so now we can drive to Galveston and he can just roll onto the ship! No planes. The cruise lines are also great with making sure you have everything you need.
  21. With RCI investing in a new pier, is there a chance that Celebrity will homeport a ship here? It should would be nice to have more options. Hell, I'd sail to nowhere for 7 days more often if I didn't have to fly!
  22. As a caregiver to someone with MS I know the progression of disability and the issues at each step along the way. I live it every single day and have for the past 25 years.A person knows, like my husband did, when they can't do that small step into the shower or out onto the veranda. It would be nice if, like a pervious poster stated, that there were different types of accessible cabins. How hard would it be to have low shower steps, or no shower steps, and bars and fold down benches in more cabins?
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