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  1. Isn't additional tipping like a "front-of-the-line pass"? You pay to get better service than the average Joe? This potentially could start a bidding war where, firstly, the ones who don't tip additionally get abysmal service and the ones tipping the MOST will even bypass the ones adding a dollar per drink? Hypothetically this could lead to that albeit in practice it doesn't happen as only few tip additionally? Based on my experience following the bar service I'd say 90% don't give additional tip, at least much less than the 75% figure mentioned here.
  2. Bought a sixpack of water on the cruise two months ago, VAT was charged. Was surprised of the charge so actually went to Guest Relations to clear it up and that's when I was told it's the tax.
  3. On our cruise in June the CD told us no comedians performing because of multi-lingual audience in the Med. Riiiiight.
  4. On our western med cruise on the Epic in June the excursion prices were so inflated we got identical excursions via third party providers for 40-50% of what NCL wanted.
  5. You guys feel okay with paying $129 (at least on paper) for drinks per day?
  6. Is that the speed the races are driven at? Not exactly fast, but maybe safety first here.
  7. It seems the prices are not competitive when compared to other cruise lines however they still sail close to full by dumping the prices just before teh cruise then? Too bad, as from the other side of the pond it's close to impossible to snatch deals like that last minute. Really feel bad about having to dump my certificates on something like Ebay, but whaddaya gonna do.
  8. Ye, I tend to book via a couple of big "outlets", either via one with a UK office or with a big one on the US east coast. Still, the prices are high (even higher booked through a local agent).
  9. Hey, been monitoring the prices for some time now as I have two certificates expiring in Dec. Seems all prices are heavily inflated vs. what they were a couple of years ago. Is this just because of demand? Are people still happily paying 200/day for a balcony on a "been there done that" cruise to the Eastern Caribbean? The Just Cruise prices are also just plain wrong imo. Over here in Europe NCL is now promoted as an all-inclusive cruise and then quoting the just cruise prices. Argh, makes me so mad. For the first time I'm actually having a hard time finding a cruise where the price is "right". I don't see this equivalent rise in prices for other lines, though? Or at least not as significant rises. There are more and more ships competing for the same markets, but still NCL succeeds in keeping the prices high. Cruises the Caribbean in March -15 and the total price for a good mid-ship balcony with tips and drink packages was below 900, now the prices start from something like 1200-1300? Just curious whether the ships sail full still or not?
  10. We had a close to 10-rating on our Murano visit a couple of weeks ago, but STILL I would not pay the full price in any case. We did the 30 dollar first night visit which is basically the deal-breaker amount for me. And yes, they were trying to get people to book both the dining package and one time visitors every day. I'm guessing you could easily have negotiated a similar deal later on in the cruise.
  11. $300-400/night/pp for a "standard" balcony? Dayum, celebrity is making money on the Edge, as the cabins are getting sold at those prices also.
  12. This one should be simple, supply and demand. There are only that many people who can afford 100+ days and have the time for it (read retired), you can ask pretty much anything as there are only a few ships every year doing that itinerary. Not like there would be hundreds of choices when you want a round the world cruise.
  13. Yup, that's a possibility. They are valid until Dec next year, so I'm hoping to find something interesting before that. :) I'll start investigating after my next Reflection cruise in November.
  14. Prices overall have gone up a lot since, let's say, 5 years ago. Prices will also stay up as long as there are people willing to pay the asked amount for it. Edge is a complete no-no it seems for the incoming few years, ridiculous prices imo. I also have a couple of cruise certificates that need to be used before 2019 with NCL, but I can't seem to find any suitable cruise with a price I'm willing to pay. :)
  15. Ditto on the Arlecchino. Small rooms, but cheap and "good enough" overall. Easy access to everywhere.
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