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  1. I guess that makes sense. That really stinks though.
  2. It was OBC. Listed as "Voyage Goodwill" might have been because I got grumpy about how long refund process was taking. Thanks for the info. I feel like if Princess cancels, they would have to do something. If we have OBC and they cancel on us it doesn't seem fair for that to just go "poof". Thanks for the replies!
  3. So, we have had several cruises canceled. (Still waiting on $$$ for the big one! 😡) For one of the smaller ones we already received an FCC and some onboard credits for the cancellation. Back when we thought "surely we will be able to cruise again in December" we used the FCC to book and applied the onboard credits to the Dec. 16 Diamond cruise. Now, even though it hasn't been canceled yet, it seems extremely unlikely that it will go forward. Will we receive the FCC and OBC back even though the OBC needed to be used by then? Also, if we end up with multiple FCC's are they combinable?
  4. More good advice from everyone. We are looking into small claims but it seems complicated. I keep looking at our Cruise Circle account but nothing has shown up there either. I think we will wait a little longer and then start looking at legal options. It sounds like some people are still getting refunds so I won't lose hope. Thanks for all the info everyone!
  5. If it comes to getting a lawyer, I guess we will do that eventually but I feel like $8000 will get eaten up pretty fast in legal fees. We have worked our way up to senior VP's at our bank and they all say the same thing: its not fraud because the cruise line is going to refund our money. The last guy we talked to at HQ said to call him personally if they don't and he will work with us. But our small potatoes bank wont do anything as long as the refund is "in process". We were fully paid but we canceled well before final payment and just wanted the full refund. We havent asked for any FCC's or anything else. We just want our money back and we made the request within the cancellation window. I am still assuming we will get it eventually. I just don't understand why the refunds dont seem to follow any kind of pattern or date-based system. If they could tell me: you will get your money on this date...I would be perfectly happy. It just seems to be a hodge-podge kind of random system and every employee you talk to has a different story. Just very frustrating. And seems surprising from such a large corporation.
  6. Op here. Thanks for all the replies. Just hearing the sympathy and that others are waiting this long too helps! We did not book through a TA so that eliminates that step. We were the ones that cancelled the cruise before Princess did but at this point I feel like that shouldnt matter much. The problem in our situation is that we used a debit card and not an actual credit card (probably stupid, I know) so we are dealing with our bank directly and not a CC company. They did not initiate a chargeback so Princess would have never seen anything they merely told us that we will have to wait until we are refunded and there is nothing they can do. At this point it seems obvious that Princess is doing this to manage their cashflow. After almost six months these COULD have been processed by now. I am going to try the email address above and just keep calling. Thanks for all your support and info.
  7. Cancelled cruise on March 21. Cruise was supposed to depart July 1. They owe us $8,000. I have tried to just be patient. I have only called one time and they said it would be processed in two weeks. That was two months ago. I want to call and throw a giant fit but I know that wont help. Bank already denied chargeback. Do I have any recourse? We are approaching 150 days of waiting. I just feel like this is crazy. We love Princess and we want to continue to cruise with them but they are making it hard. Just feeling really down about this. Any advice?
  8. Ouch! 😂 It hurts because its true...😝
  9. Its the right thing to do and necessary but its just so heartbreaking.
  10. We also paid for the majority of our cruise with a gift card and when we canceled, we were told the money would be refunded to those cards for the original value of each. Called back and talked to a different rep and was told we would receive a new card to replace those cards. Who knows what will actually happen. We are also preparing to lose the money but its encouraging that some people are seeing refunds! Maybe there is some hope!
  11. What an odd demand? I can't provide any legal analysis for my opinion but I feel like it is unlikely that I will come out financially ahead if I have to hire an attorney and use the court system to recoup the few thousand dollars that princess owes me. Not to mention the fact that if it comes to that it likely means that there is a bankruptcy and that would make it quite unlikely that I would ever recoup that money. It seems to me that frugal is correct and that a CC chargeback is the last real viable option. Again, just my opinion please don't demand that I write a case brief about it. For now we have chosen to wait. And hope.
  12. Other threads have talked about this as well. It would appear that no one is able to complete a booking. You can select a cruise and even get to the point where you are selecting a stateroom, but it won't let you complete the booking.
  13. This is just so sad. I support whatever needs to be done for the safety and health of all passengers and crew but this is going to change the industry for a long, long time. For those of us that love cruising, its just so hard to watch it crumble. I guess there are a lot more important things to worry about right now. But I cant help but feel sad for what might happen.
  14. This is so tragically wrong it is terrifying. Touching your face is absolutely a pathway to infection if you have recently touched a fomite transfer point or came into contact with the virus. KIDS ABSOLUTELY CAN BE CARRIERS. Any human being with lungs can be a carrier. Its great that you are comfortable knowing that you will recover, but how many elderly or immunocompromised people will you come into contact with as you are recovering and looking at your "data". Please people, get your cruise information from cruise critic and your coronavirus information elsewhere.
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