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  1. We've had mixed results on bus excursions from mainstream (i.e., ocean) cruise companies. How do the (in our case Scenic) river cruise bus excursions compare to those from ocean cruise lines? I don't know where the ship docks for Salzburg or CK, but is there a reasonable option to explore whatever town the ship docks in instead of taking a bus tour?

  2. We can make our dining reservations on the Riviera in a few days. I'd like to leave open the theme nights (especially Asian) at the buffet. Anyone know (or know how to find out) the buffet schedule for a 10-day Mayan Mystique cruise?



  3. We'll be stopping in Santo Tomas also. I'm really conflicted about this port. On one hand, I love meeting locals and learning about their culture. On the other hand, Guatemala has a horrific reputation for violence. Anybody have recent information on safety in Guatemala, particularly in this region?

  4. I've read several of the posts about cave tubing in Belize, and I do understand that nowadays we can sign on with an operator whose tubes have headrests, bottoms and hook to each other ... plus we can choose an operator who carries the tubes to the drop off point for us. One of our foursome cannot swim and is also leary of being in the dark in the caves. Should either of these be a serious concern? Do people wear lifevests?

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