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  1. It is not possible to do a simple per diem cost comparison between Seabourn Quest and Silversea for Antarctica because SB Quest itineraries include about 7 days sailing down Chilean coast just to get to Ushuaia plus another 2 days to get to Buenos Aires via Montevideo. Those are low-value days that drag down the daily cost average. To me, those days are worth only $350-400 per day per person for the lowest cabin category. The main cost component for Antarctica is made up of the days starting at Ushuaia to the Antarctica Peninsula (plus South Georgia and/or Falklands) and back to
  2. I've never associated Seabourn with great salads. There is a decent salad bar at the Colonnade for lunch every day, but the components don't vary much, if at all. There are also several pre-made salads on offer, and some are vegetarian/vegan. There are salads on the menu at the various dining venues, some more interesting than others. At the Patio Grill at lunch, I've ordered veggie burgers (potato-based) on many occasions. I special requested (pre-ordered a couple of months in advance) the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger once - but never again, those things are all salty,
  3. Iceland just announced that, effective July 27th, testing (PCR or rapid antigen, taken within 72 hours of departure) will be required for fully vaccinated visitors. https://www.government.is/news/article/2021/07/19/COVID-19-test-certificate-required-before-departure-for-vaccinated-travellers/?fbclid=IwAR2XbGUGhOEs6fOJpUdJSLzOWopUZlA14MtyNy61JvbHqhwTv7sEXbjhYKg
  4. Thanks for the clarification, and have a smooth & safe journey home!
  5. Is the fitness instructor leading group exercise classes as pre-covid?
  6. Does your count of 2 tests include the pre-embarkation test at the pier?
  7. I was wondering about this as well. I thought I read (in this or another thread) that, aside from the test right before embarkation, there was a mid-cruise test and/or a test prior to debarkation for your flight home. Is there no mid-cruise test after all? And does that depend on the local regulation and/or cruise duration?
  8. 😜 I know what you mean. Sounds like our meal at the French Laundry, which, by the way, also engaged in silly plating aesthetics, although their interpretation is a tad different: a big plate with a tiny portion of food and sauce at one of the corners - not in the middle, mind you, that would be too banal and prosaic!
  9. That would make sense. I won't expect anything then in the coming days.
  10. Did guests on this cruise receive branded luggage tags (along with any other customary items)? I'm asking because I'm used to getting luggage tags and an iPad case from Seabourn a couple of weeks prior to sailing, and I haven't received anything from Silversea yet. (My agent told me the cruise lines no longer send those out. Not sure if he's correct?)
  11. Thanks for the blog, a very interesting and informative read! I noticed a photo of SS-branded jackets and backpacks on your bed - were they provided? For my upcoming voyage, I don't recall reading anything about that. (Would be helpful to know for packing purpose.) On 2nd thought, your voyage was on Silver Cloud, an expedition ship, which explains the parka/jacket. I doubt my upcoming voyage on the Shadow will provide the parka/jacket, since it is not an expedition ship.
  12. 🤩 I like real & wholesome food from the kitchen, not some mad scientist's lab. I recently saw the 2019 documentary about culinary internship filmed at Mugaritz, a Michelin-starred restaurant in San Sébastien and was so turned off by their food concepts. They turn food into all these strange things and they aim to shock - well, their dish that resembled a used condom certainly did the trick... Apologies for going off topic.
  13. I hate that, too. I also dislike molecular cuisine.
  14. I'll be taking my first Silversea cruise circumnavigating Iceland, looking forward to it!
  15. I assume the changing room has lockers with bathrobes and slippers?
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