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  1. I've been reading the various threads about taking public transport to and from the Copenhagen cruise port. I've booked the Andersen Hotel for next year and understand I can take Bus 25 directly to the cruise port. My question is does the bus have room for luggage storage if there are 5 of us and each have rolling luggage and carry on? I don't recall anyone mentioning luggage and how the bus handles it. Is the bus usually full going to the cruise port? Any input appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I will be travelling for the first time solo on NCL Bliss and have the following questions which I know fellow Bliss cruisers can answer: 1) If doing the race cars, will there be someone to take a picture? Can a person bring their cell phone and take a selfie? Will they allow you to bring a cell phone or small handbag into the car? I really want to have picture of me in the race suit and helmut to show everyone I got the nerve to do it! 2) Is there a sauna in the women's change room or just in the thermal area? I just got off Epic last month and was disappointed there was no sauna unless you pay for the thermal area. 3) Do they still provide body wash and hand soap in all types of cabins? I'm in an inside this time as I'm going solo. I know they have it in the balcony cabins on Epic. That's all for now. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. lx200gps - thank you for that info. I'm sorry I worded that sentence poorly. I was aware of Super Shuttle and wondered if there were any other shuttles servicing the San Pedro cruise port for more options. If Super Shuttle is available, I will have no problems using them at all. Thank you for your input.
  4. I'll be disembarking a cruise on a Sunday and wondered if I need to book in advance a shuttle to take me to LAX or will there be shuttles waiting at the port rounding up passengers to LAX like in Miami. If not, any recommendations for a shuttle other than Super Shuttle. Thanks for any help.
  5. Thanks for your review of the good and bad of the Epic! Question - which side (port or starboard) is the smoking side on Deck 7? Thanks.
  6. Will be on a cruise in August. The ship is providing a shuttle which we pay to get us into town. Is that the where the first HOHO stop is? or is there a stop close by the Barcelona cruise port without going into town? Is so, which stop is it and how far? Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. For those who have sailed on the Epic out of Rome, can you tell me where they hold the luggage on disembarkation day. It is out in the open or is there a room where they hold the luggage. As I have a late flight out, I planned to stay on the ship until the majority of the passengers for early disembarkation and the cruisers heading into Rome for the day have departed to avoid the mad rush. I just wanted to make sure my luggage will be safe until I get off around 10:00am. I don't want it on the pier and have it mixed up with the luggage from new passengers coming on, etc. Thank you in advance for any help.
  8. Suzanne - thank you for posting your review of your Med cruise. We are also embarking in Rome although the majority appears to be embarking in Barcelona. A question for you: when you got to the cruise port in Rome, what did you do with your luggage? Do they have porters who will bring them on to the ship like in the USA or do we have to bring them aboard ourselves? I don't recall any reviews that mentioned the boarding process from Rome and hope you can shed some light on this. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. Great photo review! I've been debating back and forth about whether to book Horizon. Love the 8-day itinerary. This is swaying me to go for it. Question: what is the cost for the Thrill Theatre? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the info so far leading up to your Harmony cruise - very helpful for newbies! If you have time, can you check if we can reuse our WOW bands. We were on Allure about 5 years ago and kept the WOW bands but I noticed that it has the muster station on it from the last trip. Not sure if we can reuse it or have to buy new ones. Thanks in advance for all your help. Have a great trip!
  11. Thanks for your mini-review! A few questions for you: (1) did you purchase your HOHO tix for Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona in advance of the ports or the day off? (2) did you have to travel far (walking or taking taxi) to the bus pick up point? (3) were there lots of people not getting off and just staying on? (4) would it be difficult to get back on if we hopped off? (5) what was the peak time for people getting off in Barcelona as I want to avoid the crowds? (6) do they still have a Beatles cover band playing in the Cavern Club? Did you make it in? (7) at the different ports, do they have outside excursion companies for last minute bookings like the Caribbean? My family can't handle the all-day excursions so having difficulty booking anything. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  12. In a previous post, someone posted there is a HOHO bus stop very close to the port. Which bus stop would that be and for which line? Thank you for your help.
  13. We're boarding in Rome in August. Would love to hear about your experiences on the Epic and in the ports as this will be our first cruise in the Med. Any info you would like to share that you think would be helpful to other cruisers would be greatly appreciated! Some of my questions: (1) how was the entertainment (2) were you able to get in to see the shows (3) was it overcrowded in certain venues (4) how was it disembarking in Barcelona in the morning. Thanks.
  14. To kochleffel - did you board in Rome or Barcelona? I booked it for departure in Rome not realizing the main port for embarkation is Barcelona. Was wondering if there would be a problem getting off ship on Barcelona day with people leaving and new people boarding. Were you able to find seating in the theatre for the shows and the Cavern Club for the Beatles group? Hearing negative reviews of too many people and not enough seating, etc., etc. Hope you had good experience. Thanks.
  15. Thanks everyone! I didn't know you can download the app prior to your cruise - that would be great.
  16. Does anyone who recently sailed Equinox (Key West, Grand Cayman, Costa Maya & Cozumel itinerary) have their dailies to post? I like to plan ahead and would love to see what activities and entertainment to look forward to you. Thanks in advance for any help.
  17. Great review. May I ask how long it takes to get from the cruise port to the Marseille airport. The only flight out on the same day is at 12:20pm and I think it's not enough time to get to the airport. What do you think?
  18. I booked a shuttle service to get us from our FLL hotel to POM on a Saturday. I asked for a 11AM pick up time but was advised they only pick up from FLL hotels at 12PM. From reading the cruise documents, it appears the ship leave POM at 3:30PM. Will I make it with time to spare to POM? I'm worried if the shuttle has to drive around the various FLL hotels to pick others up. The shuttle service says it usually takes about 1hr to get to POM so we should arrive some time after 1PM which would be great. Are there any road constructions which may cause a delay? or am I cutting it a bit close and should arrive earlier? If any one has a better solution, I'm open to hearing them. Thanks all.
  19. Thanks for the review. We're Royal Caribbean cruisers trying out Celebrity Equinox this year. We're also in a 1A Deluxe balcony room on Deck 7. Did they provide toiletries in the bathroom? If they do, I'll not pack any for my husband and son and reduce the toiletries to bring on the trip. Thanks for your help.
  20. Great review and pics! I read all your Royal Caribbean reviews. We're trying Celebrity this time and will be on the Equinox. I was wondering when you upgraded to your Deck 8 balcony cabin, do you lose your original perks. When I booked, I got two free perks but I notice now only one perk is offered. I'm hoping to upgrade after final payment coming up soon and wondered if I will lose my two perks if the prices drop for a Concierge balcony cabin. Thanks for all your hard work while on vacation!
  21. I'll be sailing on the Equinox next year. I'm use to the entertainment on Royal Caribbean ships where there is a production show, magician, etc. How is the nightly entertainment on Equinox? Thanks in advance for any input.
  22. Ranasa - that's where I booked at the Residence Inn Downtown with 2 double beds and sofa bed (comes with kitchen). I need the kitchen more than the sofa bed. Reviews are good for this hotel. I phoned them and they don't know exactly what roads are closed yet but it shouldn't affect where they are too much (so they say). They said it was about 25-30 mins walking to Vieux Montreal so I went with it. You're lucky that you get there before the triathlon starts. Good luck getting down to the cruise port on Saturday and have a great cruise!
  23. Thank you everyone for your guidance. Firstly, I apologize to the OP for hijacking your thread and confusing it. I was really concerned about the road closures in Vieux Montreal. I specifically book that hotel because I thought the ship would be docked at T1 or T2 like I read in the reviews and I wanted a hotel close to Vieux Montreal to explore. Perhaps it changed to T3 because of the triathlon. To avoid the hassle, I'm cancelling my Springhill reservation. I found a hotel in downtown Montreal on Peel Street which is about 30 mins away from Vieux Montreal so they tell me. Hopefully it's a good location to be based. Unfortunately, most hotels with kitchen are sold out for my dates Aug 25-27 so I'm limited. Just my luck that there is a busy triathlon happening when we arrive! Hopefully we'll still be able to see the sights and attractions of beautiful Montreal!! Thanks all.
  24. Yes, the Veendam will be docked at T3. Since it is too far to walk especially with the thousands of people there for the triathalon which area should I be looking to find a hotel in that will not be too affected by the road closures? Thanks for any help.
  25. On August 25th I will be debarking from a cruise and staying at the Springhill Suites. I booked this hotel months ago because it was walking distance from the port. Will I still be able to walk to the hotel from the cruise port with luggage on August 25th or will the roads be closed? Now I'm worried. Any suggestions?
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