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    Le Club Voyage Pursuit visit.

    We are also Discoverer Plus and did not receive invitations to either the August 13th visit or the August 28th christening, although we on the Pursuit for its trip to Ireland (including Belfast), Iceland, and Scotland departing Southampton on the 13th and returning on the 28th. Talked to LCV today and person I spoke with was not aware of these events. Good thing I found this thread! Dianne and Glenn
  2. AlamoCruisers

    Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas

    We used the same company in March 2016 and had a fabulous experience. I organized what turned out to be 2 boats from our Roll Call. The company was easy to deal with and after the trip sent us digital copies of the photos taken by their crew . I also highly recommend this company and would use them again. Of note, sometimes you got only a glimpse of a whale, other times they were visible for a longer time. That day we saw several larger whale watching boats (50 - 100 or more passengers), but they could not keep up with the smaller boats, who were able to track the whales around the bay. It was a great experience. Enjoy!
  3. AlamoCruisers

    Answering Questions on Asia

    Hi Capt. Ron, How did you get charged and pay the Canadian rate for the overnight visa?
  4. AlamoCruisers

    Answering Questions on Asia

    Thank you Capt. Ron, Between your comments above, your email, and Trip Advisor review, tons of information. I am the family travel planner and thought I knew a lot about Siem Reap and the temples, but I now realize I have more to study in order to make a decision about which tours to book. One more question for you (at least for now) regarding your tour to Kampong Pluk, the floating village. What was it about that experience that you felt was not worthwhile? Dianne
  5. AlamoCruisers

    2 night Angkor Wat UNESCO

    Could you provide the name and contact information for the guide you used in Angkor Wat? My email is gdcolville at Comcast dot net. Thanks, Dianne
  6. AlamoCruisers

    Answering Questions on Asia

    Hi Capt. Ron, We plan to spend 4 nights in Siem Reap in February after a Millennium cruise from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Your suggestions are very helpful. I would like to take you up on your offer for information about your guide: please send the name of your guide, how to contact them, what you thought of them, and the cost. My email is gdcolville at comcast dot net. Thanks, Dianne
  7. AlamoCruisers

    Just back Millenium 2 week Aisa Imersion Tour

    Capt. Ron, Please ignore this request. I just found your other thread, where you answer the visa question and talk about extra passport photos. Thanks again. Dianne
  8. AlamoCruisers

    Just back Millenium 2 week Aisa Imersion Tour

    Thank you for the fabulous thread. We are on the Millennium next month traveling from Shanghai to Hong Kong, plan to spend additional time in Hong Kong, and fly on to Siem Reap. You have answered many questions, which are helpful for fine tuning. One I did not see has to do with visas in Vietnam. I have seen dated information suggesting Celebrity makes visas available for a small fee. What was your experience spending a night off the ship? Did the ship make visas available? Do you need to provide passport sized photographs? Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks again. Dianne
  9. AlamoCruisers

    Photo Review: Celebrity Summit 2/1/14 Southern Caribbean

    Heather, Thank you for the information and photos regarding cabin 9001. The same cabin became available for our upcoming Baltic cruise in May aboard a sister ship, the Constellation, and I had been looking everywhere for current information and photos regarding this cabin. We typically book a balcony, but our cruise will be port intensive and the price difference was not worth it. I found several older reports and photos, and also spoke with Celebrity, who told me the cabin is the same size as all oceanview cabins. I had the cabin on hold and was debating with my DH whether to trade it for our existing reservation in the same category on a lower deck, but after seeing your report, we decided to book it. Thanks again. Dianne