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  1. You were a blessing in her life and I'm sure she will never forget your kindness.
  2. I want to be able to view my onboard account on the television in my cabin. Why is this not working on the Pursuit? It worked on the Journey a few months ago. Why was this not completed when the Pursuit was put into service? Just curious.
  3. tgg

    Can't get an updated invoice

    My only suggestion is that you book your next cruise with a travel agent. They're paid to handle things like this. I know this doesn't solve your problem. Perhaps Bonnie can help you get this fixed.
  4. tgg


    I hope you'll post a review of your cruise experience when you return.
  5. tgg

    What does a butler DO?

    The "try it, you'll like it, ad was about a guy in a New York City restaurant who asks the waiter about something being served. The waiter tells him several times "try it, you'll like it. The guy finally tries it and says "thought I was going to die." He then takes 2 Alka Seltzer. Classic ad from the 70's I think.
  6. Are you asking if there are "free" movies or if there are "pay per view" movies?
  7. tgg

    Antarctica cruise

    For people with serious mobility problems, sailing past icebergs is probably better than not seeing them at all.
  8. We saw a large family group eating in Aqualina the first night of a cruise a few years ago. They were wearing gym clothes and looked scruffy. Only later did we find out that they had flown from Hong Kong and the airline had lost their luggage. Their bags showed up five days after we sailed and the cruise started with four sea days.
  9. Ann, thanks for the thorough and insightful review. Although we usually cruise on the Journey or Quest, we will be sailing b2b on the Pursuit in April. I'm apprehensive that the things we love most about Azamara will be absent or seriously lacking on Pursuit. Perhaps, in the next few months, things will work themselves out if stronger leadership is provided. From what you've written, it sounds like they need a Heike. (For those who don't know her, Heike Berdos is the Hotel Director on Journey.) Toni
  10. I registered for the CC get together for our April cruise and got this confirmation. Dear TONI , Great news! Your registration for the Azamara Cruises/Cruise Critic Social on AZAMARA PURSUIT departing 06-April-2019 has been confirmed. This means you can look forward to connecting with friends at a private party on board, compliments of Azamara. You will receive an official invitation listing all the details on the first night of your cruise. In the meantime, visit the Cruise Critic message boards for further updates and encourage others to be part of Cruise Critic Connections at CruiseCritic.com. To further enhance your cruise experience, join the Captain's Club. This complimentary program is open to all guests who have sailed with us before. Visit www.azamaracruises.com/captainsclub to learn about the fine array of benefits. We look forward to welcoming you aboard Azamara, the cruise line that's worlds apart. Azamara Cruises Does anyone know how many years ago the name of this program was changed to Le Club Voyage? (I never thought it needed to be changed because it is tied to the Celebrity program.)
  11. tgg

    Meet and Mingle Issues

    It's working now - Saturday 1/18/19 at 11:41pm. 😊
  12. tgg

    LCV upgrade

    Because I thought our TA might have trouble contacting us, I authorized her to accept the upgrade offer on our behalf.
  13. tgg

    Can you walk around Cuba by yourself?

    Our April 6th 7 night cruise on the Pursuit has an Azamazing evening scheduled. So rather than more than 7 nights perhaps it has to be at least 7 nights.
  14. I was on a December cruise that left from terminal J and arrived back at terminal F. When we disembarked, we were directed to a van shuttle that immediately took us to the terminal J garage. (The van didn't wait for more people; it was just the two of us.) Parking in the terminal J garage is expensive but very convenient because it is right across the street from the terminal. I think it was $22/day and had to be paid in advance. If you use the Terminal J garage, it's easiest to drop off one person with the bags at the terminal and have the other person park the car.
  15. tgg

    Azamara does not communicate well

    I understand your frustration at not getting your questions answered. But I wonder why would you not book through a good travel agent? You would have someone to get answers to all your questions. This afternoon I used the Azamara web site to book excursions for two upcoming cruises. It was painless, and I was able to use a very generous onboard credit from my travel agent to pay for them. Nobody from Azamara ever "reaches out" to us before a cruise, but we're well taken care of on the ship. I hope you enjoy your cruise and that you get the information you need.