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  1. Captain Carl Smith took part in the jousting "competition" in April of 2013. Here's a link to the video on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bij7jE_6BHA
  2. "Reimbursement" and the $100 non-refundable OBC Celebrity is offering are obviously not the same. Some of us can easily spend another $100; some have so much OBC already that we would much prefer to get the $100 back in cash. Our expenses have gone up based on Celebrity changing both our departure and arrival ports. This has made a real mess for many passengers. Our Dec. 1 Silhouette roll call describes what people have been going through - and how difficult it has been to contact Celebrity. If we are going to be "reimbursed" for our extra expenses necessitated by this port change, IT SHOULD BE IN CASH.
  3. The front spa deck has always been one of my favorite places on the ship. All you hear is the sound of the ocean. Perhaps the gossipy women will run out of other people to talk about and peace will return.
  4. Sometimes booking Aqua is much more expensive than a balcony, so good for you. The peaceful breakfast alone with be worth the few quid extra. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. Blu is open seating, so you can arrive at any time. Some of the tables are very close together so you can chat with other people or not if you wish.
  6. You may need to have a chat with your TA. If a regular table for 8 is important to you, why did the TA book you in Aqua? The Aqua cabins are the same as the regular balconies. The big benefit of Aqua for us is having breakfast and dinner in Blu. We never use the spa. As always, YMMV.
  7. Many years ago, someone on the Oceania Cruise Critic board recommended the Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa card. It includes amazing travel insurance. Google it and take a look at the list of benefits. We've had to cancel trips and they have come through each time.
  8. Where in Florida is the bus service available? It would be nice not to have to drive to Miami when we were supposed to be in Fort Lauderdale.
  9. I'd suggest you look at the deck plans for decks 4 and 5. If you're forward, you'll be under the show lounge and you'll hear them practicing in the afternoon and you'll hear the whole show at night. (This may not matter to you, especially if you're AT the show.) But you'll definitely hear the anchor being deployed in the morning when you reach a tendering port. It will wake you with a jolt. So choose a cabin toward the middle of the ship. You'll be much happier.
  10. Be happy. On Azamara, you get only 120 minutes at the same loyalty level. It used to be 240. It's strange that on a more upscale and more expensive ship owned by the same company, the benefit has been cut in half.
  11. We are Elite Plus. I was one of the people who he tried to push aside. It was both sad and funny at the same time.
  12. Priority tendering is the same joke. A man started pushing through a crowd of perhaps 200 people waiting to board a tender. Waving a piece of paper and shouting loudly "I have priority tendering", he was stopped from further progress and told "So do all the people waiting here." Everyone is special. A few think they're just more special than everyone else.
  13. We had no trouble getting the shareholder credit for an upcoming cruise. Although it is only $100, it's a nice perk. And it didn't change any of the other Celebrity perks we received when we booked this cruise.
  14. tgg


    Total Wine in Sarasota Florida stocks Dubonnet (Red) in both 750 ml and 1 l.
  15. At the top of this page, next to the words "cruisecritic" is the word "Research". Under Research is the word "Deals". When you click on Deals, there are four categories. You might want to look at these and see the ads from some large online agencies. You can try getting price quotes from them. (The agency I use doesn't happen to advertise there.) I found my travel agent by asking people sailing with us whether they were very happy with someone they used. I've been with the same agent for many years, although I usually check that I'm getting the best deal I can find. Her agency has "group space" on many sailings so the price I get is immediately lower than any listed price. I always get additional OBC and other perks. If an agent tells you that nobody is allowed to offer additional OBC then KEEP LOOKING. Keep in mind that you have a limited time to transfer a booking. Someone posting here will probably reply with the exact number of days.
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