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  1. For the first time in 20 years, we have no bookings. Without a proven vaccine, we're staying close to home. We usually take 2 or 3 cruises each year. This has made us kind of sad, but we're high risk and would rather err on the side of caution. With Reuters now reporting a record 100,000 daily Covid-19 cases in Europe, we're in no rush to book again.
  2. Those of us who live in Florida needed no sarcasm emoji to understand your post. We're horrified about the "opening" of our state.
  3. Jan, just hover over their user name. Then choose "Ignore User" on the popup.
  4. We had the same problem with the cabin number labels on a number of T-shirts. They're very scratchy. When we tried to remove them, parts of the shirt fabric went with them. I wonder what would have happened if we'd soaked them first.
  5. On the Silver Cloud, the Vista Suite has no balcony. They may call it a suite, but it is just a nice 240 sq. ft. cabin with a window. Azamara would call it Oceanview.
  6. I found an online travel agency that's offering substantial OBC on the December 10 cruise. The itinerary is appealing because it includes Nevis and Iles des Saintes (Guadeloupe). Balcony Offer! Book select categories by September 25 and receive a FREE $750 per cabin onboard credit plus pay a 50% reduced deposit. Suite Offer! Book select categories by September 25 and receive a FREE $1,000 per cabin onboard credit plus pay a 50% reduced deposit. I don't know if the words "select categories" mean that certain cabins and suites are excluded.
  7. A phone call to their office in Dania Beach Florida could provide the answer. QPS Marine Ships Captain Ken Caine 50 S. Bryan Rd Dania Beach, FL USA 33004 Mobile Phone: +1-516-647-5129 Office: +1-954-842-4108 Fax: +1-954-926-5249 Skype: ken.caine WhatsApp: +1-516-647-5129 Or perhaps, with so little else to do, it's more fun to just guess.😃
  8. This will be a great way for us to use our credit. Although we have no interest in another Caribbean cruise, we can't risk a long flight next year. So the TA we were going to take is out. Thanks for posting. These cruises aren't on the Azamara web site yet. (I found the dates and prices on a reliable travel agency site.) I guess agents are the first to know.😉
  9. We bought 100 shares of RCL many years ago because of the shareholder credit and the fact that the stock price was low. The stock was less than $20 a share and we got $250 OBC. We took advantage of the OBC offer on many other Azamara cruises. Then the rules changed. No more stockholder credit. We kept the stock. Azamara changed the rules again and decided to give the shareholder credit in addition to other promotions. The stock has paid for itself many times over.
  10. Those of us who are long time Azamara customers (I hate being called a "guest" when I'm paying for a cruise) see this as the continuation of the end. Benefits have been reduced several times already. Many of us now sail on Oceania, Viking, Seabourn and Regent - among other lines. As prices have risen and benefits have decreased, we've found interesting alternatives.
  11. Katz, change cabins if you can. Some of us with more acute hearing would never book a connecting cabin again.
  12. You demanded to go to Lundy's for fresh fish.
  13. Four words sum it up. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. Sounds trite but so true.
  14. Lots of us, whether frequent or occasional Azamara cruisers, fondly remember the White Night party. We hear the music in our heads. Many of us have gotten to know many of the other posters on this board, and we miss the experience of boarding the ship and seeing old friends. We come to this board to share information, answer questions, and remember the good times that used to roll. If you feel the discussion is totally irrelevant, you can always bypass any poster you want to.
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