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  1. tgg

    FCC Extension?

    We cancelled on March 12, 2020 for an April 5, 2020 cruise. I'd have been smart to wait for Azamara to cancel so I could have gotten a refund - but I didn't.🤕 Azamara sent us the future cruise certificate on March 31, 2020.
  2. Sounds like the "ifs" just got bigger.😧
  3. I'd add to your list that the library has been the place where a certain concert pianist (with whom we're both acquainted) frequently spent an hour playing in the morning. Anyone who happened to wander into the library enjoyed delightful classical music played by a professional. (He was a passenger, not a guest entertainer.)
  4. tgg

    FCC Extension?

    I cancelled our cruise when the prospect for it sailing seemed dim, and received a future cruise credit. This was before Azamara cancelled our cruise. It was not part of the Cruise With Confidence Future Cruise Credit program. Does anyone know if my credit dates (book by Dec. 2021, cruise by April 2021) are extended as well? I haven't been able to get an answer from Azamara or my travel agent.
  5. If the "new" Azamara wants a unique port to offer, I would strongly recommend a call in Chios. Bloodaxe, we too go back a long way with Azamara.😃 So perhaps we were on the same Athens to Rome 14 night Black Sea cruise on June 14, 2009. Chios was a 9 hour call between Istanbul and Kusadasi. And we had an incredible time. Because Chios is so small, it felt like we were visiting people going about their daily lives rather than waiting for the next mega cruise ship to arrive. There was a great deal of work being done on historical restoration. A highlight of our time ashore was visi
  6. There was a time when part of the library was turned into a photo studio. I don't remember how long it remained that way, but there was a huge negative reaction on this board - and the library was restored to its former glory.
  7. Even if you use the elevator to get to the tendering deck, there is still a flight of stairs to get to the tender itself.
  8. tgg


    I would second what uktog said earlier: walk around the city at night. When the hoards have been bussed back to Cadiz, you can more easily enjoy the real beauty of Seville. The size of the Plaza de Espana (right near where we docked) is overwhelming, and the park is a nice place to people watch and rest after taking a long walk.
  9. tgg


    When we took this cruise, the Captain announced that the turn would take place at around 4:00am. Although I'm not a morning person, I thought it would be a thrilling maneuver to see. I guess other people thought so too, because there were at least 30 people up on deck to watch. We were not disappointed. On another note: it is an easy walk to the Alcazar Palace. It opens at 9:30am and if you arrive when they open, you will avoid the crowds who will arrive by bus from the big ships that couldn't sail up the river. You'll be able to explore the grounds in blissful peace
  10. Toward the end of the video, he comments: "Small ships are, in our opinion, so much more tasteful in their execution of style." I kind of wish I'd written that.
  11. I've used the "report" option more than once, and was happy to see the offending posts disappear. (Nothing you've ever posted, Phil 😉) If an "ignored" post comes up because someone else has reacted to it, I don't take the bait. Life is too short to bicker with strangers.
  12. Do you know about the "ignore" option? If a poster is unpleasant or insulting, you can position your cursor over their name and choose "ignore user". You will never have to see his/her posts again.😊
  13. I'd add one more important factor: Renaissance ships had a "NO SMOKING" policy. For us, this was perfect. For others, who couldn't imagine a cruise without smoking onboard, it sent them elsewhere. My, how times have changed.
  14. I would never book a cruise without a travel agent. I think there are too many people booking cruises directly who don't know what they don't know. In addition to providing generous OBC, my TA has direct access to the people at the cruise line who can make decisions and get things done. Her advice and her access are valuable to me.
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