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  1. tgg

    Cuba ports docking/tendering questions

    Currently on the Dec.11 Journey Cuba cruise. Lizt Alonzo Dance Company performance was spectacular. No problems getting on and off the ship in Havana. Did private tour with no questions asked. You can now pay for visa using OBC. The ship is full. Interestingly there are 500 passengers aboard who have never cruised with Azamara. We missed Grand Cayman today due to sea conditions. Tenders couldn't dock safely. MSC Opera also turned away. So it's another sea day as we head to Cienfuegos to enjoy more of Cuba.
  2. tgg

    Azamara Amazing Nights on Dec. 11 cruise

    The azamazing evening is scheduled for the second night in Havana. (Dec. 14)
  3. tgg

    What to do in Lima Peru?

    If you need a recommendation for a private guide in Lima, I suggest you read the TripAdvisor reviews for PERUVIAN LOCAL FRIEND. We were met at the port and spent a fabulous 10 hour day exploring Lima from one end to the other. We walked in some places and drove in others. We wanted to see some things that were off the beaten track and it was no problem at all. Our guide Cindy was amazing, telling us about her city and country candidly and thoroughly. Her English is excellent. At the end of the day, they drove us to the airport in gridlock traffic. But they had allowed plenty of time to get us there. This is one of the best private tours we have ever done.
  4. She said she's on Azamara Pursuit on December 23.
  5. Ruth, you will have a better response if you post this to your roll call.😃 See the link at the top left of this page that says "Find Your Roll Call"? Follow that link and you can connect with people on your December 23 cruise on Pursuit. There are 24 people signed up. I hope you have a great cruise. Welcome to CruiseCritic.
  6. tgg

    Kudos for communication on Pursuit

    Straightforward communication solves so many potential problems. Well done Azamara. Thanks for letting us know.
  7. tgg

    Azamara City Tour Option Add On

    The convenience of included options may be worth the price to some people. You'll pay lots more than doing your own booking. Seasoned travelers get to be seasoned travelers by learning to book their own hotels, sightseeing, and transfers. What something is worth to any individual is hard to assess. (I've never booked an Azamara package.)
  8. tgg

    CUBA. coercion of pax.

    The shoreside ineptitude is a disservice to the wonderful men and women who work tirelessly to provide an outstanding onboard experience. If this were a cartoon, there would be a bubble over the hotel director's head which reads "Stop screwing up. We're working our tails off out here" as she gazes toward Miami.
  9. tgg

    CUBA. coercion of pax.

    We leave on our Cuba cruise in less than two weeks. I called Azamara and asked whether my OBC could be used to cover the visa cost. I was told that it couldn't and that my credit card on file would be charged. There are many things I like about Azamara; the misinformation/disinformation problem is not one of them.
  10. Our April 13 Pursuit Barcelona to Monte Carlo cruise arrives in Monte Carlo at 7:00 pm on April 19, the night before disembarkation. Will it be possible to do a walkoff at 7:00 am April 20, the next day? I'm assuming the ship has to be cleared the day before to permit people to go ashore in Monaco in the evening. We want to be able to fly out of Nice at 9:30am.
  11. tgg


    It never occured to me that I could use Adblock to get rid of the photos. It works like a charm. All the pictures are gone. Thanks to those who suggested it.
  12. tgg

    Many unsold cabins on upcoming Pursuit sailings

    There will be only 6 cabins listed. Be aware there is a place to click on "More Cabins Available" right below the list to bring up all the available cabins.
  13. tgg

    flight time too early??

    Glad to hear that you could change your flight. Between the worry about making the flight and the rushing to get to the airport, you would have been more stressed than you need to be on a cruise. Happy sailing.
  14. tgg


    Sounds good to me! Thanks for the feedback. Toni
  15. Do any of you Top Ten cruisers know whether Azamara is looking at "days sailed" or at "number of cruises" sailed?