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  1. If you added an extra zero to your payment, would you expect the cruise line to return your overpayment? I'm guessing a resounding YES. I find your benefitting from a typo on their part less than honorable. Although a good TA can come to your rescue, in this case things didn't go south for you and you didn't need to be rescued. (Does anyone pay list??????)😉
  2. When you join the roll call for your next cruise, let your fellow passengers know that you are looking for a good TA. You won't be able to get your answer on the roll call itself, but you can connect with people who will be happy to talk to you during your cruise. People love to talk about the great prices and service they get. All you have to do is ask.😉
  3. Marinaro44, do you have any feedback on your Crystal sailing experience? And how is Russ?
  4. Ann, thanks for posting the menu for the Authentic Greek Dinner. If my husband sees galaktoboureko for dessert, he'll book a Greek cruise tomorrow. Most Greek restaurants don't serve it because it doesn't "keep". The combination of crispy buttery phyllo dough, honey syrup, and very creamy custard is heavenly. But if it's a day old, the crispy phyllo turns soggy and this dessert is ruined.
  5. Well I have a sort of update Ryzard goes on leave in three weeks but it’s not clear what anyone’s schedule will be in 2022. Nghafira (sp) will cover and hopes after her holiday (not in NZ) she will return to quest but does not know. Ngawhira (Fleet). For those who don't know her, it's pronounced "Nah fear ah". Sorry to people who speak Maori, this is as close as I can get in English. There's a little twist in the "fear" part. Like Heike, Ngawhira knows how to get things done. We've sailed with her for years and look forward to seeing her again.
  6. This offer includes a premium beverage package for OV and above. For some of us, this is no benefit at all - but for others it's a nice addition.
  7. Proofreading is probably a low priority right now on the ship. Maybe you could take a quack at it.😎
  8. The specialty restaurants have never made provision for shared tables. If you come in with another couple and you've arranged to sit together, you will be seated together of course. But if you ask to share a table randomly and meet new people, you can't do it. (Oceania somehow manages to accommodate table shares.) So although we can eat in Aqualina or Prime C without paying the cover charge when we sail in a suite, we tend to enjoy the themed buffets and main dining room and meeting fellow passengers.
  9. Although Port of Miami parking is expensive, it's also super convenient. Off the ship, into your car, and away you go. If you decide to use off-site parking, check the reputation of the operator very carefully. People have come back to damaged cars in questionable locations. You're spending all this money on a great cruise. Why take a chance on the parking?
  10. Without knowing your priorities, I can't answer your question. There's a video on YouTube that will give you a good look at the balcony. Search on Riviera 7009.
  11. There are very few Penthouse cabins with extended balconies, and they usually get snapped up as soon as a sailing is announced. There are many more B3s with extended balconies (not B2) and they have two loungers as well as regular chairs and a table.
  12. Having Russ come back would be a great draw for anyone who has ever sailed with him.
  13. We've been sailing with Oceania since 2006. This fish has spend lots of time in these waters. The headquarters people must be having fun following all this speculation.
  14. If the onboard officers, staff, and crew don't have the budgets they need to provide the cruise experience you love, you will notice the difference when your cabin isn't cleaned until 3:00PM and the food quality isn't what you expect or remember. The onboard atmosphere won't feel the same when you have fewer staff doing the same amount of work. Smiles will disappear as their frustration grows. Just saying . . .
  15. I sail both Azamara and Oceania. You can't go wrong with either. But for me, itinerary is a more important consideration.
  16. I got an email from the Oceania Club which asked me to join the Oceania Insights Panel. Here's the text: You're invited to join Oceania Cruises' Insights Panel an exclusive community oftravel enthusiasts and aficionados. We would like to know what experiences,amenities and features are most meaningful to you, our valued Oceania Cruisesguest. All we ask is a few minutes of your time each month to complete surveysand offer your opinions on a wide variety of subjects including itineraries,destinations, shoreside activities and onboard experiences. I followed the link and was asked for lots of demographic information. There was no indication of any benefit to me for participating, however. Does anyone have an info about this?
  17. Go to the Azamara web site and search on senior officer schedule.
  18. Hi Jan, The January 14 Riviera cruise is also supposed to call in Puerto Plata. Do you know if a change has been made to that itinerary as well? Two groups on the roll call have private excursions planned. Thanks for any information you may have. Toni
  19. tgg

    Screen Names

    After trying and failing to come up with something clever, I used my initials. Booooooring.
  20. Woofa, I've thought about your medication question a little more. Although sick bay services on ships are expensive, we have never been charged for having meds held by them that were self-administered. This has been our experience on 25+ cruises on Oceania and other lines.
  21. Our experience with cabin fridges is decidedly mixed. They're rarely too cold and sometimes not cold enough. I would suggest playing it safe and have it stored in the medical office. That monthly migraine medication is expensive, and I'd hate to have to replace it on a Caribbean cruise.
  22. Cheap Canadian? I'd guess you're prudent and thrifty!😃
  23. This might be a good time for Azamara to drop the word "club" from the stateroom descriptions. It was added, as I remember, when the name was changed to Azamara Club Cruises. There never was a club, nor is there now.
  24. It's easy to create pent up demand. Just cancel scores of cruises and issue 125% FCC.😉
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