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  1. Cross linked cells in their database, I just mentioned this in another post before I read this one. I'm telling you, their conversion from whoever they used before to Microsoft has been a complete mess.
  2. I am sure there is something wrong with their database system. It has cross linked cells. They still send me emails to a yahoo account I don't really use anymore but it is not on my profile anywhere. In the past people has seen other peoples info.
  3. I think the comments in this thread cover the comparison quite well. Hell we used to look down on the Tropicale/Festival/Carnivale/Mardi Gras etc back in 93 as partying crap holes from the lofty heights of our dinky little Commodore Caribe1. Norway made us look like a life boat. 😵
  4. We want to be seated with you 2 on Divina 14th Nov 🤣
  5. Food has gone all to ***** everywhere what with supply issues and restaurants trying to make some money back by being cheap. If I ain't cooking and washing up I will make the most of it.
  6. Sounds like a run to the dollar store with a suitecase before sailing is a good idea. I am all up for that. Security is gonna wonder what kind of body issues I have.
  7. The little blue ship is riding smoother waters again today !!!!
  8. Which ships are you all on ? Armonia is not coming back. Yeah my Nov 14th on Divina is missing ATM. Don't worry, microsoft are testing an update live on the system lol.
  9. That is a pretty nasty looking storm, no wonder to me it is a rough ride. However, in my time working onboard I found if I did not drink coffee in rough conditions I was fine. Drink coffee and I was feeling sick. Tea or beer no problems LOL
  10. Most if not all USB type chargers are 100-250volt 50/60Hz. Use some match sticks and paper clips to make your own adapter........JOKE interweb nutters.
  11. I finally managed to move our cruise to Divina on Nov 14th. I watched the price and availability move all over the place and jumped on the best deal for me. Took 3 calls yesterday to do it. First call rep I think I woke her up, mumbling and no interest. 2nd rep tried her best with what she knew, which wasn't a lot. At least I was now on Divina. 3rd rep was a Florida based guy, knew what he was doing and made the booking perfect. With the Voyager 5+15% and onboard credits, the price was near enough and a good cabin. We had a lovely cabin on Armonia 9001. Oh and right after the cancellation email was received a couple days ago, I had a NJ based rep call me a lair and put the phone down on me.....I am serious.
  12. Spoiler.....we are now booked on this cruise too !!!!! Yes 3PM boarding time, I think we will turn up around 11:30 and see how it goes.
  13. I am done with these muppets.
  14. 5th November 7 night. Planned since March.
  15. It does not matter what the documents say, HQ does what it want's and hopes to get away with it. TA, salsa, Armonia, Canadians all screwed. It's like they hate customers LOL
  16. Same thing for us Armonia bookings, totally ignoring their very own section 15 of terms and conditions. 15. CANCELLATION BY THE COMPANY The Company reserves the right to cancel any Cruise Package at any time by giving written notice to the Passenger. In such cases the Company will offer the Passenger the choice of (a) receiving a full refund of all money paid outside of cancellation penalties; (b) booking another Cruise Package of equivalent or superior quality at no extra cost, if available, from the Company’s brochure and/or from the Official Website; or (c) booking another Cruise Package from the Company’s brochure and/or from the Official Website of lower quality, if available, with a refund of the difference in price. In no event shall the Company or Carrier be liable for any consequential damages or other damages as a result of such cancellation.
  17. And finally an official cancellation. But to make me feel better I can either get a 100% future cruise credit for the amount paid and a room upgrade or get my money back after November 30th. Horse feces.
  18. OK finally got through to CS people that worked in the main Ft. Lauderdale office until the lurgy broke the world. The plans for TA and Armonia have changed but waiting for corp to make new plans official. We will get an email offering options. The original office people are fully aware they are getting some flack on the interwebs and can only apologize for the lack of info from Italy.
  19. And Armonia is on it's way back to Naples.
  20. I was told to stop worrying and was not allowed to board the Magic, it really upset me and the other half. There are different things written in different places and Carnival does not follow the exact wording from the CDC. Check and check again.
  21. And heading where ? What is your source ? This still leaves us Armonia cruisers without a ship.
  22. Armonia is on the move at a sedate 6.7kn heading away from Italy ATM. Place your bets please.
  23. Magnifica is still bookable to the end of October from Venice so unless she can fit into Dr Who Tardis she ain't gonna be here on November 5th. Bret, what is their plan for people like us ? Merv or Divina is fine, I can move it a week back but after that my schedule is tight.
  24. Just finished a 52 minute call with them, still insist that Armonia is sailing as planned on November 5th but even the agents are starting to wonder. 1. It left Florida last month having been here for the past 18 months. 2. Travel agents can no longer book it (full), but it was empty last week. 3. Public cannot book it. 4. My booking changed from 9xxx to NAR.
  25. This all started when MSC decided not to keep Armonia over here, hence the Salsa cruise was moved to Divina. Sometime later the hamster running the wheel discovered the Divina was scheduled for a 3 and 4 night cruise that week so changed it to a 7 night cruise. However said hamster forgot to stop regular people booking any of those 3 cruises until recently, hence some regular cruisers hopped on some nice prices for that 3/4/week cruise. Now salsa took all YC and bumped regular people out.....but have not told them yet. I am sorely tempted to take the hour drive up there and sell tickets to watch this all play out.
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