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  1. On Equinox and did Murano last night. Very disapointed, service lacking, and have had better food elsewhere . Did get invited back for lunch today ( for free) much better service and food. Did Tuscan first night and had good service and food.
  2. The ones rescued last night are allowd back on the ship to pack their belongings.
  3. The passengers that was evacuated are to go onbard and get their belongings and pack their things. Embassy representativs from USA and Canada is at the port. Planes have been chartered to take them to Oslo and to London
  4. As of now, 155 passenger has been airlifted by helicopter. Will continue all night
  5. Just now : the crew of the freight ship had to jump into the ocean, and waiting for helicopter to rescue them.
  6. Just now : The crew on the freight ship jumped into the ocean and waiting for helicopter to pick them up. Terrible and dangerous situation
  7. Ship is not on its way to Stavanger. Still evaquating passengers, and they will all night. 3 seriously injured, taken to hospital. Stormy winds, black night, very serious situation.
  8. Theres is no spesific local phone number for C&A in Norway. We have to call the US.
  9. TWELVE TRANSFERS, used many times, excellent service and nice cars.:) https://www.twelvetransfers.co.uk/
  10. Racer70, we are also on this cruise, but no words about early check in to ship ? Only change in ports:confused:
  11. Thanks. But I am confused about Sheraton Old SJ :confused: I was able to make a reservation on their site yesterday for arrival October 6 :o
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