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  1. LBAHopper

    Theme nights.

    Thank you so much for your replies! I’d better go shopping for something red, white and green...
  2. LBAHopper

    Theme nights.

    Hello everyone, I’m just in the process of packing for my cruise on the Costa Fortuna around the Far East. Apart from the usual formal night which I have my tux already dry cleaned, is there any other theme nights? I remember on an NCL cruise I went on they had a white party... Any information will be greatly received. Happy sailing!
  3. Anyone else coming in this cruise. Six of us from England are coming on this cruise. Really looking forward to it! Regards, LBAhopper...
  4. Hey there, I've not checked the LGBT section in a while. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes we've pulled out of the meet and greet. I emailed the lady to just to let her know. Just five more nights to go. Really excited. I have already started packing and ironing. See you on board at the FOD! Take care, Ben
  5. LBAHopper

    Ncl bar list

    Can anyone tell me if these prices are subject to the 15% service charge, even though we do pre order them before departure? Many thanks
  6. LBAHopper

    coke card

    Thanks for the speedy reply! Can't wait til October x
  7. LBAHopper

    coke card

    Forgive me if I am being a bit dim, but the 15% surcharge on the $6.25 per day for the soda card... is it 15% on every soda you have that day? Or is it 15% surcharge on the $6.25 per day?:confused::confused::confused: On Princess it was the surcharge on the daily charge of having the soda card. Many thanks for making this clear to me..... :)
  8. LBAHopper

    cool gadgets and doodads

    As a flight attendant and newly converted cruise addict, I have become a bit "OCD" with packing and gadgets to while away my time on layovers with work. I always take my Blackberry, camera, netbook and Ipod with me. I seem to accumulate lots of cables, so I find a nylon small zip pouch great for keeping all my cables and adaptors tidy in my suitcase. I also use a similar zip pouch for any extra toiletries such as suncreams, shampoo and aftersun that do not fit in my washbag and another zip pouch for my dirty washing. All these are labelled as to which bag is which. These can then be nicely popped into my cabin drawer or hotel room, whether it be a cruise or a work layover. I love the idea of the shoe organiser and will purchase one for my next cruise. I also bring with me two or three pairs of those complimentary hotel bedroom slippers to wear around my cabin or balcony, just incase the cruiseline have cut back and do not supply them anymore, nicer than just padding about in socks or barefoot. I also swear by these ipod speakers, that you can recharge via the netbook USB port. They are so handy and really durable as they are made out of rubber, they store into a really nice unit. I think you can get them in the USA on the US Amazon site. Shop around as I think you can get them cheaper. The sound is great from them even at low volume, great to take to the beach if you are with friends. http://www.amazon.com/X-Mini-II-Capsule-Speaker-Black/dp/B001UEBN42/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1311683197&sr=8-1 I love the idea of post-it notes, as some of the time myself and my partner like some space. Say if there is a nice workshop I would like to go to, we can leave a note to make a rendezvous time. Anyway, this has been a lovely forum subject, despite the couple of sarcastic comments.... I enjoy being slightly OCD hahaa and cannot wait to board my next cruise in October. Happy Sailing! :)
  9. Hi there James! Haha, I think I just messaged you on the main Roll Call. Great to know there will be some like minded people on board. My names Ben, am going on this cruise with my bf Ian. He's been on the Dawn too. Our good friends David and Paul are coming too. Really looking forward to it. I have been on Princess and Thomson before. There was a FOD meeting on the Crown Princess, but this was too early and was a little stale. Thomson, no FOD.. but was very good fun. We are flying from Leeds on the early morning of the day of the cruise. We are quite a lively bunch of friends and do like a tipple or two. Trying to sus out the wine packages available. Thanks for replying to my post... really can't wait for the cruise, getting nearer and nearer! Ben x
  10. Anyone on this cruise booked. Four of us booked on it. Would be great to meet new friends or arrange FOD meeting. x
  11. I can't wait. It must be good if you have sailed on her three times! Just doing the final packing and worried I have left something out. We fly tomorrow morning. Got friends over tonight for a few drinks and XFactor so hopefully I won't have a sore head in the morning.
  12. Hiya we thought the same with the Luxor trip. We are going to book the Cairo and Petra trip. Hope there will be some vacancies left. When we get to Port Safaga we are going to have one day on the ship and also we've managed to book a day room in a Hurghada hotel for the second day to chill by the beach and pool. I have heard the port is not nice there. Also read mixed reviews about the ship, but the last two reviews have been good. Fingers crossed. Hope you have a great holiday too and may bump into you on board.
  13. How are your preparations going on Dronnygirl? I am getting excited now! Just need to buy a couple of formal shirts and then that's me! Fly out on Sunday. Did you manage to change your flights or change airport? x
  14. LBAHopper

    Island Escape Cancelled

    Fozziebear, sorry for your bad experience with Thomsons, but it's a bit silly to totally write off the idea of a cruising holiday over one bad experience which in their fairness did offer you a good deal in the end. There are several cruise companies that offer exciting experiences and holidays. Don't just throw away the idea of a cruise holiday when you have never tried one. Enjoy your holiday in Florida though, been there and done it and it's fun. :rolleyes:
  15. LBAHopper

    Dinner Suit

    Might have to pop along and have a look. We go on the Celebration on the 4th Nov, but we fly out Sunday to have a few days in the sun before the cruise! Can't wait! x