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  1. On the Edge transatlantic we asked our steward and in a short time a kettle and tray with cups were in our room. Just ask no problem.
  2. It is very easy to get a table for 4. The two rows by the windows are all tables for two. Just have them push two together. We see it all the time.
  3. The only time I have seen crab legs was on Alaskan cruises. They had platters at the mast grill. Don't know if they still do that.
  4. If you add a tip for your stateroom attendant or butler it goes to them. If you add a tip for anyone else it goes into the pot and is shared by everyone. We learn this on our last cruise.
  5. No, it is not part of the dining package. We did it on the Constellation in 2017 and it cost $279 for both of us. It was a very nice evening.
  6. Don't get to excited about different beers on the ship. It would be rare that they get beer locally as most comes in a container with the resupply of all goods for the ship. In the med last fall and the beers we had on the Eclipse were the same that we in the Caribbean. The best thing to do is look for local beer at the different ports.
  7. We did the transpacific in April/May of 2018. Petropavlovsk, Russia was in the low forties very cold with all the snow on the ground. Definitely glad we took gloves and hats. A lot of snow piled up but not on the streets and sidewalks. We did have snow on the ship, a first for us. Enough that all the deck chairs on the pool deck were covered. It was cold all the way over. The sea was calm no storms. Was kind of surprised that it was that smooth. Steve
  8. The room steward will put beach towels in every cabin the night before your first stop. You leave the dirty ones in your bathroom and they will replace them.
  9. You can use any credit card you want. You don't have to use the same card that you paid for the cruise with.
  10. It is very possible. I'm sure we talked because there were not that many doing the back to back. If I remember there was only 6 of us. Steve
  11. Thank you. It was getting there.
  12. We achieved our 3000 points at the completion of our cruise on 1/29. A Concierge from Celebrity called us last week. Ten days after we got home.
  13. If you have the premium package ask for a double shot or heavy pour of vodka. That helps a lot. We always ask for spicy but can get it mild or something in between. Every bartender makes them a little different. Even get celery once in a while. Enjoy.
  14. We did the Millennium transpacific in May. Did not need a visa for Petropavlovsk. Just had to show our passport when we left the dock and when went back to the tender. Not much there just walked around and went back to the ship.
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