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  1. It sounds as though you have selected traditional dining, not select. If that is accurate you will be assigned to one of the 4 MDR’s at your designated time. You will have the same table and wait staff every night. Depending on the number of passengers on board, you may be able to request, via your Maitre d’, to eat in one of the others. Even if you cannot be accommodated for that, it has been reported that since those 4 share a galley it is possible to order the items exclusive to another in any of those 4 dining rooms. Currently on the Apex TA, and we have enjoyed dinner in all of them (select dining). Service and food have been very good.
  2. We had a wonderful day a few years ago. I booked a tour with Sicily by Mario, and we had about 8 or 10 from our roll call. We visited Savoca, which was a village in The Godfather; visited Castlemola; finished with a nice, long visit to Taormina. An absolutely wonderful day!
  3. Good news! It sounds like you and Julie are approaching this much like DH and I are.
  4. It will also depend on whether or not Celebrity is still adhering to the designated boarding times as they are now. If they are, @gina21764, you will be able to select your boarding time from the open options after the check-in process is open for your cruise, usually about 90 days out - though that has varied greatly recently.
  5. We will be on the TA sailing from Barcelona on October 10. We have a reservation in Eden on the 19th. I will be happy to report back unless the question has been answered.
  6. From the Cafe al Bacio menu: IGLU (Caffe Frappé) 6 Espresso, ice, milk and the IGLU powder mixture (your choice), chocolate or vanilla
  7. She would NOT be the only one! One of my favorite spots on any Celebrity ship😊
  8. This is a single coffee drink .. . It is espresso with all of those liqueurs added. The cost of $10 is $1.00 over the Classic limit, so you would be charged $1.20 ($1 over limit plus 20% gratuity)
  9. From the menu, here’s the description: Aspen Coffee $10 Baileys, Kahlúa, Frangelico, Espresso Quite yummy!
  10. Almost correct . . . Difference above Classic Package and actual cost plus 20% gratuity (not 18%)
  11. There are several pages to the Cafe al Bacio menu; Aspen is on the page headed International Coffee Cocktails. From the menu, here’s the description: Aspen Coffee $10 Baileys, Kahlúa, Frangelico, Espresso If interested in a non-alcoholic hot beverage, I also recommend the hot chocolate as well as the excellent selection of hot teas. On hot weather cruises, I treat myself to an Iglu once or twice.
  12. enjoy your private yacht next week! as for your comments about the closet hanging space - I won’t have personal experience til the TA, but I have seen several photos and videos. At this point, I am in agreement with you. DH hangs his slacks (for evenings) over a hanger with a shirt over to save space. Since he’ll have only about 3 or 4 slacks, he will be fine. I hang my slacks from the clip type hangers with a top over. The lack of space for longer items may be an issue. But if that’s my only issue, I’ll “suck it up” and use my PSP😊 Thanks for all the observations and tips.
  13. That’s interesting .. . We’re on Apex for the TA (if it happens 🤞) on October 10. The app has menus for all of those and has had for a couple of months.
  14. It’s on the app if you have it downloaded
  15. I am definitely interested and look forward to your observations and photos! We board for the TA as you disembark . . . So very sorry you weren’t able to sail on the TA. Enjoy your cruises, and thank you for taking us along.
  16. Apex does; the Casino Bar was changed to Craft Social in the building of Apex. Since I am not a beer drinker, I haven’t compared those listed on the app to the referenced list. However, The app includes the Craft Social menu.
  17. We also use the folding cubes. Since we fly for most cruises, I bought the least expensive as they weigh less. I fold T’s and Chico’s tanks for packing cubes and fold them so when we unpack, they go right into these.
  18. We’re booked on that TA, and still have some doubts that it will sail with passengers. However, it appears Celebrity has just spent a good deal of time lining up shore excursions for Gran Canaria that was just announced last Friday as a replacement for Madeira, Portugal. In addition to the changes to the itinerary, they also announced late Friday that we can only go ashore on a ship excursion. As I said, I still question if Apex will sail with passengers, but if not, why go to so much trouble to line up excursions at a new port. Plus there will be hundreds of additional refunds for excursions just booked and paid for since last Friday. Many, like us, had booked private tours or planned a DIY walk or beach stop and have been scurrying to line up something. We shall see. I won’t be surprised either way.
  19. No apology needed! I have enjoyed your cruise every bit as much as I knew I would. Dubrovnik and Santorini are two of our favorites, so enjoyed reliving those visits. We are scheduled to board the Apex only 4 weeks from today for the TA, and your beautiful photos have only added to the excitement! Thank you for taking us along.
  20. I definitely agree with that. I just think Celebrity has not “re-thought” that aspect since the days of hundreds of photos on the display boards. They had to have the area staffed to handle sales as well as, unfortunately, monitor that photos didn’t leave without payment. Now that it’s all digital, that shouldn’t be a problem as long as the system can be locked from purchases.
  21. I believe the photo shop is considered a retailer, so it must be closed just as all shops are closed while in port.
  22. There will be a card in her stateroom advising her of the dining room to which she is assigned.
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