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  1. Hi Keith, It's probably too late to add us... but David and I are starting our 3 B/B's in Vancouver Sept.17(OCS190917-11) Vancouver to L.A.-C-Sea (Cheri/David) Our other two cruises are already here Thanks! Cheri
  2. We'll be cruising on Symphony in a cabin on deck 5, where to go to relax outdoors but shaded, other than pool deck. Thanks!
  3. please explain... "cabin sticky"
  4. Hi Robin, Is that caviar that you pay for on a Crystal cruise? If so... which one do you enjoy?
  5. Hi NottheMonkey, Thanks so much for the offer. Although I very much enjoy wine and in truth have a vintage wine cellar, my husband David doesn't drink any alcohol (it feels like it's burning his throat). Financially it doesn't make sense for us, to pay for, what he won't imbibe in. I noticed that the lunch vintage room offering allows for the purchase of a place without the wine/champagne pairing, we may go for that. Looking forward to meeting you onboard!
  6. Hi Bill, Just thought I would mention because it is your first Crystal Cruise that we cruised our first Crystal ocean cruise in a forward cabin and did experience some motion sickness. We now only book a cabin that we choose the location, so unfortunately guarantee cabins do not work for us.
  7. cruising Solstice... we have had brand new cotton t-shits (3) and a pair of underwear come back with holes (maybe from bleach?) I won't send anything I care about to their laundry service.I also enjoy wearing newer under garments when on a special trip, like a cruise so... no old undies for me!
  8. many years ago we cruised RCCL Jewel of the Sea... In one day (ship sponsored) we toured Capri, Sorrento (lunch) and afternoon in Pompeii, a very enjoyable, full day!
  9. cruised Ravel last summer... there is a small available complimentary washer/dryer dedicated laundry room
  10. I'm surprised eggplant parmigiana isn't on the Prego menu? I would love to order it... but will not be with a group... do they ever offer it as a special?
  11. Hi vistaman, I just looked up the recipe for sauce Marie Rose, it sounds delicious and very versatile! I'm a declared foodie and love to cook (when in the mood)but have never heard of the sauce before your post!
  12. Hi calliopecruiser, How do you know when the show band is playing a dedicated genre? I love Dixieland Jazz too!
  13. If you still have enough time, you can order again for the upgraded cabin. I did and just received them today.
  14. I don't have a drink package but will be in a suite. At meals will I have an option for complimentary wine/beer?
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