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  1. we are also cruising the Bahamas itinerary with Crystal in November, but plan to cruise with Symphony today, where ever she goes and hope for a pleasant journey
  2. Can't wait till tomorrow! For all the wonderful elements of a Crystal Cruise! Really hoping my stomach will allow me to enjoy the amazing food! Bringing lots of Pepto Bismol, ginger capsules and oil of peppermint! I'm sure I can always stop by medical for one of those small pills for seasickness🤢 I love the excitement of a rough ocean but it doesn't like me!
  3. Is this your time and QR for antigen testing or general boarding? I think what has happened, is the antigen testing is superseding the given embarkation time because we will need to stay in Crystal's bubble once we have our antigen test.
  4. Susan & Steve, It seems we went through a different avenue than you guys. As mentioned earlier, we had trouble going through Crystal, so we went directly through BTA. It was after hours (yesterday evening), we uploaded vaccine card and negative PCR test, right then and there, didn't need to wait for them to email us to do so. I think they are back logged and are now sending barcodes and saying as long as you sent us valid docs. you're good to go! So many moving parts, so much paperwork! Can't wait to relax and let Crystal take care of us! Hopefully in an enjoyable way! Yes! hope to meet you guys also! Cheri & David
  5. Not yet, this storm is so large, where will "Symphony" be able to go, to avoid "Larry" ?
  6. sb44, We received a "Application Pending Review" email as soon as we submitted the forms. This had an application # and a barcode that we printed. Each acknowledgment of our application, also has our name and Crystal Cruise Symphony on the barcode pages (2 pages for each applicant) The email also said... "If you have uploaded a pre-departure test, the validity of your test result will be reviewed." If your departure test is deemed invalid, you will receive a separate email giving you the opportunity to submit a valid test result." "If your pre-departure test result is valid, you will not receive any further instructions regarding your application and can go about Bermuda following your negative arrival test." After thinking about it, our understanding is, we have the documentation to board "Symphony" already and are not awaiting any additional docs. from Bermuda. Ask me any questions, happy to try and help.
  7. We have the same situation, (testing appointment scheduled hours before embarkation time slot) today we both received the QR code for the antigen covid-19 test, stating these are "Appointment slots" with half hour window for testing, we are able to be at the terminal (1 Black Falcon Ave) at that time and that is what we plan to do. We will now, not go to the hospitality suite and have the car service bring us to the test site which is also mentioned as a "form of pre-registration" with our luggage. Today has been a stressful day, waiting many hours longer than last time we tested (from our state testing site) for our negative covid results. We also had to go directly to Bermuda Travel Authorization because through the Crystal portal (first window) we were not able to register our computer (as required) so they blocked us from filling out the form though that access, hopefully that's ok and await Bermuda's ok of our submission. I would recommend people take the covid PCR test on the first day allowed pre cruise as sometimes it takes longer to get results back and if it's free you may want to take it two days in a row as we did pre cruise on all three cruises this summer and it did save us on one of them. This afternoon we finally received our tickets and luggage tags. Now please... may hurricane "Larry" not come knocking at our door!
  8. A good opportunity to use a Marriott certificate for one night category 5 or under, we will be putting our heads down at the Marriott Biscayne Bay pre cruise this early November
  9. We are having a car service bring us around 11:30am/noon to the Westin
  10. Thank you so very much for such a detailed, truly helpful response Kwaj girl! Did you notice if there is an opportunity to have lunch in another venue if we are able to get onboard in the early afternoon? With the knowledge that you so graciously shared, we will now go to the hospitality suite and then be shuttled over to Symphony when it's our turn. Would you agree, we keep our luggage with us at the hospitality suite and it will come with us on the shuttle? Wishing you a lovely continuation of your cruise and safe travels home.
  11. To those who have cruised or are currently cruising "Symphony" out of Boston this season. DH and I are boarding "Symphony" in Boston this Sunday (9/5) on a b/b. We were hoping to have lunch onboard as it's my birthday. Our docs. say embarkation at 3:30pm. I would rather not go to the hospitality suite being offered by Crystal. My questions are... Is this posted time in Boston being strictly enforced? I read in Miami, it hasn't been. As in the past, is lunch being served in Waterside on embarkment day? Also, on disembarkation morning, is breakfast being served in Waterside? What time in the morning, does one need to be off the ship when cruise has ended? Thanks!
  12. We don't board Jupiter till Tuesday 8/24. You must be on Sky
  13. Does anyone have experience with... what Viking does if we have Viking Air and a tropical storm or hurricane (Henri) causes our flight to be cancelled. We live in Rhode Island and are due to fly out Monday 1pm when the storm is local to us.
  14. I am sad that I have canceled all my prepaid Jupiter 8/24 shore excursions. I will speak to shorex agents when onboard and may add a few back, if it makes sense to us. We kept the included tours and will understand our risks before taking each tour.
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