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  1. Hi Keith, Thanks for sharing this video. I'm wondering what the term "First Service" means when referring to the time line of 100% credit back when needing to cancel a cruise as close as seven days out. I'm guessing it's mentioned in the video rather than embarkment day because some will start their travel with Crystal with a land package before the cruise...
  2. Glad to see we are not the only people who have experienced this odd behavior, including having had a meal with a foursome whom had invited us to join them for dinner, after having shared drinks in the cove and dinner had gone well. The next day, they acted like we had never met. What comes to mind is that some people are friendly when drinking and are antisocial when sober. I've noticed this a few times.
  3. Has any entertainment been added to the lounge area of "The Retreat" on Edge, possibly during happy hour?
  4. I would love to go to Silk, but can't... when we were on Symphony last fall I asked about MSG (I have a reaction when ingesting) and was told it was in most dishes at Silk. The interesting thing is... I was told any asian dishes in Marketplace would not have it, the reason given was different kitchens. I did very much enjoy the Peking Duck that was offered during the asian buffet in Marketplace. In the future I hope they will stop using MSG in Silk.
  5. So nice to have some cruise levity! Thanks Scott & Drew!
  6. It makes me feel like I should only do uncomplicated, basically local cruises with Crystal (I do enjoy the onboard product) that if there is a problem, I would be able to handle it without their help. In the recent past, whenever my T.A. has had to deal with the office it's usually slow and not truly helpful.
  7. I agree, I was contemplating this possibility also . As a cruiser that has paid in full (early, to receive an extra discount) for an Endeavor August thru October, far east cruise, I have some serious decisions to make and there is no good answer.
  8. In light of the unknowns of corona virus, cruise companies that deal with International travelers will to need to get creative on how they can support/help their future customer feel secure in keeping a booking that still is not in penalty. How things are now, there are multiple ways a person could run into severe travel difficulties at multiple moments along the way. It will be impossible to secure new insurance coverage for these "Act of God" times. Even if a person is willing to risk traveling, it will not be prudent without both parties being willing to support each other
  9. Does Genting Cruise Lines operate Crystal Cruises also?
  10. This concerns me because we have a VERY expensive partnership with Crystal for back to backs on Endeavor and therefore a possible large financial exposure come April
  11. I agree, if Crystal Cruises cancelled your cruise, you should receive your money back
  12. I concur a Crystal river cruise could be a great option!
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