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  1. Thanks to each of you... our situation is that the Sept/Oct 2019, 3 back to back, are already completely paid for and the Jan/feb 2020 will be paid for by the end of this month to take advantage of early payment discount. Can I request the final payment have the subtraction of onboard discount of the 2020 Jan/feb cruise?
  2. Prices for shore excursions (Jan.2020) are available, when an earlier cruise (Oct.2019) is still listing the shore excursions as TBD in the online planning center
  3. Today I booked a cruise for Jan 2020. Crystal TA said when I return from my next cruise in Oct 2019 I have 14 days to request the onboard discount even though I have booked it now. Is this true?
  4. I was able to secure a few shore excursions through Celebrity's website at a discount for an upcoming baltic cruise. Does Celebrity periodically offer similar promotions on their dining packages?
  5. Thank you All! We did have great excursions on "Ravel" last summer so I understand the endorsements!
  6. Hi All, I have seen discounts on Celebrity shore excursions and was wondering does Crystal Cruises run excursion promotions also?
  7. Hi All, Our Crystal Cruises invoice from our travel agent has different docking times then the Crystal PCPC for the Vancouver to L.A. 9/17/2019. In one port (Sitka, Alaska) the invoice says 9am arrival and the PCPC says 12pm, I did tell the TA, he said 99.9% the PCPC is correct, I'm trying to plan a shore excursion (not with Crystal)and need to be 100% on ETA. Anyone else run into discrepancies... and which one was ultimately the correct one???
  8. Hi RLMSLL, Thanks for this info! We had cruised Glacier Bay with RCCL in 1990, back then, they would blow the ship's horn and wait for a piece of the glacier to break away! Your report caused a reaction 😉 to book the last Crystal Cruises Alaska itinerary (with Glacier Bay) of the season (and for the next 10 yrs) on Symphony, cruising from Vancouver on September 17, 2019. My husband and myself were already booked on the following cruise from L.A. to Caldera and then onto New Orleans, 3 b to b... so it was fate 😁 as I was originally considering this cruise when deciding which two b/b we would enjoy the most... best decision... do all three! very excited! Newly retired!
  9. Thank you so much Hank! Nothing like first hand experience!
  10. Hi Hank, Are you referring to the initial cruise purchase or payment for the evacuation being divided between two or more cards?
  11. I also thought... you need to purchase the whole trip on the card, when I called the benefits department they said it didn't need to be the whole trip, (the fine print under "Emergency Evacuations and Transportation" was in agreement "You are eligible for the coverage when you charge a portion of the cost, or the entire cost of the Covered Trip, made via a Common Carrier, to Your Account" which surprised me) I still play it safe and pay for the whole cruise with that card.
  12. It's my understanding that visa chase reserve (not preferred) covers medical evacuation, if some of the cruise has been purchased with the card. It does have a hefty annual of $450 but will credit you back $300 when spent on travel. I am relying on that... hope it's accurate.
  13. I agree, it is not like "check in" at a hotel, but if you're willing to pay for an upgrade... it can't hurt to ask. When researching a cruise.... I always start with my needs first as a baseline and then go up from there. For example: I will not book "guarantee cabin" because I need to be mid ship to avoid motion sickness. Good Luck, and Enjoy your cruise!
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