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  1. 18 hours shy of our cruise and they cancelled! Sucks! We gambled and lost by coming down to Fort Lauderdale, but what can you do. There was nothing happening with the ships, but I get it that they were spooked by Trump's speech. Live and learn. Back home now shivering in the cold.
  2. Called OTIP today to confirm that outside Canada medical coverage is still in effect and the girl said that no changes have been made other than recommending no travel to Covid hotspots - which the Caribbean is NOT. So we still have emergency medical coverage as far as I'm concerned. We made the decision this morning that we are still going to go. I'm still not worried about the virus - just that the government will do something stupid while we're away and screw us on our return.
  3. We are on the Adventure leaving Saturday. I think we are going to take the chance and go, but still not 100% sure. We need to decide by Wednesday as we're flying out of Albany on Thursday.
  4. My wife's a teacher. I don't know if she'd get paid if we had to do quarantine because "officially" Canadians have been told not to cruise.
  5. We're scheduled to leave on the AoS this Saturday (March 14th). Like the US, the government is suggesting that we don't cruise. I'm fine with going, but the wife is unsure and another family that we know was going has decided not to. My biggest concern is being allowed back into Canada at the border without them saying that we need to go into a 14-day quarantine because we were "outside" North America. Just wondering what other Canadians are doing with cruises upcoming in the next few days for March Break.
  6. We're going on the Adventure of the Seas in a couple of weeks. Can anyone tell me if you are able to hook a media player into the cabin televisions to view your own content? If so, can you use hdmi and/or rca cables? Alternately, can you just plug in a usb stick with media content on it to play?
  7. We've used Henry at least 3 times in the past and are heading to St. Thomas again this coming March. I've tried to get in touch with him thru his website and the email that I have from past conversations, but I have yet to receive a reply. Does anyone know if he's still running tours? I know his website is active, but can't understand why he wouldn't be replying. Any info would be appreciated.
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