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  1. On our recent 36 day Sojourn cruise we went to the TK Grill six times and thoroughly enjoyed each meal. Service was excellent, the Maitre D' was very helpful and flexible with regard to our needs, we tried different dishes (lamb, steak, sole, chicken) and enjoyed every one.
  2. We just did 36 days on Sojourn and I think it fair to say that the Berlitz Guide is wholly inaccurate.
  3. There isn't just dragons. Lots of birds and butterflies and we also saw a wild bees nest which was very interesting.
  4. We bought two bottles in Margaret River on our recent Sojourn cruise. Enjoyed both of them, one night in Keller and the other in the MDR. The sommeliers were very happy to serve it and there was no corkage fee.
  5. We did the short trip a couple of weeks ago on Sojourn. It was very hot and very humid. So much so that one passenger had to be stretchered back to the ship suffering from heat exhaustion. I enjoyed the walk through the forest but I am on the younger end of the Seabourn scale or, at least the Sojourn scale. So it is very important that you be aware of your limitations and take appropriate precautions with regard to hydration, bug repellent, proper clothes, etc. etc. We did see several dragons which was the high point of the tour obviously. They were fairly placid most of the time but still managed to exude an air of menace. Another high spot on the tour was a wild bees nest. Fascinating.
  6. The night safari is very good (I’m assuming to the night zoo) so if you haven’t done it then I can recommend it.
  7. I’m not sure what the problem is here. We all know that TK serve larger portions and we know that the MDR and other venues serve smaller ones. Some people like larger portions while others prefer smaller ones. Once again different preferences are catered to by Seabourn. If portion size size and food wastage are a particular concern the one has other options.
  8. Ile des Pins from when we stopped there on our 2012 Odyssey cruise:
  9. I haven’t either. Once on board, CC isn’t really a topic of conversation. But wherever Claudio is, I shall enjoy seeing him again.
  10. How about the Club until 8.30pm and then the Observation after that.
  11. Please have Claudio moved to the Observation Bar for the December 11th sailing. Thanks in advance 😎
  12. That was a great watch and especially when in the locks. I have never seen Seabourn passengers move so fast.
  13. We did Denali and Talkeetna on our own. Rented a car in Anchorage and it was a very easy drive up there. Talkeetna to Anchorage isn't that far by car. We spent a day in Talkeetna and took a small plane up on to the glacier. That was fun although I can understand that your wife might not want to do it. We stayed just north of Talkeetna and then drove up to Denali the next day. The park offers lots of very reasonably priced bus tours/trips. We spent a day there and saw bears, wolves, caribou, etc.. I can't really compare with a Seabourn experience. However, this one is very easily done on your own.
  14. Thanks Chairsin, that was my understanding too.
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