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  1. Had our second doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine yesterday, 10 weeks after the first. Yet again, no side effects so far. We feel quite snug now.(no not smug, snug)
  2. Why of course?. My wife and I were both absolutely free from any sort of pain at the injection site. Please stop trying to frighten people, there is no of course about it.
  3. We had our first jabs yesterday, and had the Astra Arnica one. The requirement for 15 minutes monitoring after the jab only apples to the Phizer vaccine. Hence we were released as soon as the vaccine was done.
  4. My wife and I have just been booked in for our first jabs on Friday, although we are only 76 and 78. Guess they must have vaccinated most of the over 80s in this part of Norfolk.
  5. It's just not British is it?😁😁😁
  6. That's strange, we live in Norfolk, having moved here from Weymouth. It really is beautiful up here. We have a fjords cruise booked for June, but we won't be going, but we have just booked a luxury caravan in the Peak District for September. Hopefully things will be somewhat better by then.
  7. Once again, I don't think the politicians would dare override the MHRA, but carry on doubting if you wish. I'm just thrilled that the end COULD be in sight.😀
  8. We were due to stay at Warners Gunton Hall over Christmas and were phoned 2 days before we were due to go, saying that they were closing, and the break was cancelld. Refund on it's way. Shows how quickly things move, it was only 2 days previously that they phoned and gave us a complimentary upgrade to a suite. Hey no.🥳
  9. I don't imagine that the regulatory authorities could make a political decision to manipulate the figures.
  10. I'm definitely in that club, and I don't have Mystic Met on my team.🎉🎉
  11. Both of us are estimated at 18 - 29 January. Probably because we are almost very old.😁
  12. There is an awful lot of speculation and guesswork on this post, when the truth is that nobody really knows, and it just serves to confuse people. Why not just wait and see. Prepares for incoming.
  13. The truth is, there is a lot of anti vaccine misinformation out there.
  14. We've been to Corton as well, and equally disappointed with both the accommodation and the all in one restaurant and show lounge. For a more upmarket experience, you could always try Potters Resort, a couple of miles up the coast. Facilities are excellent, and it calls itself the only 5 star resort in the UK. Don't think I'd go that far, but it was good, although expensive.
  15. Thanks Andrew, think all of those would interest us, even the Holocaust Centre, as in my younger days in the army, I was stationed next to Belsen concentration camp. This was of course after the war, ( 1964) , but still fresh enough to leave a lasting impression. Sorry for the thread drift.
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