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  1. Trying to discuss a tour in our roll call and my posts with the link or even just talking about it are all going to review. What’s up with that? I understand not posting them in the Port section but this is our Roll Call.
  2. Great review-thanks for posting! I’ve always wanted to do this cruise but other trips keep getting in the way. It just moved up on the list!
  3. @Tom O.-we'll be one day behind you for most of the ports! We go right to Warnemunde after Copenhagen then hit all those same ports. So we'll be in Copenhagen the same time lol. We are getting in 2 days before the cruise but flying out on the 19th. What about you? @DebQ5-have no fear- I always do a review! (Don't usually include the Dailies though so I'll try to remember to do that this time).
  4. Thanks @Travelanni-that’s where I’m leaning. We are using Best Guides in St. Petersburg so would definitely use them. Our cruise is round trip out of Copenhagen and flights are booked giving us a couple of days in Copenhagen pre-cruise and an overnight in London at the end so Berlin isn’t an option. I always look at cruises as an opportunity to “taste” a place and see if it warrants a full trip. I’d love to do a full trip to Germany-just so many places on the bucket list and so little time!!
  5. What's the rest of your itinerary?! We leave Copenhagen on the 9th as well!
  6. Thanks @dogs4fun-I got it!! @Tom O.-we are not. We are on the NCL Escape. I've sailed on the Zuiderdam before though (long time!) and really enjoyed it though!
  7. Thank you for all the wonderful information! I have a question and I know the answer is very subjective but I'm hoping you all will give me your opinions. My friend and I are sailing in August and will be in Warnemunde on a Monday (so Schwerin is closed). We've looked at the Friends of Dave tour and it looks great but neither of us has ever been to Berlin before (and honestly don't know when/if we will). I know that Berlin is far from Warnemunde and I am also aware that it's a great city and really requires more than a 6 hours to "do it". But I'm having a really hard
  8. @dogs4fun-I sent you an email as well. We are sailing August 9 and are trying to nail down all of our port activities. Thanks so much for your offer!
  9. I'd secure them like you would if you were flying. Both for theft and breakage.
  10. I remember a couple on our Med cruise on the Spirit a couple of years ago who were incensed they couldn't go see the David in Florence. It was 100% NCL's fault. I tried explaining nicely to them that we were in port on a Monday and the research I did pre-cruise let me know that it's closed on Monday. Nope. They didn't buy it. And they waited until they were on board to book excursions. SMDH.
  11. Thanks @FredZiffle! I look forward to hearing your report when you get back!
  12. Oh, that would be wonderful! We aren't cruising until next August but our flight gets in around 9:00 p.m. and I know we'll be stupid tired by then (have a planned 9 hour layover in Amsterdam first!). I was really hoping there would be a Hilton as I have a ton of Hilton points but there aren't any in the whole country!
  13. @FredZiffle-thanks for this. I have free night certificates from my IHG credit cards and could use them there but it seemed so far away from everything for just 2 nights. I usually prefer boutique hotels but free is a better option!
  14. I've sailed most of the mainstream lines (RCCL, HAL, CCL, Princess and NCL) and truly find them more similar than different. I've not sailed the Joy so can't speak to that. I cruise to get a taste of places to see where I might like to have a land vacation. I've found that the food in the MDR on all the lines is similar-some very good, some awful but most at least edible. I certainly never starved. I find NCL to be more affordable than Princess. I'm doing a 9 day Baltics cruise next year and there was a Princess cruise with a very similar itinerary to NCL but with the "offers" from NCL t
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